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  • Linda Rogers

    Laure’s lore is knowledge of any type. Often useless, sometimes vitally important, but anything that a librarian who lurks behind the shelves is likely to be able to find for you. (If you have read the Wingfeather Saga, she IS Madame Sidler. Really.)

    A superpower that encapsulates who we are in real life and personality… hmmm… that is hard. Maybe when faced with a problem, to immediately think of 5 potential courses of action, troubleshoot all of them, make adjustments to compensate, and then choose the best option within about 10 seconds? I do tend to think that way now, but not that quickly or thoroughly.

    My actual real life superpower (which is also a disability) is my ability to sleep. I recognized it as a superpower when a friend was in the hospital for a long period of time. Other people can spend a few nights at the hospital, sleeping in one of those recliner chairs, but they get exhausted quickly, especially with all the beeping machines and nurses making rounds. I can live that way indefinitely, as long as the person I’m taking care of also requires extensive naps. I fall asleep easily, and when something wakes me up (like the IV alarm or my friend needing something), I go back to sleep within a few minutes. I don’t need a routine or comfortable surroundings to fall asleep. I don’t even need a bed. I lived in the hospital with her for several weeks at a time and did fine with it. So in certain situations, I already have a superpower. Aren’t you all jealous?!?

    I’ve long imagined a man who can rapidly accelerate plant growth (and now that you mention it, he definitely matches my own personality and vocation!).

    A botanist at heart, he is quite pacifistic is his conflict strategy (escaping, trapping, etc.) and spends most of his time researching the plants of the world, searching out rumored species and breeding new kinds. He doesn’t do this for curiosity’s sake, though. He is concerned with finding and developing species that help minority peoples throughout the world (food, materials, medicine, etc.). He visits villages, learns their herblore (finding many legendary species this way), and offers plants of his own design which still honor that cultural heritage.

    He wears a belt full of pouches, which contain many kinds of seeds, rich soils, and water, so he’s always ready to grow something (a sturdy vine, a parachute-like leaf, a snack, medicine, etc.), kind of MacGyver-style. A friend helped him develop a handgun of sorts, which safely shoots a seed into the ground if he’s gotta grow something quick or at a distance (roots at the feet of an enemy, a flower bulb of sleep powder of smokescreen that will spew when kicked, etc.). A personal favorite, when he’s preparing for an enemy who he must fight, is bark armor. He shoots a particular seed into the ground, steps on the spot, and summons the sylvan strength to crawl over his foot, leg, and whole body eventually. If he’s had enough time to prepare it, the bark armor contains many pockets where seeds lay in moist soil and are ready for use in the fight.

    Alex Garcia

    I would say super speed would be mine since then I could get to places faster. (Also since I’m always late to things, it would be nice to get to places just on time.)

    Here’s a fun question though for all of you, see you have your awesome super power… what about your lame super power? Basically, it’s something super lame and normally is the first thing you can think of. Mine for example is talking to wood. Can’t talk to trees… only wood.

    I’ve asked the question to many people and it’s hilarious on what people think of. I’ve gotten being as slow as a snail, only being able to fly a foot off the ground, turning stairs into slides and not the other way around, talking to dogs but not being able to understand them back, and many more. It’s a fun exercise and topic starter with friends if you’re looking for an ice breaker.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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