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  • Meagan M. Smith


    I went ahead and made a place for us. 🙂 I’ll put something on the fridge tomorrow – I’m just plain tuckered out atm! Look forward to seeing what everyone posts!

    Community Fridge

    Thank you all so much for the kindness and grace. I had to smile this morning as I read all these wonderful posts how my lack of courage or articulation STILL gave me welcome. That is saying something about the people on here I think.

    I’m not sure the appropriate place to post images but I will do so. @mandy, I wanted to say Hello back! @kyra-hinton I will try to share some of my work. Perhaps on the Community Fridge? @missmary thank you for your insight into my painting. I have always thought of mist as a prayer. I know that may sound strange but you can’t see anything or grasp on to anything yet it moves and quiets. @jennifert (*my daughter is freaking out that I’m talking to you! We love your work!) Thank you for your note too. I apologize if what I wrote came across like people were groupies. I meant only that I didn’t want to seem like that to them. 😛 Thank you for the welcome. @smithmeaganm thank you too! And the Community Fridge is a great idea!

    Kathleen Mahoney

    I’m a introvert who feels so much, and so deeply, that most of the time I walk around with this great pain in my heart. Its the pain of <b>Sehnsucht. </b>I first learned this word from you <span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>rebeccareynolds at Hutchmoot 2014. The freshly turned 18 year old who got a birthday gift of meeting Rabbits. I can relate to a lot of what you said @mandy, my words are a huge jumble and even though words is my thing, it is still so dad-gum hard to get them all out.

    Connecting is so very hard, and I am so glad you have created this forum <span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>rebeccareynolds. I look forward to being a little less of a lurker and a little more of a engager. Be blessed all you beautiful people!! <3

    @dwbaker Just to clarify: posting here won’t make you a “groupie” – don’t worry! No one will perceive it that way. I mean that this forum is a forum of equals. Partners in conversation, and all are welcome. 🙂 @rebeccareynolds said it much better than I.

    @wonderseeker – Hello from one Introvert to another. It’s a tiny bit easier to talk online than it is in person. It gives me more time to think and at least try to arrange my words in a working order. I’m glad you’re here. Looking forward to talking with you more.


    Super well said, @rebeccareynolds. Thank you for this. ♥

    I remember lurking on the fringes. I also remember the first time I went to Hutchmoot, I literally hid in the used books for half an hour before finally mustering up the courage to make a new friend. Sometimes, I’m still not sure I have anything to add to the conversation, but here I am, with some of the best friendships I’ve ever found.

    You are welcome here. There’s always a seat at the table for you. The Rabbit Room is one of the most loving, welcoming communities I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

    @wonderseeker and @mandy… introverts unite! 🙂 I am with you.

    And now I’m gonna go check out the Community Fridge!

    Suzanne Tietjen

    I’ve been on following the Rabbit Room since there’s been a Rabbit Room and been to Hutchmoot four times, but I still feel small and have to fight against the lie that “it wouldn’t matter if I weren’t here.”

    My opinion: It does matter that each of you, and each of us, is here. We aren’t here to try to be one of the cool kids (or be noticed by them). I think we’re called to be present and by that presence we help to make things what they are. At Hutchmoot I’ve sat in the corner with my drop spindle making yarn while I watched people’s faces. I listened, paid attention, entered in. People – all of them – mattered. Every one I met started looking precious to me.

    You, too, are precious and have something to offer.

    I love that Rebecca started this thread. I agree, come on in.


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    Kaitlyn Luce

    Rebecca, thank you for starting this.

    I feel like I’ve been a lurker for a long time. I’ve been around the the Rabbit Room for a long time (since 2007!), but rarely make comments on posts because words are hard, and I fear that I’ll never be as eloquent as others. Even though I work with Pete to help keep things running, that is where I’m comfortable. I’d much rather prefer working way, way behind the scenes than have attention drawn to me, or stand in front of a room, or put my opinion out there for everyone to see. I know there are others like me here, and reading stories like my own makes me feel so much more comfortable in my silence. There’s a place for all of us. 🙂

    Thanks, @rebeccareynolds for writing a note to the Lurkers! I knew when I read your post that I was one of them and you were writing to me. I imagine there are a lot of us, hovering on the edge, wanting to engage, but hesitating. I’m excited for the new Rabbit Room forum, which, strangely, somehow feels like a safer place to start engaging than posting comments to articles on the main site (that might come next!).

    I’m excited for the new Rabbit Room forum, which, strangely, somehow feels like a safer place to start engaging than posting comments to articles on the main site (that might come next!).

    My feeling exactly!

    I woke up one morning about a week ago with the thought that God is doing something new in my life. I didn’t know what that might look like – and still don’t – but later that day, I thought to myself, “Well, if God can do something new, surely you can step up to the RR table in some way.” (Of all the thoughts to have…) And the forum feels like a safe space to begin. 🙂

    Rebecca Reynolds

    It’s so great to read all these comments. I’m excited about knowing you better!

    John Barber

    @petchr24 I’m glad you’re here! The forums are a great place to dip your toe into the water.

    @alind The RR is a safe place to lurk, or to jump in (or anything in between). Thanks for putting yourself out there and letting us know you’re here!

    Dear @rebbecareynolds,

    Your honesty is a thin blade. The cut is sweet. So, salutations world! I’m here in the corner:

    I’ve been haunting the Rabbit Room for five years ever since my intensely melodramatic twelve-year-old self discovered On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Awesome. Not much as changed except now I’m funner, the smarterest, and as nerdy as ever. #humblebrag

    My heartroots have drunk deep here. I hop by to nibble and stay. The red in my veins runs with song, with story, and with shape. #alliterationisawesome

    Thank-you for all you do! I hope to listen at your feet for many years to come.


    *also, I apparently make the same stupid spelling errors. #letgraceabound*


    Amy Lynn

    I appreciate this very much. I’ll just say this here: I don’t like the “online world”. But I do like people and like people who care about the things I care about hence why I’ve been around here, and that post was too kind to just continue lurking without saying something. Thank you. 🙂

    @rebeccareynolds I also want to thank you for your invitation.  It is easy to approach a place like Rabbit Room with a huge desire to partake in such a beautiful community, but also suffer from doubt that such brilliant artists would extend an arm to someone who is at the beginning of their creative pursuit.  I have been visiting The Rabbit Room for years now and always leave encouraged and nourished.  I studied creative writing in college, but have been hard pressed to find a community, much less a community that desires to love and glorify God and make beautiful art because of Him.  Thank you for your kind encouragement.  You have absolutely persuaded me to step into the conversation.

    Also, I admire your writing and I thank you for sharing it.  So much of it resonates with me…your honesty as well as your word weaving.  “The Hymn of the Crabapple Tree” is among my favorites : ) Beautiful imagery in that one.

    Amy McCoy

    Thank you Becca. I am definitely a lurker. I’ve been lurking for a few years now and never wanted to comment. I went to Hutchmoot last year and couldn’t work up the courage to approach any of the RR celebrities. It’s not that I think I’m less than them; on the contrary, one of the things I love about this place is how real everyone is. But I never know what to say. I feel like I’m home here, but I don’t know how to join the family without conversation.

    So thank you for scooting over your chair. I will try harder now to join the conversation.

    Rebecca Reynolds

    It’s so good to meet you all. I’m glad you are here!

    Thank you so much, Rebecca. As someone who is new to the Rabbit Room and new to sharing my art at all, this was greatly encouraging!

    Thanks so much for this, Rebecca. I’ve lurked around the Rabbit Room for a few years now. Seeing your post is what made me want to join in the discussion.

    Sharing my own art is scary when I share with strangers, but it grows to a whole new level of terrifying when I let myself be vulnerable with other artists – specifically with some whom I deeply respect and look up too. Or, at least, I perceive it to be terrifying. I’ve never let my guard down long enough to try.

    I suppose that sometimes, pushing back on the darkness can be scary. But seeing the darkness scatter in the Light is always worth it. Even though my knees knock together and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth in the process… :).

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    Bailey and Miranda, welcome to the craziness!

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