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J. Philip Horne

@mrs-hittle I probably should have included that info… didn’t want to sound spammy on my first post. I’ve published three upper-middle grade (preteen / early teen) fantasy novels, though I try to write them more as fantasy for all ages. The first (The Lodestone) was written in 2011 more as an exercise in proving to myself I could do it. Number 2 (Joss the Seven) was published in 2016 after several years of working to improve my craft. Number 3 (Guardian Angel) was published in March of this year. GA is the sequel to J7.

I also dabble in poetry on very rare occasion, and lyrics. More for personal enrichment than anything else. And I deeply desire to have a couple texts I’ve written published as picture books one day.

The reality is I have very little time to write, so it is always slow going. However, I’m deeply thankful for what time I’ve had. Right now I’m sporadicly working on 3 different WIPs: a third installment as a sequel to Guardian Angel, an adult thriller, and a truly bizarre science fantasy fairy tale early chapter book full of very dark humor and big words that will likely never be read by any parent to a child, but it makes me laugh so I keep coming back to it.