Matt Conner

Matt Conner is the teaching pastor at Trinity Church in the heart of Indianapolis and the founder of Analogue Media.

RR Interview: Steve Turner

By Matt Conner

One of the foremost thinkers concerning the topic of Christians in the arts must be Steve Turner, author of the pivotal work Imagine: A Vision for Christians in the Arts. It was a work that moved me greatly and Read More ›

A Reminder of Why

By Matt Conner

It’s a beautiful thing to be reminded of why we do what we do and why we love what we love. I recently spent the weekend in Spokane, Washington (a lovely part of the country) speaking to some high school Read More ›

Kierkegaard Quote

By Matt Conner

My friend posted a quote the other day that has me thinking (although it should have me “doing”). I’ve actually read this a couple times but now, more than ever, I am considering the implications and whether or not I agree. Then I Read More ›

The Lie of Politics

By Matt Conner

I fell for it again these last few weeks. And it hurt more people than I wish to admit.

You see, I’ve never voted. Not once. I don’t really care to get caught up in this person or that candidate. I find the Read More ›

Art & Accessibility

By Matt Conner

I’ve been struggling over a quote that I’ve read from Madeleine L’Engle, who I personally think is one of God’s most precious gifts to the artistically inclined. Her books like Walking on Water have inspired me toward many Read More ›

RR Interview: Jason Gray

By Matt Conner

The latest Rabbit Room interview shines a spotlight on Centricity Records singer/songwriter Jason Gray. Some of you might know Jason’s music from the brand new album he’s supposed to have by now but doesn’t because he’s Read More ›

Guilt-Free Free Time

By Matt Conner

“Father, it’s been quite some time since my last confession. And I have sinned. You see, I took a week off last week. It’s called a Sabbath, which I think is Greek or Latvian for ‘invest in some time away only to feel Read More ›

A Skewed View of Nudes

By Matt Conner

1680715.jpgRecently, I ran across an article about an elementary school in Colorado that took a group of fifth graders to an art museum…

*Pregnant Pause*

I just want to let that soak in. I know, I know. Incredible, isn’t it? I can’t believe the audacity of that art teacher. What’s crazy about it is that it was even approved by the principal! How dare he do that! Imagine a teacher wanting to take kids to see art that includes, ahem, nude sculptures. N-U-D-E. Nude. Kids can’t handle that.

Read More ›

The Role of Certainty

By Matt Conner

“Certainty is the place you stop when you’re tired of thinking.”

I loved this quote when I first stumbled across it. I guess I have always had a problem with people who are Read More ›

RR Interview: Ben Shive

By Matt Conner

So the most celebrated album around here lately is easily The Ill-Tempered Klavier. Yet besides the beautiful music, you won’t find much information available about the thoughtful artist behind the release. Read More ›

RR Interview: Eric Peters

By Matt Conner

It’s time for another official installment in the “Rabbit Room Interview Series” and there’s no better place to go than to the door of the (much too) humble mind of Eric Peters. For those familiar with the Read More ›

RR Interview: Randall Goodgame

By Matt Conner

Welcome to a new series here in the Rabbit Room, where we will periodically peek into the lives of our contributors as well as other artists, musicians and writers in interview form. We believe that not only is it Read More ›