Looking Closer: Beauty, Truth, and Evil in the Movies

By The Rabbit Room

On June 17th, join Jeffrey Overstreet, Christianity Today’s senior film critic, as he shares how movies inspired and rejuvenated his faith and transformed the way that he hears God speaking in the world Read More ›

Movie vs. Show

By Jonny Jimison

In this year’s Best Films of 2016 Rabbit Room podcast, one of the chosen films was… a TV show.

Cheating? Sure. But it makes sense to me—over the past ten years or so, the lines have blurred between TV and film. Read More ›

Death of a Fictionsmith

By Ryan Dunlap

When I was a kid, I was repeatedly told I could do anything I set my mind to accomplish. This led me to try things bigger than I would have attempted if I hadn’t believed it. In some things I succeeded, in others… Read More ›

Moved By Lion

By Joe Sutphin

My wife Gina and I don’t watch television, so we rarely hear about any film that is not your typical blockbuster. So, when we decided on an impromptu movie at a local dollar theater last night, Read More ›

Poll: Beauty and the Beast

By Pete Peterson

Disney’s live-action remake of one of the most perfect animated films of all time will open tomorrow and I can’t decide if I like that or not. Read More ›

Diving Into Lent (through books, film, music, & a podcast)

By Chris Yokel

While I have long been an appreciator of the church calendar, Lent is the season that I have taken the longest to appreciate, mostly due to shallow evangelical understandings of Roman Catholic traditions (fish on Fridays?). Read More ›

The Mad Truth of La La Land

By Jennifer Trafton

Let me say right off the bat that this post is full of spoilers. It oozes spoilers. Spoilaphobic reader, beware. I want to talk about La La Land and that perplexing, polarizing, absolutely perfect ending. Read More ›

Review: The Founder

By Matt Conner

The Founder is a good film. From the story of Ray Kroc’s invention of fast food, to the acting (Michael Keaton, Laura Dern, and Nick Offerman), The Founder is an enjoyable ride that reveals Kroc’s rise to the top of the most American of empires. But hours after the credits rolled, I realized why I felt so empty after watching it. Read More ›

What I Didn’t Hear in Silence

By Pete Peterson

Silence is a masterpiece that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. I don’t know when I’ve ever seen an adaptation that so well translates the nuance of its source material. But after seeing the film, my wife made a critical observation of the story that I think is worth pointing out. Read More ›

Friday Night at the Movies: Silence

By Pete Peterson

Books like Silence only come around once or twice in a generation. I read it several years ago (my review here), and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Martin Scorsese had a similar experience. He read the book in the ’80s, and it’s haunted him for over thirty years. Read More ›

Our Favorite Movies and TV Shows of 2016

By The Rabbit Room

While admittedly none of us have seen Silence yet, here’s a list of some of our favorite movies and TV shows of the past year. Read More ›

The Syntax and Semantics of Serenity

By Pete Peterson

Serenity (the capstone of Joss Whedon’s Firefly series) is one of my all time favorite movies. It’s part epic western, part epic sci-fi, and all classic Whedon wit. Check out this video that breaks down some of the reasons why it all works so well. Read More ›