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    My tolerance for horror – in all forms, be they suspense, gore, shock, etc. – is extremely low. I also know that I’m very sensitive to certain portrayals of evil onscreen, and I think many, many more people should be asking themselves “Should I be watching this? Is this good for my soul?”

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  • When we were rounding out the record at the end of the process Jeff mentioned this hymn written Frederick Whitfield in 1855 and recorded it as a short interlude to go after “Come Away With Me.” Jeff on piano, […]

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  • @mrs-hittle that Kirk review was interesting. I’ve never heard of him, but the posting made me want to dig up that collection. His approach to the horror genre definitely resonates:

    I do not write them to impose meaningless terror upon the innocent . . . What I have attempted, rather, are experiments in the moral imagination . . . All important…

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  • This is a really interesting topic to me but i’m not sure how to contribute. i love the idea of horror, partially for artistic reasons and partially for the thematic ones mentioned above, but i’m really sensitive to most visual portrayals so i don’t watch much of it. i’ve read some horror and really enjoyed that (Lovecraft, Poe, Peretti, Dekker,…[Read more]

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  • My Wendell Berry journey began with reading his essays. I was enthralled with his ideas of husbandry, his distaste for computers, and his reluctance to rely on coal for energy.

    But when I read Hannah Coulter […]

    • If I had read Hannah Coulter earlier, I would have seen it from a different perspective.  However, I read it after both of my children were grown and on their own.  One of them living 1,000 miles away.  I so get Hannah.

    • The longing for an exciting life is not hard to defend—our culture is saturated with it. “Make your life the best movie possible.”

      The Christian version of this has a term, coined by the very smart Jen Pollock Michel – the Gospel of Self-Fulfillment. It’s a cousin of the Prosperity Gospel and it’s nearly as damaging. It’s hard to remember that Jesus is in the mundane, the routine, the decidedly pedestrian life.

      As someone who spent eight years on the train of self-fulfillment, on adventures in exciting cities and admirable artistic pursuits before getting off to find the joy of a “normal” life, I find the staying or returning rather to be much more peaceful.

      Thanks for your post 🙂

    • Hi, Jane! my album, In Search of the Sea, will be available July 21st on iTunes. Until then, you can pre-order it at: http://www.hettymusic.com. Thanks for your interest!

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      Great post. I grew up in a town in Oklahoma. I never imagined I’d ever live very far away but that’s exactly what happened. I am now in Washington State where my wife grew up. We are in the process of searching for where to grow deep roots (jobs are a factor). The older I get, the more I see the value in staying in one place and building community. I suppose that’s why I’m such a fan of Jayber Crow. Wendell Berry does a masterful job of highlighting the value of this and it’s only magnified in a world that embraces fast things. I have friends that I’ve known since Kindergarten and I want my kids to have that same experience. I guess you could say my journey away from Oklahoma was one for love and I wouldn’t have done it differently.

    • First time reading Hannah Coulter. I literally just finished the section last night that describes her sorrow over children gone and son Caleb’s family returning stopping by on their way to some where else……..sad.  We are now in the season of “Staying” and it feels right but I fight it sometimes. God directs the season, he is in control thankfully. Learning the power of staying, investing in relationships and not retreated when things get hard. It’s good!

  • I told the story of my childhood home to my father-in-law last night over dinner and weirded him out so thoroughly he mentioned “prayer before bedtime” twice before he left.

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    I will be there and will also put my money in the hat for the room. 🙂

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  • When we invited Ned Bustard to illustrate Every Moment Holy, we asked him to embrace the look of medieval woodcuts with all their symbols and iconic imagery. But because the book is about recalling the sacred in […]

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