Cosmo and Deja Vu

By Rebecca Reynolds

I grew up in a home with scientists, so when a parent would ask me to run and get a container of Cool Whip out of the chest freezer, finding the right tub would usually take three or four tries. I might find owl pellets, Read More ›

An Evening Conversation with John Inazu

By Jonathan Rogers

For the last few years, The Trinity Forum has been enriching Nashville through “evening conversations” with some of the most engaging thinkers and speakers I’ve ever heard, including painter Mako Fujimura, Read More ›

Those Kids Still Have No Idea

By Russ Ramsey

Last week, the internet nearly caved in on itself when a happy toddler in white glasses and a yellow sweater danced her way into her father’s live interview on a BBC news program. If you have not seen the video I’m talking about, watch it here. Read More ›

On (Almost) Unplugging

By Jen Rose Yokel

In the middle of January, I took two weeks off from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It’s a tricky experiment when one of your jobs is managing social media, Read More ›

Engaging Culture – Christian Discernment in a Creative World

By The Rabbit Room

If you’re in the Nashville area, we want to invite you to join our friends at Covenant Seminary on March 3rd and 4th for this special seminar led by Denis Haack of the Ransom Fellowship. Professor Haack was mentored by Francis and Edith Schaeffer Read More ›

Audrey Assad: Daughter of a Syrian Refugee

By The Rabbit Room

“When we avoid…the suffering of others…what we’re really avoiding is the cross. Embracing refugees, welcoming them, is welcoming Jesus, and we’re missing out on the opportunity to do that when we hold them at arm’s length.” Read More ›

Christ-Haunted Japan: Mako Fujimura on Silence and Beauty

By Jonathan Rogers

In the previous podcast, we talked with Thomas McKenzie about the novel Silence. In this podcast, we sit down with Mako Fujimura to discuss the the film and his book Silence and Beauty.

Listen here.

The Messy Ministrations of Hospitality

By David Michael Bruno

At Hutchmoot this year, Russ Ramsey and I spoke about being a hospitable critic. How do we bring a critic’s voice to the public square in a hospitable way? Read More ›

A Liturgy for Election Day

By AE Graham

Almighty God who has given us an abundance of good things, has set our feet about these boundaried shores, and has called us to give an account for the work of our hands, we ask your blessings upon this Election Day. Read More ›

Every Day is Voting Day

By Chris Slaten

On November 4, 2014, when I wrote the “Voting Day” poem that later turned into this song, I wrote it in the midst of what felt like a disproportionately high stakes rhetorical battle.  Read More ›

A Crazy Ride to Rivendell on the Way to the Civil Language Project

By David Michael Bruno

A while back I introduced the Civil Language Project to the Rabbit Room. Then a couple of weeks ago when I walked through the doors of Church of the Redeemer to participate in the seventh year of Hutchmoot, Pete Peterson greeted me and asked what had become of it? Read More ›

Practicing Stability: Part 2

By Jen Rose Yokel

From my portion of the Hutchmoot 2016 session “In Search of Home.” You can read Part 1 here.

Professor and writer Scott Russell Sanders has this to say in his book Staying Put: “In our national mythology, the worst fate is to be trapped on a farm, in a village, in the sticks, in some dead-end job or unglamourous marriage or played-out game. Stand still, we are warned, and you die.” Read More ›