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  • Would you like to connect with other rabbits in this online community? Introduce yourself briefly here so that others can find your profile easily and befriend you. And if you’re a newcomer, we’d love to get to know you better!

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    Meagan M. Smith

    Hey everyone! I’m Meagan Smith, same as the Meagan Smith from the old HM FB page…You might recognize me by my crazy images I like to create. 😉

    Greetings, fellow Rabbits! Thanks to @pete and company for this grand new home for community and conversation!

    As for myself, by way of introduction…
    From my perch in a tiny attic apartment on the shore of Lake Erie, I get to write about cool things that happen all over the world. I also like to make things out of fabric and paper and stuff. I almost always have a project. Or ten. And five books that I’m in the middle of.

    In 2010, I heard that some friends were going to an event that sounded almost too amazing to believe, and definitely too amazing to pass up, so I snapped up a ticket to the very first Moot. A few months later I found myself standing in Nashville with some pretty amazing people, surrounded by stories and music and beauty. It all felt like such a gift, the kind you wouldn’t even think to ask for, because it would just be too extravagant. In 2015 I got to spend another special weekend with Rabbit friends at Church of the Redeemer. All along the way I’ve been blessed 1000 times over by so many lovely people.

    It’s such a gift to know you all. Thank you for bringing beauty into the world–whether that means creating new fictional worlds, or pulling together an Anne Shirley-themed tea party, or making music that gets better with every listen, or building websites and making sure there are plenty of forks. Thanks to all of you for doing the hard work of creating and sharing what the Creator has put into your hearts.

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    Laure Hittle

    Thank you for starting this thread, Jennifer!

    Introduction: i’m Laure. Whoever you are, i like you already. 🙂

    Other things i like: The Budge-Nuzzard, Hebrew, tigers, honeybees, stories, mothering. i suppose i do also like Wingfeather.

    Howdy! I’m Carrie. My username on here is @carrieg. I usually find myself in “the new Nashville,” Charlotte, NC, but right this minute I’m reveling in (almost) June in Michigan, the perfect month in the land of my rearing. Between the two I landed in Alaska and Pennsylvania for a while each, and have visited lots of spots across oceans.

    Laure Hittle

    @emmaj, i am also enormously grateful that there are enough forks at this website. 🙂

    Hi friends! What an incredible blessing Hutchmoot, the Rabbit Room, and so many of you have been in my life!

    I’ve felt more loved and accepted at Hutchmoot than anywhere else, and enjoying the riches of this community has helped me find a local church community with many of the same attributes.

    I’m a grandma, an author, encourager of people who are hurting ( ) and defender/advocate for victims of domestic violence. I enjoy reading, playing piano, singing, and laughing. My motto for life is: “Live your dream. Laugh every day. Find true love. Risk everything. Love is always worth the risk, always worth the time, always worth the sacrifice, always worth the loss.”

    If you ache for a sense of home and family, you’ve come to the right place. Nobody here is perfect, and some of us are just plain weird and awkward (speaking of myself), but we are here to encourage each other to think, create, and yearn for beauty and the coming kingdom.



    My name is Ming,

    Its kind of a long story how I ended up here, or maybe the story isn’t that long, but I make it so.

    Regardless I am here and I am so incredibly grateful that I am. The artists, writers, and thinkers of the Rabbit Room have created and been lights in the dark, an anchor in the storm, and the compass that points north when I’ve forgotten my way home.

    Somehow I found my way here.

    I’m still pinching myself.


    Anyways, I loved books and story and beauty that points me home.

    And I am going to end before I drag this out any longer.

    It’s nice to meet you all. 🙂

    Hello! I’m Bailey (@ohheybailz), and I’m from sunny California, where it is currently living up to its name – 108 on Friday!

    My favorite things include writing, swimming, listening to AP music, buying books on Amazon, and going to Zumba.

    It’s good to see all of you!

    Lisa Eldred

    I’m Lisa. I fall on the geekier side of things here (video and board games). I also work at Covenant Eyes, which means I talk about porn way more than the average person. (Don’t worry, I’ll try to keep those conversations off the forums.)

    I’m Carlee. I’m an illustrator and seamstress/framer/embroiderer/crafter. I’ve known about Hutchmoot since the very first one and of course knew I needed to go someday, but every year there’s been another conference called the International Arts Movement (IAM) “encounter”, and I’ve always gone with my friends from art school, starting in my junior year. (I’m 8 years out of art school now.) I’ve had similar feelings about that conference/organization- that it feels like going home, I remember who I am, why I am called to create. So because of finances I’ve only been able to afford one of those per year. Now that IAM hasn’t had a conference in a while, I’m of course dating someone long-distance so all my plane ticket money goes toward visiting him. But still: someday, I intend to attend a Hutchmoot.

    I still live in the town where I went to college (Winthrop U., Rock Hill) with some of my art school friends plus a lot of new friends. In college we started a group called Friday Arts Project (in the beginning it was called Friday Arts Fellowship)- we met at a local coffee shop on Friday mornings, because Winthrop didn’t have art classes on Fridays. We discussed our current art projects, discussed faith and art, went through books like Steve Turner’s Imagine. We went to IAM conferences every year. We held art exhibitions. The group has transformed over the years from this to that. At one point we held a bible study. Then we got some wonderful full-time staff from Cru (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ), the Irwins, and they really have helped us grow. We were languishing a bit as adults with day jobs and some with new families. Now we’ve got a poets’ group that has regular meetings and public readings, they’ve continued our Monday night drawing nights, they help us have more of a presence in our local arts community, we actually meet once a month to discuss the direction of the group, we have conferences (some of you attended some of them!), we have a quarterly art-related talk called the Curator’s Codex which has been great… and on and on. There’s a link in my profile if you want to see the website. I feel like this getting too long. 🙂

    Anyway, I’m happy to be here and I think the new website looks great and I hope the forum does well.

    Rich Tuttle

    I’m Rich.

    I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve…

    From Kansas City.

    Have five children.

    An amateur (in the Chestertonian sense) singer songwriter.

    Was at Hutchmoot 2015 and have a ticket for 2016.

    Wendy Kautz

    Hello, Rabbits! I’m a wife and mom of three girls, and I’ve just completed my first year as an English teacher at a classical Christian school in the Birmingham, AL, area. When my kids were younger, I taught literature and composition online for Austin Peay State University and Lee University. The last thing I ever thought I would teach is middle school, but I found myself teaching both 12th and 8th grades and really loving both.

    I’m a fan of Rabbity as well as non-Rabbity literature and music. I’m basically obsessed with C.S. Lewis and wore out two copies of the Chronicles of Narnia in childhood. Other literary favorites include Wordsworth, Austen, T.S. Eliot, Tolkien, Flannery O’Connor (I’m stopping now because I see there’s no ending this list). However, I’m often lazy with my reading and find myself watching Netflix instead. I just finished all Netflix-available episodes of Arrow and The Flash and so I’m rather at loose ends.

    I was browbeaten into getting involved with the Rabbit Room and attending Hutchmoot the last two years by my longtime friend Bill Smithfield, who assured me I was a rabbit though I did not yet know it. He was right. I have so enjoyed this community on FB and in person, and I look forward to continuing the truth, beauty, goodness, and wackiness I’ve found here. Love to all.

    Hi everybody!

    I’m Karen. I live west of Rochester, NY just a few miles below the Lake Ontario shoreline. I was drawn to the Rabbit Room years ago for love of Jill Phillips’ music, and through the years I’ve been inspired by this beautiful community. I’m a worship leader at a Lutheran church, and I homeschool my three children (16, 13 & 12).

    I’ve been to Hutchmoot three times, and the most joyful experience there for me was sharing it with my daughter Claire in 2014. We’re excited to be road-tripping down again in October with the whole family, my husband and boys tooling around Nashville while Claire and I do the Moot.

    The Rabbit Room has cultivated goodness into my family, my music, my thinking, my faith, my church–we are grateful!

    Tim & Kirsten

    Hi! We are Tim & Kirsten. As on our facebook page, we like to make things confusing for everyone by having a joint account. Just so that you never really know who you’re talking to. We like to do other things together too – like studying music together at Belmont in Nashville and splitting a job as the worship directors at our church. Tim is a Dad, artist and librarian. Kirsten is a Mom and personal assistant. We had the good fortune of attending Hutchmoot in 2011 and 2013 and hope to return as soon as funds and children allow.

    The whole ’90s forum thing is a little bit intimidating, but we hope to get to know some new people and stay in touch with old friends!

    Hello, old friends! It’s me, @micah.

    I’m a software developer from Kansas with a wife, four small children, and two English degrees.

    I wasn’t going to even try to tell you all of the things that I love, since there are so many of them. But then I thought I might just start a list that I can add to if I think of anything else that’s absolutely VITAL.

    • The Bible
    • Beowulf
    • Writing by Inklings
    • Robots
    • Music (listening and making)
    • Games
    • Making Neat and/or Tasty things
    • The Rabbit Room
    • Hutchmoot
    • Cofferstowe
    • This awesome new Web site!!! (Thanks, @pete)


    Hey!  My name is Sandy Johnson.  I’m a guy that gets called ma’am a lot.

    I fix computers and manage a help desk for a living.

    I’m married (10 years!) with with a boy (6) and a girl (3).  My wife home-schools our children.

    I’ve never been to Hutchmoot, but my wife and I attend Behold the Lamb every year in either Birmingham or Montgomery AL (depending where they land each year!)

    I live in AL (near Auburn) and work in GA (in Columbus).

    I enjoy technology, theology, reading, watching movies, listening to music, and thrifting for new books to read, movies to watch, and music to listen to.

    I think that about covers it.  I look forward to chatting with you all!



    @carlee, I feel like we should hang out sometime. I believe we’ve met, but we’re so close that we should definitely make a point of connecting in person.

    Carey Pace

    Hi there! I’m Carey.  I’ve lived in Martinsville, Virginia for the last year after my husband’s job relocated us from the Tri-cities, Tennessee.  We moved from one Nascar city to another, which would come in handy if we were car racing fans.  We most certainly are not.  I’m predominantly a stay at home mom to my two kids (almost eight and nine), but I am also a photographer.  Seeing light and beauty in seemingly ordinary life and circumstances inspires me.  I dabble in writing things that hopefully encourage others.  I’ve known Rebecca Reynolds since she and Bobby came to be the pastor/pastor’s wife at our church in Kingsport way back in the day.  She was the one who looked into me and saw an artist instead of an engineer, and that changed everything.

    I learned of the Rabbit Room through Rebecca, and after her urging for a few years I finally attended Hutchmoot last fall.  Getting to know the folks in this little circle of the world has been a huge blessing to me, being largely surrounded by stereotypical engineer types back in TN who lack an appreciation for art and beauty, and even more so after our move and not knowing anyone in the new place.  I’m incredibly grateful for the friendships I’ve forged in the last couple years here.

    I’ve enjoyed photography forums for years and I’m thrilled that the RR now has this format for discussions.

    Kaitlyn Luce

    Hey, friends.

    I’m Kaitlyn. I had been lurking around the edges of the Rabbit Room for a while, until about two years ago, when I spent a summer in Nashville and got to meet a bunch of you lovely people. After graduating from college in December of 2014, I moved to Nashville three weeks later and found that my transition was made much easier knowing I had a small community of friends in real life from the RR online community. And then suddenly, toward the end of last summer, I found myself recently without a job, and sat down with Pete to talk about being his assistant. About nine months later (I think?), I spend my time sending newsletters fulfilling Rabbit Room store packages, and more! It’s my favorite job I’ve ever had.

    I’ve never been to Hutchmoot, but I’ll be there this year. If I’m not, I’m sure hoards of people will come hunt me down and drag me there. I’m happy to see all of your faces! Enjoy the forums.

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