Rabbit Room LIVE Special Guest: Sho Baraka

By Pete Peterson

This year’s annual fundraising event, Rabbit Room LIVE, is shaping up to be an amazing night of music. In addition to performers like Andrew Peterson, Andy Gullahorn, Jill Phillips, Eric Peters, and many others, we’ve got a couple of extra special guests this year. Read More ›

The Local Show Returns!

By The Rabbit Room

Beginning next Tuesday, September 5th, The Local Show returns for its fall season. We’ve got a stellar line-up for the first show with Eric Peters, Scott Mulvahill, The Arcadian Wild, and Andrew Peterson. Read More ›

You’re Invited: Rabbit Room LIVE 2017

By Pete Peterson

On October 5th, you’re invited to join us for an evening of music, story, and celebration at our second annual fundraiser, Rabbit Room LIVE 2017, featuring Andrew Peterson & friends with special guests Fernando Ortega and Sho Baraka. Read More ›

Tickets On Sale: Behold the Lamb of God @ the Ryman

By The Rabbit Room

Tickets to this years Behold the Lamb of God show at the Ryman just went on sale this morning. This show will sell out. Get your tickets while they last.

Click here for the ticketing page.



Video: Sandra McCracken’s “Steadfast”

By The Rabbit Room

Sandra McCracken’s new album (and DVD), Steadfast Live, is coming out next week. The album includes live performances of past favorites and five new songs. Here’s the video for the title track. Read More ›

The Pivot: Stories of People Who Made a Change

By The Rabbit Room

Today is the official launch of Andrew Osenga’s new podcast, The Pivot: Stories of People Who Made a Change. His first three guests include Dave Barnes, Ellie Holcomb, and Bebo Norman. Read More ›

Returning to the Stage: The Battle of Franklin

By Pete Peterson

Writing The Battle of Franklin and watching it come to life on stage was one of the highlights of 2016. Director Matt Logan, songwriter Patrick Thomas, and an amazing cast of Nashville’s best talent breathed life into the story in ways that took my breath away and made it even better than I imagined. Read More ›

Pre-order The Orchardist’s People, People: Act II

By The Rabbit Room

Here comes Act II of The Orchardist’s People, People. The official release date is August 4th, but you can pre-order today and get an immediate download of the track “Quiet, Now.” Read More ›

Trouble Go Down: “O, How I Love Jesus”

By Ron Block

When we were rounding out the record at the end of the process Jeff mentioned this hymn written Frederick Whitfield in 1855 and recorded it as a short interlude to go after “Come Away With Me.” Read More ›

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

By Hetty White

My Wendell Berry journey began with reading his essays. I was enthralled with his ideas of husbandry, his distaste for computers, and his reluctance to rely on coal for energy. Read More ›

New Single: “Violet” by The Orchardist

By Janie Townsend

It may come as a surprise to you, but our new song, “Violet,” (available here) is about a mermaid–or, rather, the existential grappling of a mermaid. Perhaps it isn’t at all surprising that a folk band composed of Read More ›

Crooked: My Hiphop Odyssey

By Pete Peterson

In the last few years I’ve had an increasing fascination with hiphop music. (Yes. You read that right.) I suppose it started when I was working with teenagers and one of them was a fan of Read More ›