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  • Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas (Zondervan, 1996)
    Christian Living / Spiritual Growth

    Why We Love It: If you’ve grown up in the evangelical church, you’ve probably heard plenty about the importance of “qu […]

    • i took the quiz and halfway through was thinking “am i any of these things?” and then scored nearly every point on ascetic. Ha. (Contemplative and intellectual were my other two.) But i felt differently about all of the categories when i read the descriptions. And every once in awhile a question would sound like a perfect match right up until the end, and then there would be a tacked-on thing that felt irrelevant.

      This felt a little tricky because there were questions i would once have answered yes to and no longer feel that those things fit. And some of the areas where i feel most connected to G-d weren’t even clearly represented, which leaves me guessing as to which category i’d likely find myself in if the questions were different. Also, that my highest score was in ascetic but i have next to no self-discipline? Hm.

      Probably all of this starts feeling a bit more clear when reading the book, though.

    • Yeah, I’m pretty much straight-up intellectual on this; I got a 20 on Ascetic, but I think that has more to do with the intellectual aspects (quiet time set aside!)  But this feels like a quiz where you could easily mistype yourself… a blog post I read on Myers-Briggs recently talked about how if you’re taking self-assessments, you’re comparing things only to yourself, vs. having an outside expert type you, who would compare you to the rest of the world. Am I an intellectual? Probably… but I have never, ever been the type to do what people teach as “studying” the Bible – blocking out an hour for a quiet time and doing rigorous cross-checks and whatnot. I read theology books, but not regularly. So am I really an intellectual?

  • Some songs, however new they may be, feel as if they have existed for centuries. One such song is “The Meal We Could Not Make” from Son of Laughter’s new album, No Story Is Over.

    When Chris Slaten and I […]

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  • I’ve written a bunch of film and TV scripts, am currently developing an audio drama and an online graphic novel, and would like to take a crack at a novel next.

    I’m especially interested right now in the possibilities publishing things serially online… anyone with experience in this area?

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  • Hey there, Rabbits! I’m so excited to share with you that my new record, The Painted Desert, is finally available.

    I thought I was done making records, then life happened and I had some things I needed to w […]

    • This record is achingly beautiful. Today, it me where I am in life right now. Thank you, Andrew.

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