Matt Conner

Matt Conner is the teaching pastor at Trinity Church in the heart of Indianapolis and the founder of Analogue Media.

A Votive for the Journey

By Matt Conner

There’s a picture I can’t shake.

It came to me in that undefinable space between deep sleep and the wakened world. At first I thought it was a dream until Read More ›

Melanie Penn Discusses Her First Christmas Album: Immanuel

By Matt Conner

Melanie Penn hopes you trust her when she tells the story of her latest album. Specifically, she’s hoping not to come across as too “mystical” or “freaky,” but the reality is Immanuel, Penn’s first Christmas album, was birthed in a supernatural way. Read More ›

Video: John Tibbs, “Won’t Let Me Go”

By Matt Conner

If you’re a fan of worship music, heartland rock and roll and/or Ben Shive, then we’ve got a nice surprise for you. John Tibbs is a popular singer-songwriter and worship leader who has Read More ›

Coming into a Clearing

By Matt Conner

This is the wrong day to feel this way.

It’s 9/11, and even without the memory of such a horrific strategy, Mother Nature is declaring war in a number of places. Read More ›

Andy Osenga on his new instrumental project, After Lake

By Matt Conner

Andrew Osenga is spinning some new creative plates these days, from a new career focus on helping young, developing artists find their footing to a new online songwriting course to his instrumental project After Lake (iTunes). Read More ›

Review: The Founder

By Matt Conner

The Founder is a good film. From the story of Ray Kroc’s invention of fast food, to the acting (Michael Keaton, Laura Dern, and Nick Offerman), The Founder is an enjoyable ride that reveals Kroc’s rise to the top of the most American of empires. But hours after the credits rolled, I realized why I felt so empty after watching it. Read More ›

Meet John Tibbs

By Matt Conner

I was raised to believe Bruce Springsteen was, indeed, The Boss. Vivid memories remain from my childhood with the windows rolled down in our old Ford LTD and Bruce’s “Glory Days” or “My Hometown” or “Born in the U.S.A.” blaring Read More ›

The Demands of the Mountain

By Matt Conner

If you’re geographically challenged, you might not realize just how majestic the mountains are in southern Indiana. Every year or so, I grew up riding across the state to a small town called Paoli, packed in a 15-passenger van with other Read More ›

The Defenseless Child

By Matt Conner

A recent discussion among friends was really more of a lament. Christmas feels odd this year, we said.

That’s not really true. “Odd” is the wrong word. Maybe “sorrowful” or at least some reflection of the idea that it doesn’t feel, well, Christmas-y. Whatever that means. Read More ›

Jill Phillips Reflects on Her New Hymns Project: Lead Me Home

By Matt Conner

I think I speak for most of us here at the Rabbit Room when I say that Jill Phillips’ songs have provided hope and healing at several key moments over the years. Ever since I heard the refrain of Read More ›

We Need to Talk

By Matt Conner

I’m somewhat familiar with the feeling, but I’ve never made the decision.

There was a period in my mid-twenties when I felt completely undone. I’d hit rock bottom all on my Read More ›

Josh Garrels’ newest single, “Hiding Place”

By Matt Conner

If you were among those paying attention to Josh Garrels’ rotation of free goodies on NoiseTrade, then you likely downloaded the one-year anniversary edition of his most recent album, Home. Available for a limited time, this particular edition of Home included a brand new single, “Hiding Place,” that was never previously released. Read More ›