A Baptist, an Anglican, and a Presbyterian Walk Into a Monkey Bar

By The Rabbit Room

Randall Goodgame, he of the Slugs and Bugs, has lately taken to hanging out at the monkey bars to talk theology with the big kids. He also comes armed with the best ’80s TV theme song since The Facts of Life. Read More ›

Those Kids Still Have No Idea

By Russ Ramsey

Last week, the internet nearly caved in on itself when a happy toddler in white glasses and a yellow sweater danced her way into her father’s live interview on a BBC news program. If you have not seen the video I’m talking about, watch it here. Read More ›

(Re) Remembering What We Mean

By Doug McKelvey

Author’s Note: Last May (2016) I enlisted Jamin Still’s visual genius and together we launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring our picture book, The Wishes of the Fish King, to print as a Rabbit Room Press project. Read More ›

A Liturgy for Feasting with Friends

By Pete Peterson

For the occasion of our final meal at Hutchmoot 2016, Doug McKelvey wrote this liturgy. He gave me permission to reprint it here in hopes that some of you might find use for it as you gather for the feast today. Read More ›

Let Kids Fight Evil So They Can Be Heroes: A Response

By Joe Sutphin

A year ago, I posted an article titled, “Let Kids Fight Evil So They Can Be Heroes.” It was among the simplest, shortest articles I’ve posted on the Rabbit Room. The basis of my post was the concept of allowing children to battle evil in their play time. Read More ›

Small Kids, Fat Books, and Chewy Ideas

By Steven Marten

I’ve got two children I like to call my own—for clarity, I’ve no other kids from whom I withhold that distinction, but I do enjoy calling my boys, Axel and Oslo, my own.

Also, I have a favorite. And before you bludgeon my phone with Brené Brown pull quotes Read More ›

We Need to Talk

By Matt Conner

I’m somewhat familiar with the feeling, but I’ve never made the decision.

There was a period in my mid-twenties when I felt completely undone. I’d hit rock bottom all on my Read More ›

100-Year Vision

By Doug McKelvey

I carry through life many images and impressions from my annual childhood treks to Ponca City, Oklahoma. I remember the Marland Mansion & Estate, the regionally famous Pioneer Woman statue, Read More ›

Notes to a Young Man Interested in My Daughter

By Doug McKelvey

I’m now at that stage in life when–as a father of 3 beautiful, sparkly, creative daughters each at or near college age—I have been increasingly called upon to offer “context” for the benefit of certain young men who frequent the premises. Read More ›

To My Girls, On Your Baptism

By Heidi Johnston

To my beautiful daughters,

Last night in our church, surrounded by so many of the people we love, I watched you stand up Read More ›

Don’t You Want to Thank Someone? (2012)

By Andrew Peterson

Happy Thanksgiving, Rabbit Roomers.

I’m writing this from Shiloh, my parents’ 150-year-old Florida Cracker house, where we Petersons Read More ›

Let Kids Fight Evil So They Can Be Heroes

By Joe Sutphin

In the early to mid ’80s, I was a boy in a family where I was allowed to have a He-Man action figure, but not Skeletor. I could play with Lion-O but not Mumm-Ra. I don’t know, maybe they could Read More ›