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  • Scully

    I want to create stuff that I don’t have the skills for.

    Maybe you do too.

    And so, this thread was born!

    For me, I have stories in my head meant to be portrayed as manga. That’s a media form I grew up on, understand, and a community I want to reach. But, while graphic novels are awesome, they kinda require skill in storycrafting, illustration, and illustrated storytelling. And sometimes (oftentimes?), these skills don’t come hand-in-hand — one person has greater skill in developing story, but isn’t able to express it on a page; whereas another person has greater skill in the expression, but struggles to come up with the story to tell.

    I can’t help but feel that God deliberately designed us this way. It forces us to work together, if we wanna create.

    As for me, I can craft a world and populate it with stories, and I have skill enough to express these in written form, but not in illustrated form. And I really want that.

    How about you? What skills do you have, or not have? What do you want to create, and what skills are you lacking, so that you need a brother/sister (or a group) to come alongside …?

    Here are my skills (from what’s easier, to harder, to impossible), and what I wanna create:

    Skills (easier) –
    *Storycrafting: General
    *Storycrafting: Social/Relational (e.g. knowledge of a character, natural dialogue, pacing, etc.)
    *Written Storytelling
    *Lyric Writing

    Skills (harder) –
    *Storycrafting: Plot (e.g. what’s going on behind the scenes, driving the story)
    *Verbal Storytelling
    *Illustrated Storytelling

    Nonexistent Skills –

    What I want to create –
    *Graphic Novels (especially manga)
    *Animated TV/Streaming Series (and maybe film)
    *Music (warfare worship, & storytelling)

    Feel free to ask me about anything, whether ’cause wording is unclear, or whatever.

    Now … how about you?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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