Rabbit Reads: Nightlights

By Jen Rose Yokel

Once a month, our resident comics expert Jonny Jimison will weigh in on a graphic novel you should add to your library! Comics are more than superheroes, explosions, and ever expanding universes. Read More ›

Crooked: My Hiphop Odyssey

By Pete Peterson

In the last few years I’ve had an increasing fascination with hiphop music. (Yes. You read that right.) I suppose it started when I was working with teenagers and one of them was a fan of Read More ›

Review: The Way of the Dragon or The Way of the Lamb

By Jen Rose Yokel

It’s rare for me to impulse buy a brand new book the year it comes out. But it was hard to resist the minimalist cover and absurdly long yet awesome title The Way of the Dragon or The Way of the Lamb: Searching for Jesus’ Path of Power in a Church that has Abandoned It. Read More ›

Balaam’s Donkey Comes to Rural America: The Angel Knew Papa and the Dog

By Jonathan Rogers

I have always loved the Bible story of Balaam’s donkey (from Numbers 22). On the one hand, it’s a folksy, earthy, homey story. On the plains of Moab, a man has trouble with a stubborn donkey. Man beats donkey. Donkey talks back. Read More ›

Henry and the Chalk Dragon: Release Day Review

By Jonathan Rogers

Besides being a student at La Muncha Elementary School, Henry Penwhistle is an artist and a knight-errant. Henry and the Chalk Dragon, Jennifer Trafton’s brilliant new novel for young readers Read More ›

Spiritual Practice and Sacred Ordinary Days

By Jen Rose Yokel

For years, I’ve struggled with spiritual disciplines. Growing up evangelical, of course I’ve always known about the need for “quiet time,” but other than that, I don’t recall a whole lot of direction for how to actually accomplish this mysterious and vital thing. Read More ›

Moved By Lion

By Joe Sutphin

My wife Gina and I don’t watch television, so we rarely hear about any film that is not your typical blockbuster. So, when we decided on an impromptu movie at a local dollar theater last night, Read More ›

Struck: A Release-Day Review

By Jonathan Rogers

Five years ago, Russ Ramsey almost died. A bacterial infection found purchase in the mitral valve of his heart and chawed it to a fare-thee-well. Describing the sonogram in which he saw the inner workings of his own heart, Russ wrote Read More ›

Review: The Founder

By Matt Conner

The Founder is a good film. From the story of Ray Kroc’s invention of fast food, to the acting (Michael Keaton, Laura Dern, and Nick Offerman), The Founder is an enjoyable ride that reveals Kroc’s rise to the top of the most American of empires. But hours after the credits rolled, I realized why I felt so empty after watching it. Read More ›

Champagne For The Soul: Rediscovering God’s Gift Of Joy

By Eric Peters

For the past several years, I’ve had the pleasure of being invited to play an annual concert. It is the only annual show I have, which is fewer than many artists, yet one more than a lot of other folks, I realize. Read More ›

Five Reasons To Buy Kate Rusby’s Life In A Paper Boat

By Ron Block

Kate Rusby, if you’ve never had the good fortune to hear of her, is a fantastic singer and songwriter from Barnsley, England, in Yorkshire. I first encountered her music when Alison Krauss & Union Station played some shows in the U.K.  Read More ›

Bon Iver’s 22, A Million: Searching For Light

By Chris Yokel

Bon Iver’s highly anticipated third album is out in the world now. Being a fan of Justin Vernon’s unusual music, I was excited about the new release, but then began to hear that the album was super experimental, Read More ›