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  • I’ve said for years that the old “write every day” trick doesn’t work for me. Maybe it still doesn’t. But I’m going to give it a try again.

    Yesterday I discovered 750words.com, and I wanted to share it with you guys. Based on the idea of “Morning Pages,” it’s a password protected website that gives you a place to privately write and track your progress. Also, achievement badges, if turning journaling into a game motivates you. 🙂 It’s free to try for 30 days before you have to subscribe, so I’m gonna see how the month goes. Hopefully it’ll help kickstart a new habit.

    Do you write every day? Struggle writing every day? Recommend any tricks or tools to help stick with the creative habit?

    Pete Peterson
    Hutchmaster Prime

    That sounds kind of awesome. Achievements. Mmmmm.

    ---Hutchmaster Prime, wielder of great and terrible cheeses

    I write every day. Most days it’s a struggle though, but at the very least, I write for 15 minutes on a piece of paper before I go to bed. I’ll often switch between mediums e.g. I write on the computer more often than not, so will switch to journal or to loose sheets of paper. If it’s feeling particularly hard, I’ll text myself some notes or I’ll pretend like I’m writing an email to a friend about something that I want to be writing. If I’m feeling stuck, it’s often cause I’m not seeing enough content for it, so I might spend sometime brainstorming (doing mindmaps) or some thesaurus exploring. I also have multiple pieces going on at different stages, so there’s always something at a stage which doesn’t feel too intimidating.

    I’m trying to stick it at though because too many writers who I really respect who say that that’s the key to their success 🙂 But more often than not, I think of this fight that Elizabeth Gilbert describes having with her mom when she was a teenager (in her book Big Magic) where she kept on  telling her mom that she couldn’t do something, and her mom kept on telling her that she could. Eventually, she realized that she was fighting for the right to retain her fears and insecurities and asks herself: Is that the hill that I want to die on? I’m trying not to die on that hill either 🙂

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    Eventually, she realized that she was fighting for the right to retain her fears and insecurities and asks herself: Is that the hill that I want to die on?

    Oh wow.

    That sounds kind of awesome. Achievements. Mmmmm.

    Getting a 5 Day Streak Penguin badge today made me unreasonably happy. I feel like I’m five years old and working for stickers.

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    I love when I’m able to get in a daily word count, but that only happens one or two months out of the year.

    In order for that to happen, I’m working on outlines, structures, or I’m in editing/post-production on a project. The writing almost becomes a reward for all of the work surrounding it because the pure creation is the most fun. Also, I get lost in the weeds without all of the outline prep if I haven’t done my due diligence before I literally put pen to page (which I do so I can keep myself from editing before the work is finished).

    This is probably why I try to schedule things so my writing periods happen in 30k-80k word chunks during NaNoWriMo in November or CampNaNo in April or July.

    Geoffrey Hale

    I used to love 750words. When it stopped being free I made a free alternative at 130words.com. Same concept, private journaling, motivated daily writing. Would love it if you’d give it a try and let me know what you think. Cheers!

    Oh man, thanks @geoffreyhale! I’ll have to try it out!

    Yeah, when my trial ran out, I started doing the same thing in a word document, but… it’s not as motivating. Achievement badges really do make a difference, haha.


    This is so intriguing. I’m usually writing songs, which don’t really warrant long-windedness, so I haven’t really thought about doing something like this. But I always seem to have a story going on in my head, or just a topic that I’d love to speak on one day, so practicing getting those things out and on paper would be really beneficial. Definitely need to look into this!

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