My Place: A Short Film

By Joe Sutphin

A few months ago, I decided to build a presentation for speaking engagements. I had several booked for the coming year, so I spent a good month, off and on, putting together a Keynote presentation about my childhood as a kid who Read More ›

Song & A Story: “Farthest Shore”

By Eric Peters

When producer Gabe Scott and I first convened to begin recording Far Side Of The Sea in the summer of 2015, I had very few complete songs to offer, and most certainly needed to write a few new ones. From the beginning, my vision for the Read More ›

Song & a Story: “Not Too Late”

By Andy Gullahorn

How many times have we finished some kind of service or missions work and felt like it was possibly more beneficial for us than the people we set out to serve? I am guessing this is not a foreign concept to many people—at least in hindsight. In my own life there have been countless ways in which I Read More ›

A Message from the Proprietor

By Andrew Peterson

Greetings! It was a good year for the Rabbit Room, and I want to humbly invite you to make a tax-deductible year-end contribution so we can start 2018 with a bang. As a nonprofit ministry, we rely on the support of people like you to continue this good work. Read More ›

The Sheer Face of Story (Why Writers Need an Anchor)

By Heidi Johnston

Two years ago at Hutchmoot, Doug McKelvey and I did a session on the importance of both anchors and grappling hooks in the life of a writer. For me, the topic was born out of a growing desire to understand why certain stories, music or art have impacted me more deeply than others, in many cases fundamentally shaping my own view of the world and my place within it. Read More ›

Rhyming Between the Lines

By Doug McKelvey

At Hutchmoot-most-recent I was delighted to join the company of N. D. Wilson and Helena Sorenson for a session on fictional world-building. More comfortable leaning on pre-thought thoughts than trying to formulate new ideas in public, I began by Read More ›

Saturday Dinner: A Taste of Reality

By John Cal

It was all Lanier Ivester’s fault. She was the one who had gotten me into this mess. She was the one to blame. Well, okay, fine, to be entirely truthful, my predicament could also be pinned on Sally Clarkson. Read More ›

Friday Dinner: Feasting the Sabbath

By John Cal

Let us pause in life’s pleasures and count its many tears, 
While we all sup sorrow with the poor;
There’s a song that will linger forever in our ears;
Oh, hard times come again no more. Read More ›

Room For Us All: Thursday Dinner

By John Cal

[Editor’s note: The following is adapted from the introduction of Thursday’s dinner at Hutchmoot 2017.]

Before we eat dinner tonight, I must admit something to you. Read More ›

A Car With a View

By Lanier Ivester

I had forgotten how Europe smells, that sweetly acrid bouquet of flowers and cigarette smoke, men’s cologne and diesel fumes. I had forgotten the song of unknown tongues filling the air around me, and Read More ›

Behind the Scenes: The Battle of Franklin

By Pete Peterson

The Battle of Franklin opened this past weekend and I’m exceedingly grateful to all the folks who have worked so hard (and are still working hard) to bring it to the stage. Read More ›

The Failings of Eden

By Helena Sorensen

I wonder if this story is familiar to you.

Their bodies are virile and ageless, and they are glad and bold in their nakedness. They go out to meet the morning, and a cool mist rises from the fertile soil. The clear cries of birds linger over the Read More ›