The Lowlands: An Interview with Adam Whipple

By Drew Miller

[Editor’s note: Back in November of last year, I interviewed Adam Whipple as he was finishing up an album called The Broken Seasons. A few months later, it’s finished and available to purchase here at The Rabbit Room Store. So here’s our interview in case you missed it the first time around, and don’t forget to check out his record!]
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In Search of Simplicity: Jeremy Casella on his New Album

By Drew Miller

In case you haven’t heard, Jeremy Casella is working on a new album, and it will be his simplest and most vulnerable project yet.

Getting to hear him talk about it was one of the highlights of my week. He spoke with great care, emphasizing his desire for his forthcoming songs to speak directly to his listeners.

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The Year of the Locust: Andrew Osenga on The Painted Desert

By Drew Miller

I had the good fortune of talking with Andrew Osenga about his new album, The Painted Desert, in October of 2017 when he was still in the process of making it.

We sat in Osenga’s recording space in the basement of his house and discussed his year of desert-wandering, records that allow space to be sad, the difference between sadness and bitterness, and the heavy gratitude of feeling indebted to one’s friends, among many other things. Read More ›

Joking About the Great Hereafter

By Drew Miller

Some songs, however new they may be, feel as if they have existed for centuries. One such song is “The Meal We Could Not Make” from Son of Laughter’s new album, No Story Is Over.

When Chris Slaten and I discussed his new record, we spent plenty of time going in depth on this particular song. What follows is our conversation both in audio form, augmented at various points by clips of the song itself, and in the written word. Read More ›

He Takes the Weight of Hell: Chris Slaten on “The Hurricanes”

By Drew Miller

Perhaps the most epic, enigmatic song on Son of Laughter’s new album is “The Hurricanes.” When Chris Slaten and I discussed his record, we took quite a bit of time to dig into the writing of this song.

What follows is an in-depth conversation walking step-by-step through the narrative of “The Hurricanes,” augmented at various points by clips of the song itself. Read More ›

Marc Martel: A Rabbit Room Conversation with Andrew Greer

By Andrew Greer

If the history of recorded music were to focus on one aspect of singer-songwriter Marc Martel’s artistry, it would be the magical finesse of his velvet voice. From the slick pop-rock of his Canadian outfit, Downhere—a band that afforded Martel his first Read More ›

Sing a Hymn and Spite the Devil: An Interview with Jon Troast

By Drew Miller

A few weeks ago, I sat down with Jon Troast and got to hear many a compelling story surrounding his latest EP release, G [Editor’s note: Yes, the letter “G.” Jon’s albums are working their way through the alphabet. No joke.] Read More ›

Melanie Penn Discusses Her First Christmas Album: Immanuel

By Matt Conner

Melanie Penn hopes you trust her when she tells the story of her latest album. Specifically, she’s hoping not to come across as too “mystical” or “freaky,” but the reality is Immanuel, Penn’s first Christmas album, was birthed in a supernatural way. Read More ›

Re-Writing Our Patterns With Music: An Interview with Christopher Williams

By Drew Miller

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting across the table from Christopher Williams to ask him about his brand new (and may I add, positively excellent) album, Gather. If you want to check out the album for yourself, you can find it here. Read More ›

Learning to Sing Collectively: An Interview with Sandra McCracken

By Drew Miller

In case you missed it, Sandra McCracken recently released a gorgeous live album called Steadfast Live. I had the pleasure of discussing this project with her a couple weeks ago. Below is the transcript of our conversation. Read More ›

Q&A with Henry and the Chalk Dragon author Jennifer Trafton

By The Rabbit Room

 [Cracking the Cover interviewed Jennifer Trafton recently, and they talk about writing, the creative process, Henry and the Chalk Dragon, and many other good things.]

Why do you write? Why specifically for young people? Read More ›

Interview: Ned Bustard – Illustrator for Every Moment Holy

By Pete Peterson

Since the conception of the Every Moment Holy project, we’ve always known it would be illustrated. We wanted to find a way to capture the style and look of sacred images but infuse them with “ordinary” scenes and subjects. Read More ›