Trouble Go Down: “O, How I Love Jesus”

By Ron Block

When we were rounding out the record at the end of the process Jeff mentioned this hymn written Frederick Whitfield in 1855 and recorded it as a short interlude to go after “Come Away With Me.” Read More ›

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

By Hetty White

My Wendell Berry journey began with reading his essays. I was enthralled with his ideas of husbandry, his distaste for computers, and his reluctance to rely on coal for energy. Read More ›

New Single: “Violet” by The Orchardist

By Janie Townsend

It may come as a surprise to you, but our new song, “Violet,” (available here) is about a mermaid–or, rather, the existential grappling of a mermaid. Perhaps it isn’t at all surprising that a folk band composed of Read More ›

Crooked: My Hiphop Odyssey

By Pete Peterson

In the last few years I’ve had an increasing fascination with hiphop music. (Yes. You read that right.) I suppose it started when I was working with teenagers and one of them was a fan of Read More ›

Trouble Go Down: I Am Hidden Away In The Bosom of Christ

By Ron Block

The song “I Am Hidden Away In The Bosom of Christ” began with Rebecca Reynolds’s poignant lyrics that speak of having peace and assurance in troubled times. She sent them to me in an email, and one day Read More ›

The Ragamuffin Album: Live

By Andrew Peterson

When someone unfamiliar with Rich Mullins asks me where to start, I always tell them A Liturgy, a Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band. The irony is, when that record released in 1993 during my freshman year of college, my roommates Read More ›

Following the Fairy Tale of People, People

By Janie Townsend

Have you ever read Hans Christian Andersen’s original The Little Mermaid? Not that Disney introduced us to an inadequate interpretation. It’s just there’s something special about Andersen’s fairytales, how he captures sweeping hope and sharp sorrow without muddling a story’s simplicity. Read More ›

Andy Osenga on his new instrumental project, After Lake

By Matt Conner

Andrew Osenga is spinning some new creative plates these days, from a new career focus on helping young, developing artists find their footing to a new online songwriting course to his instrumental project After Lake (iTunes). Read More ›

Take My Advice. I Did.

By Andrew Osenga

This past year has been, what you might call on LinkedIn, a “season of transition,” which is French for “I’m figuring it out all over again.” Read More ›

The Confluence of the Orchardist

By Andrew Peterson

When my kids were little we were talking at the dinner table about our favorite words. I remember Mrs. Roberts, my ninth grade English teacher, writing her favorite word, EDIFY, on the chalk board and regarding it with delight—its Read More ›

Following the Song

By Andrew Peterson

I forget how much I love songs all the time. I’m not one of those people who just loves to write. I don’t know if that makes me less of a songwriter, but there it is. Whenever someone says, “I write because I have to,” I always feel envious and a little ashamed of myself, Read More ›

Interview: Drew Miller of The Orchardist

By Jen Rose Yokel

If you saw The Orchardist play at The Local Show last month or read “Chris Thile, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Eucatastrophe in Music” at The Rabbit Room, then Drew Miller needs no introduction. But here’s a proper one anyway! I had a chance to talk to Drew about his band The Orchardist’s forthcoming EP series, creative community, and, yep, The Lord of the Rings. Read More ›