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  • Alex Garcia

    Hello everyone! I’m in a bit of a creative mood and wanted to get to know all of you better… so I’m introducing a little writing exercise!

    Introducing… the Paragraph Challenge!

    Point of the challenge is to basically write one paragraph back and forth between everyone to create a short story. No need for everything to be grammatically correct, it’s all for fun! I’ll start the challenge, but I’ll keep it super vague as to setting so feel free to take it any way that seems right. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

    The pattering of dog feet danced across the floor in a harmonious fashion. Maple, a collie mix, panted impatiently at the door while I put on my shoes and jacket. No matter how fast I tied to move, she would anxiously paw and look up at the door handle. “Wanna go?” I asked for the third time in a high octave. Maple barked and I attached her leash to the bright blue collar around her neck. With a turn of the knob, our walk began.

    The sun shone in a cloudless sky, and for a moment, it warmed my shoulders & head. But as soon as I stepped off the porch, a bitter wind whipped my hair across my face, reminding me that we were still in the grip of a cold snap. I glanced longingly back at the door as Maple tugged me down the driveway, & I wished that I’d put on a heavier coat. Oh, well. At least my tea shelf was freshly restocked–I’d be practically desperate for a good, hot cup by the time we returned.

    Matt Garner

    A disciple of convention, Maple took a hard left at the end of the drive pausing ever so briefly to nose at a clump of damp leaves. Nearly as soon as the earthen medley had begun its enchantment, the spell was lost to more pertinent canine matters and the leash went taut again as Maple lead me down the pitted sidewalk toward the square. I venture it’s the collie part of her that maintains such a particular human relationship to time, as it was after all nearly ten in the morning. As habit dictated, a certain someone would be in front of Beverley’s. Edgar to be exact. And more importantly Bosco, Edgar’s Labrador.


    Several leaves skittered across our path, yellow, red, fading brown, and I gladly inhaled the smell of wood smoke from the neighbor’s yard. Perfect autumn days like this one were rare this time of year. We’d had rain the past three days, and the sunshine was practically gladness in a cup. A little before I could clearly make out the familiar figures, the wind blew our way and Maple’s tail began madly wagging. I smiled and winced, readjusting my coat. The rapidly resolving shape of Edger waved, and I waved back, holding a bit more firmly to Maple’s leash as she grew impatient. When we drew close enough to speak, Bosco whined and yelped a greeting, his rear end wriggling like a puppy’s as he and Maple touched noses.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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