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Laure Hittle

Question for the group: i’m running a library program for kids aged 8-13 in a couple of weeks, and part of the program is a readaloud. It’s five days that week, and the readaloud time is ~25 minutes a day, which equals just about two hours. Finding an example of engaging, good-quality writing that can be crammed into that slot is always a challenge, and this year i’m having a hard time settling on something, but i do have MacDonald’s Complete Fairy Stories and am thinking of picking something from that. i’m not opposed to doing a couple of short stories rather than a single novella (or longish short story), and comparing the stories with the kids might be a good exercise anyway. Any recommendations? i’ve read some of the stories in this collection but not all of them. (In previous years we’ve read Roverandom and The Black Star of Kingston.)

Any thoughts you have would be great and i would appreciate them. Here’s the table of contents, if that helps: