Joking About the Great Hereafter

By Drew Miller

Some songs, however new they may be, feel as if they have existed for centuries. One such song is “The Meal We Could Not Make” from Son of Laughter’s new album, No Story Is Over.

When Chris Slaten and I discussed his new record, we spent plenty of time going in depth on this particular song. What follows is our conversation both in audio form, augmented at various points by clips of the song itself, and in the written word. Read More ›

The Rabbit Room Retreat @ Laity Lodge

By The Rabbit Room

Laity Lodge, nestled in a bend of the Frio River in the Texas wilderness, is one of our favorite places in the world, and we’ve missed it. The Lodge closed down for renovations a couple of years ago and we’ve been anxious to get back on the schedule. Today we’re happy to announce that the 2018 Rabbit Room Retreat will take place on March 8-11th, and registration is now open. Click here to claim your spot. Read More ›

The Memory of Old Jack

By Doug Basler

Last Christmas I took my kids to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. My eight-year-old daughter was sitting next to me, and as character after character sacrificed his or her life for a cause greater than themselves Read More ›

Living @ Godspeed

By Matt Canlis

The film Godspeed ends with a verse from the prophet Jeremiah, a verse with 5 commands:

Stand at the crossroads and look,
Ask for the ancient paths
Ask where the good way is,
and walk in it . . . Jeremiah 6:16 Read More ›

The History of Hymnody

By The Rabbit Room

Ever wonder where we got the music we sing in church? Our friends at Covenant Seminary are hosting a weekend seminar in which Kevin Twit, founder of Indelible Grace, will walk you through the rich history of music in the church, including both classic and modern texts and music. Read More ›

A Message from the Proprietor

By Andrew Peterson

Greetings! It was a good year for the Rabbit Room, and I want to humbly invite you to make a tax-deductible year-end contribution so we can start 2018 with a bang. As a nonprofit ministry, we rely on the support of people like you to continue this good work. Read More ›

Porter’s Gate Presents Work Songs

By Chris Yokel

These days, worship music is an entire sub-industry in the realm of art. There are conversations over the nature and performance of said music, and about as many worship traditions as there are denominations. Read More ›

The Sheer Face of Story (Why Writers Need an Anchor)

By Heidi Johnston

Two years ago at Hutchmoot, Doug McKelvey and I did a session on the importance of both anchors and grappling hooks in the life of a writer. For me, the topic was born out of a growing desire to understand why certain stories, music or art have impacted me more deeply than others, in many cases fundamentally shaping my own view of the world and my place within it. Read More ›

A Votive for the Journey

By Matt Conner

There’s a picture I can’t shake.

It came to me in that undefinable space between deep sleep and the wakened world. At first I thought it was a dream until Read More ›

A Liturgy for Feasting, and Other Means of Thanks

By Pete Peterson

Happy Thanksgiving, folks! We’re thankful for all of you and want to offer a few words and songs you might find useful during today’s festivities. Now turn off your phones and computers and feast (right after you read this post). Read More ›

Bearded Gospel Men

By Aaron Alford

Sometimes God likes to use seemingly dumb ideas to give him glory, ideas which can take our lives in unexpected directions. For me, it was writing about Christian beards. Read More ›

Every Moment Holy: New Liturgies for Daily Life

By Andrew Peterson

Several years ago some good friends gave me a book. The fact that they gave me a book and not a gift card is evidence of our friendship, because my love language is books. Read More ›