Holy Week Sonnets

By Andrew Peterson

This year for Lent I committed to writing a sonnet each day. I won’t burden you with all forty, but at the risk of being presumptuous, I thought I’d post the seven sonnets for Holy Week in the hope that they might be helpful somehow. The stories are true, folks. He is risen, indeed. Read More ›

Happy Birthday, Billy Collins

By Andrew Peterson

I just realized that today’s the birthday of one of my favorite living poets, former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins. I’ve often called him the gateway drug for poetry, because his work manages to be just as Read More ›

On Being “Original”

By Chris Yokel

This post is adapted from a talk given at Hutchmoot 2016. 

T. S. Eliot is one of the most iconic poets of modern times. In fact some would probably label him one of the most original poets of the 20th century. And yet, when we study his own philosophy and poetry, Eliot does not seem all that interested in being “original” in the sense that we understand it. He is rather, as Thomas Rees puts it, a “master of eclectic synthesis.” Read More ›

Advent Week Three: Joy!

By Jonny Jimison

Week three of Advent at The Rabbit Room pairs a sonnet by Lanier Ivester with visuals by Jonny Jimison. Read More ›

Advent Week Two: Readiness

By Jonny Jimison

Week two of Rabbit Room Advent brings us a poem by Chris Yokel with an illustration by Stephen Hesselman. Read More ›

The Hound of Heaven

By Pete Peterson

The Hound of Heaven by Francis Thompson is an incredible poem, and we were super excited when N. D. Wilson showed up at Hutchmoot a couple of years ago to screen his film adaptation of it. The dreamlike film is hard to describe—it’s a music video, a poetry slam, a play, a dream. Read More ›

Poem: Isaiah 27:1

By Isabel Chenot

Editor’s note: today’s guest post is a poem (and its introduction), inspired by a passage in Isaiah, that weaves together water imagery found in Scripture and includes a sea monster. What more do you need to know?
Read More ›

“Imagination”: A Visual Poetry Collaboration

By Chris Yokel

[Editor’s note: We love it when people collaborate. This new work by cartoonist Jonny Jimison and poet Chris Yokel is what happens when friends create together. Simple and elegant. More please.] Read More ›

Sons of Abraham

By Felicity Graves

You zealot fool,
primed to a hair trigger,
your belly squirming with lies
and your heart pumping hate’s acid
through pimply arms—
blood acid you drain from your own cut veins
and throw into the faces of young girls
and homosexuals. Read More ›

100-Year Vision

By Doug McKelvey

I carry through life many images and impressions from my annual childhood treks to Ponca City, Oklahoma. I remember the Marland Mansion & Estate, the regionally famous Pioneer Woman statue, Read More ›


By David Michael Bruno

A number of months have passed since I kicked off the Spiritually Sensitive Sinners Series. This next installment is a poem. It did not begin inspired by Luke 7:36-50, but eventually made its way there. Read More ›

Surprised by Joy

By Lanier Ivester

I had the privilege of presenting last weekend at the From Death Unto Life conference in Franklin, Tennessee, and one of my sessions was a short plenary on William Wordsworth’s immortal sonnet, Read More ›