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  • Louisa Nickel

    Hullo, fellow Rabbit Roomers! Happy Sunday!

    When Hutchmoot 2018 registration went live, I hesitantly deemed it unwise to register (yay unemployment). 😛 However, circumstances have since changed, so I’ve got two queries:

    Firstly, does anyone find themselves in possession of one Hutchmoot ticket more than they want? (Hard to imagine, but I hear it’s happened in the past?) If so, I would be interested in purchasing it!

    Secondly, does anyone know how I can add myself to the waiting list? I  couldn’t figure out how to go about it on the Hutchmoot site—do I just need to shoot the Rabbit Room an email?

    Providers of information will be given imaginary cookies as a token of my non-imaginary gratitude. Real cookies are pretty difficult over the internet. 😉

    Are you part of the Rabbit Room Chinwag on Facebook? I keep hearing that people will put up extra tickets there closer to the dates, since plans change & such. So if you’re on FB & not part of that group already, then you could join & keep an eye on things there.

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    Louisa Nickel

    @krose Good to know! Thanks so much! I don’t actually have a FB account at present…but that can always be rectified. 😉

    (As promised: 🍪🍪🍪)


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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