The Misadventured Summer Of Tumbleweed Thompson

By Glenn McCarty

[Note from Joe Sutphin: A few years ago my buddy Sam (S.D. Smith, author of the Green Ember series) asked me to do a few doodles for a serial that was running on Story Warren. It was a great little Mark Twain-like story about an everyday kid whose world is turned upside down the day that a shyster’s son comes to town. The story was tentatively referred to as Tumbleweed Thompson and was written by Glenn McCarty. I met Glenn later at a children’s conference in Charlotte and we became quick friends.

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Rabbit Reads: Coming Clean

By Jen Rose Yokel

What do you do when life gets hard and you just don’t want to feel anything? There are so many ways to hide from suffering, but real change comes in facing the pain, with the hope that Jesus will meet us there. This week’s Rabbit Reads selection is an excellent memoir about sobriety and so much more. Let us introduce you to Seth Haines…

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The Eaten One

By Hetty White

In Ursula Le Guin’s The Tombs of Atuan, Tenar is taken as a little girl from her village because she is believed to be the reincarnation of the high priestess of the Tombs to the Nameless Ones. She goes through a symbolic ritual where she is almost beheaded but is spared at the last minute, so it is said that Tenar has died and Arha, which means the “eaten one,” lives on.

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Start With Why

By Jenna Badeker

The books I typically like best are narrative fiction. Give me character development, symbolism, metaphor. Give me Narnia and Harry Potter. But, oddly, it’s a leadership/business book that’s currently making my heart race.

My husband Chris recently introduced me to Simon Sinek’s Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. I haven’t finished the book yet, but already, my mind is reeling with revelations.

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Rabbit Reads: Hilda and the Bird Parade

By Jonny Jimison

Looking for something a little different for your graphic novel collection? Or perhaps a series for the budding artist or comic enthusiast in your family? We’re excited to introduce you to the delightful Hilda and her adventures in the Norwegian countryside.

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Rabbit Reads: The Song of Glory and Ghost

By Carolyn Givens

Every now and then, we like to recommend a great audiobook for your listening pleasure. Our latest pick comes from one of our favorite authors, N. D. Wilson, author of the 100 Cupboards and Ashtown Burials series! (Please note that this is book 2 in his newest series Outlaws of Time… so if you haven’t read the first book yet, beware of spoilers!)

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Rabbit Reads: The Jubilee

By Jen Rose Yokel

We are beyond overdue for a poetry recommendation in Rabbit Reads. Wading through the abundance of poetry out there can be intimidating, but we’re here to help! Read on to find out more about a beautiful new poetry collection from Colorado author John Blase called The Jubilee.

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On Sale: Beloved, Just Mercy, & Cry, the Beloved Country

By The Rabbit Room

Special announcement for all book-loving people.

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Faerie Hill (by Benjamin Schipper)

By Stephen Hesselman

I love comic books. I’ve read hundreds of them, and I own an embarrassing quantity. Since I was first introduced to them, I would obsess over the fine details and action packed scenes. And while I love them, I don’t often find that they move me. They are cool and fun and awesome—but not generally moving. Faerie Hill by Benjamin Schipper is different.
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Rabbit Reads: The Age of Dragons

By Chris Yokel

The Age of Dragons Series by James A. Owen (Simon & Schuster, 2015, 2016)
Fiction/Fantasy/Young Adult

Why We Love It: Who wouldn’t love a series where J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and Charles Williams become guardians of a map to a parallel fantasy world that contains Read More ›

Rabbit Reads: The Exact Place

By Jen Rose Yokel

The Exact Place by Margie L. Haack (Kalos Press, 2012)
Memoir / Home and Place / Rural Life

Why We Love It: “Poverty and a stepfather who liked me about as well as a broken trailer hitch were more difficult to receive, and yet I sense the danger that awaits one who refuses such gifts. Read More ›

Rabbit Reads: Sacred Pathways

By Jen Rose Yokel

Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas (Zondervan, 1996)
Christian Living / Spiritual Growth

Why We Love It: If you’ve grown up in the evangelical church, you’ve probably heard plenty about the importance of “quiet time.” I know I have. And yet, prayer (at least the “close your eyes and talk to Jesus like he’s your buddy” approach) has often been Read More ›