David Mitchel

David Mitchel is a small-town lawyer who has represented clients in a broad spectrum of causes, ranging from business transactions to property disputes to the defense of criminal charges to federal habeas corpus and Civil Rights actions. His passion for literature and story, which he caught first from Tolkien, informs all of this work—which requires patient, careful adjudication of competing stories and creativity to help clients and courts write the rest of the story justly and wisely. David was born and raised near Baltimore, Maryland, went to law school at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, and now lives in central Virginia. When he’s not practicing his profession, David is usually on stage, or playing a stringed instrument, or reading, or writing.

“Beauty is never necessary”: Alexander Schmemann’s For the Life of the World

By David Mitchel

“The poet only asks to get his head into the heavens,” wrote Chesterton, contrasting that poetical sanity with the craziness of the logician “who seeks to get the heavens into his head.” The poet gets a good view; the logician gets a splitting headache. Read More ›

Baseball: The Perfect Game

By David Mitchel

Last season Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper posted an astonishing stat line: four plate appearances, zero at-bats, four walks, four runs, one RBI. Before Harper last year, no one had posted that Read More ›

A Lenten Sermon: Break Forth Like the Dawn

By David Mitchel

Several years ago I heard, for the first time, the Easter homily (c. A.D. 400) of St. John Chrysostom. It was unlike any sermon I have ever heard. It had no seminar-room smell at all; St. Chrysostom didn’t Read More ›

At Advent’s End: A Christmastide Exhortation

By David Mitchel

In high December, you don’t usually have to look far to find someone who isn’t looking forward to Christmastide — someone whose solitude will serve as a special reminder of Read More ›

Thanksgiving and Desire, Ordinary Time and Advent, and C. S. Lewis Week

By David Mitchel

I have always thought it a happy coincidence that in my country Thanksgiving Day occurs the fourth Thursday in November. That same Thursday happens usually to be the last Thursday in Read More ›

Lent Against a Million Faustian Bargains

By David Mitchel

A few weeks ago the Rabbit Room editor sent out a message to his writers soliciting posts on various subjects. Two of the subjects—Lent and politics—caught my attention, because there’s a Read More ›

Epiphanytide, and a proposal concerning your day job

By David Mitchel

Once upon a time, many long years ago and in a land far, far away, a group of astrologers observed a stellar anomaly. Read More ›

Trusting the Images: Vapor flirting and flitting

By David Mitchel

When the purport of the images—what they say to our fear and hope and will and affections — seems to conflict with the theological abstractions, trust the purport of the images every time. —C. S. Lewis, Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer 52 (1963)

Read More ›