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  • Laure Hittle

    Head to the top left of the screen. You’ll see your name and a button that says “Log Out.” Click your name. (If you don’t see a profile picture yet, don’t worry; that’s what we’re about to fix.)

    The first thing you’ll see is your Activity feed. Your recent forum activity, including new friends, show up here. (This is also visible to anyone who looks up your profile, but don’t worry; private messages do not show up here.)

    Click Profile. (This is not my regular account; it’s just one i set up so you can see what things look like before settings are filled in.) Notice that all you can see so far is the account’s Name. The Profile field has three tabs: View, Edit, and Change Profile Photo. View is what other people see when they look you up. Edit and Change Profile Photo are available only to you.

    If you want to add a profile photo (you don’t have to), click the Change Profile Photo tab. You can drag in a photo from somewhere on your computer, or you can click the “Select Your File” button to be taken to your computer’s file directory, where you can browse around until you find something you like. You can change this photo whenever you like.

    You can select any size photo you like, and the site will help you crop it down to a nice neat square. You can drag the corners of the square to make the square bigger or smaller, and to the right you will see a preview of what it’ll look like once you’ve cropped it. You can also click and hold on the square in the big image to move the square around. The preview on the right will change as you do this. Nothing is final until you click Crop Image, so feel free to play around. (And even after you do hit Crop Image, you can go back and change it again.)

    Once you’re satisfied with your profile picture and you’ve clicked Crop Image, you’ll see a message telling you that your profile picture was uploaded successfully. (If there is any problem with your image, you might get an error message; feel free to ask for help if that happens.)

    Back up at the top left of the screen, you’ll see that your name has your new profile picture next to it! Click your name to go back to your Activity feed.

    Click Profile and then Edit, and you’ll see a series of text boxes where you can type in anything you want. Type in whatever you’d like people to know about you. Notice that by default, every field is publicly viewable. If you’re not comfortable with this, you can change it; just hit Change.

    Here are the options you can choose for who sees each section of your profile: Everyone, Only Me, All Members, My Friends. Every single section (About Me, your favorite books/movies/etc., your website and social media links) can be at different visibility settings if you like. In my profile, everything is public except my Facebook link, which is set to All Members. You can set any field to be as visible or invisible as you like; whatever you’re comfortable with. All these fields are optional, too; you don’t even have to fill them in. And you can always come back and change anything.

    Notice that your Name can be changed, but is always visible to everyone. Your Username (the one that appears with the @) can’t be changed once you’ve set up your account. Once you’re satisfied with your profile, click Save Changes—super important! 🙂

    Once you hit Save Changes, you’ll be sent back to the top of the Edit tab, and you’ll see a green box that tells you everything’s been saved and you’re good to go. Wahoo!

    Click View again to see what other users see. i logged out and took this shot so we could see how my filled-in profile looks if you’re Everyone. 🙂 Notice that there’s just the View tab, because that’s what other people see when they look you up. Now we’re all set!

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