Russ Ramsey

Profile photo of Russ Ramsey Russ Ramsey and his wife and four children make their home in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a pastor at Christ Presbyterian Church and the author of Struck: One Christian's Reflections on Encountering Death (IVP, 2017), Behold the Lamb of God: An Advent Narrative (Rabbit Room Press, 2011) and Behold the King of Glory: A Narrative of the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Crossway, 2015). He is a graduate of Taylor University (1991) and Covenant Theological Seminary (MDiv – 2000, ThM – 2003). Follow Russ on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Those Kids Still Have No Idea

By Russ Ramsey

Last week, the internet nearly caved in on itself when a happy toddler in white glasses and a yellow sweater danced her way into her father’s live interview on a BBC news program. If you have not seen the video I’m talking about, watch it here. Read More ›

Behold! The Book Trailer for Struck

By Russ Ramsey

Tomorrow is release day for Russ Ramsey’s new book, Struck. Look for the Rabbit Room review to come, and in the meantime, watch the book trailer (by Samantha Fisher and Stephen Gage). Read More ›

Songs from Struck

By Russ Ramsey

I started writing songs when I was in High School. In recent years, life, calling, and family have redirected my creative bandwidth to other endeavors—good work I love and happily give myself to. But in recent years a desire to write songs has returned. So I’ve been knocking off the rust a little. Read More ›

The Rabbit Room, Year 1 – Something Resembling a Community

By Russ Ramsey

Back in 2007, I got an email from Andrew Peterson asking me if I would like to be one of the contributors to a new blog he was going to start. Read More ›

Why I Promote My Friends’ Art

By Russ Ramsey

I promote my friends’ art—books, records, poetry, film-making, visual arts, etc. Many of my friends promote each other’s work too. When my new book comes out in early 2017, I will ask my friends to help me get the word out. And many of them will. Read More ›

Struck – Coming in March 2017

By Russ Ramsey

I am pleased to officially reveal the title and cover for my forthcoming release from InterVarsity Press: Read More ›

My Brave Face – Andrew Osenga covers Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello

By Russ Ramsey

Andrew Osenga just released a covers EP, which was a bonus feature of his Heart*Soul*Flesh*Bone 4 EP project, or if you prefer, extended double album. I got a chance to sit down with him and talk about the project– and one cover in particular. Read More ›

The Music of Jason Isbell and the Myth of the Simple Story

By Russ Ramsey

No one has a simple story.

For reasons I imagine Jason Isbell never intended, when I listen to his music I sometimes find my Read More ›

Art Stories: The Song and the Spear

By Russ Ramsey

Rembrandt’s David Playing the Harp to Saul is a painting of a kingdom being torn in two. It could be your kingdom. It could be mine.

Light comes in from the upper left, showing Saul looking down with suspicion Read More ›

Art Stories: Connecting Mastery and Joy

By Russ Ramsey

Have you ever looked at an actual Rembrandt? I mean really looked? I have. And it is exhausting. Why? Because Rembrandt was a master. If you are willing to look, he will show more than you can take in. This is what masters do.

Read More ›

Art Stories: Functional Brilliance

By Russ Ramsey

Giovanni Paolo Panini (1691 – 1765) was an artist and architect who specialized in painting vistas of ancient and modern Rome. He was known as a vedutisti, a “view painter.” Read More ›

Art Stories: Jean Frédéric Bazille’s “Bazille’s Studio; 9 Rue de la Condamine” — Wondering About Uninterrupted Potential

By Russ Ramsey

This is a sad story. Hopeful, but full of sorrow. It leaves me with an ache for what could have been, and also with the hope of what I believe will some day come to pass. Read More ›