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  • Louisa Nickel

    Hullo, fellow Rabbit Roomers! Happy Sunday!

    When Hutchmoot 2018 registration went live, I hesitantly deemed it unwise to register (yay unemployment). 😛 However, circumstances have since changed, so I’ve got two queries:

    Firstly, does anyone find themselves in possession of one Hutchmoot ticket more than they want? (Hard to imagine, but I hear it’s happened in the past?) If so, I would be interested in purchasing it!

    Secondly, does anyone know how I can add myself to the waiting list? I  couldn’t figure out how to go about it on the Hutchmoot site—do I just need to shoot the Rabbit Room an email?

    Providers of information will be given imaginary cookies as a token of my non-imaginary gratitude. Real cookies are pretty difficult over the internet. 😉

    Are you part of the Rabbit Room Chinwag on Facebook? I keep hearing that people will put up extra tickets there closer to the dates, since plans change & such. So if you’re on FB & not part of that group already, then you could join & keep an eye on things there.

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    Louisa Nickel

    @krose Good to know! Thanks so much! I don’t actually have a FB account at present…but that can always be rectified. 😉

    (As promised: 🍪🍪🍪)


    Linda Rogers

    Yes, last year there were several tickets circulating in the Facebook group- Rabbit Room Chinwag, if you need to find us. There may also be people talking here, but I suspect most of those conversations will happen closer to October. Most people who will end up having a schedule conflict don’t actually know it yet.

    Laure Hittle

    If you go to and click the ticket link (even though tickets are sold out), you’ll be able to put in your email address to be added to the waitlist.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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