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  • Laure Hittle

    @adamruffo, i’m glad you’re here. And glad to hear that things might be stabilizing for you—i’m sure that makes an unspeakable difference. Hoping things keep improving. Be kind to yourself. ❤️ Thanks for hanging out with us. 🙂

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    Hey! I’m new here and thought I’d introduce myself. My name is Matthew & I’m an illustrator/designer living in Kentucky. I just recently learned about TRR and it seemed like something I’d like 🙂 I’m looking forward to acquainting myself with the site and the community.


    Be well.


    Sara Masarik

    Hello all, I am Sara! Unlike most of you who came to the Rabbit Room through Andrew Peterson or other RR music, I discovered the Rabbit Room through S.D. Smith and Slugs and Bugs. Pretty obvious that I am a young mom, huh? I run a sizable Facebook book group (Potato Peel Pie Book Community) and everyone kept talking about the #RabbitsWithSwords books and making comments like: “anything they recommend over at the Rabbit Room is good stuff.” I started nosing around and absolutely fell in love with the authors, the music, and the community that the Rabbit Room is offering to the world.

    I am in the middle of Fiddler’s Green right now and wish that I had discovered Pete’s books sooner – they have fed me in a way that I haven’t been fed in a long while. It kills me that I live in the Upper Midwest (North East Wisconsin) and a Hutchmoot is nowhere on my radar for the next few years. I would really love to meet you all.

    My RR store account status is at “Hutchmate” which means, I think, that I have a pretty extensive RR library in living room and that I have made it my favorite place to shop for gift giving.

    I am a homeschool mom of three littles aged ten and under. As cliche as it sounds, I am married to my very best friend. I run a busy but life-giving Facebook book club. GK Chesterton is my hero. And, I review books at Plumfield and Paideia as a hobby.

    Cheers & God’s Blessings,

    Hi everybody, I’m Adam, I’m British, I’m a Jazz musician, after sixteen years living in Oxford my wife, three kids and I now live on the North Eastern Coast. You can see some of my work by searhing AC3 Studio Sessions on YouTube. Looking forward to connecting with folk here.

    @adamc, your keyboard playing is wonderful! I’m enjoying “Wild Joy” right now. Reminds me (not in a derivative way, just a pleasant-and-upbeat one) of a couple of my favorite tunes from The Reign of Kindo. Welcome to the boards (if that counts for much from a new baby Rabbit who hasn’t even posted her own intro yet).

    R.J. Anderson

    Greetings, all —

    I feel a bit strange and shy signing up for this forum, as I don’t seem to know a single person here*. Nor can I claim to be familiar with much of the work done by its founding members.**

    Nevertheless, for a long time now I’ve been yearning for a community of fellow creatives who share my desire to follow Christ and glorify Him by making spiritually faithful art that doesn’t sacrifice artistic quality, good storytelling, and a truthful view of reality along the way. So here I am hoping to get to know some of you, offer you whatever help and encouragement I can, and hopefully be refreshed and inspired in return.

    I am a Canadian author of nine published books for older children and teens, including my UK-bestselling debut novel Knife and four sequels about small faeries fighting to survive in a hostile modern world; my Nebula-nominated paranormal thriller Ultraviolet and its companion Quicksilver, and most recently a duology of Dorothy L. Sayers-inspired magical mysteries, A Pocket Full of Murder and A Little Taste of Poison. I’ve worked with editors from HarperCollins, Hachette, Lerner/Carolrhoda and Simon & Schuster, as well as Enclave Publishing (who did a beautiful job with the US paperbacks of Knife, Rebel and Arrow).

    Over the ten years since I was first published I’ve spoken at several writing conferences and taught workshops on various aspects of the writers’ craft; I’ve done a lot of school visits by Skype and in person to encourage budding young writers and answer their questions about what it takes to get published; and I’ve written guest blogs at Speculative Faith about storytelling with faith and free will, whether Christian fiction should evangelize, and the reasons I chose to write for the general market, as well as a piece for another blog about spiritual themes in the fantasy novels of Megan Whalen Turner.

    I was raised on Lewis, Tolkien and George MacDonald; I had terrible childhood nightmares about the monsters on Doctor Who***; I’ve written novel-length Harry Potter fan fiction (and other fics besides); I spent most of my early twenties obsessed with Sherlock Holmes in general and Laurie R. King’s Mary Russell spinoffs in particular; and I’m currently on my mumbletysomethingth re-read of the aforementioned Megan Whalen Turner books (just started A Conspiracy of Kings last night). You probably don’t want to ask me my feelings about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, because I’ve seen it seven times and at this point they mostly consist of SAVE BEN SOLO written in fifty-foot-high letters of fire.

    My favorite album of all time is Talk Talk’s “Spirit of Eden”, which reduced me to worshipful tears the first time I listened to it; more recently I’ve been enjoying Josh Garrels, Andrew Bird (*waves to @joshua-duncan*) and Árstíðir****, among others. In the car, I listen to Alt Nation and SiriusXMU a lot.

    I’m also the daughter of a full-time Bible teacher in the open (Plymouth) brethren assemblies, a church pianist and occasional a cappella singer, and a wife and mother of three boys.

    * * *

    And that should be plenty to be going on with. If you’re looking for book recommendations, or if I can answer any questions or concerns you may have about writing fiction in the general market (particularly for MG and YA), I’d be glad to try and help!

    By His grace,

    (R.J. Anderson)

    *  Though I do recognize @lisa from the Speculative Faith and/or deCOMPOSE blog comments. Hi, @lisa!

    ** Or at least not yet, although I hope to remedy that soon.

    *** But refused to stop watching it regardless, as any Proper Fan would do.

    **** For whom I have fellow believer and YA fantasy author Rosamund Hodge to thank, and apparently also Iceland.

    Hi @rjanderson, good to “meet” you. Thanks for your kind words and welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed Wild Joy.  I have seen your books in the stores and libraries here in the uk, and now feel inspired to read them. I’m currently re-reading Gene Wolf’s Book of the New Sun and enjoying it more second time round.

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    Josh Duncan

    @rjanderson, it’s always a pleasure to encounter someone who enjoys Andrew Bird. The guy’s a genius.

    I hope the Rabbit Room is an encouraging place for you. There are a number of good folks around here.

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    Friends. You guys are my people.

    I’m Shannon, and I confess I’ve read all ten pages of this thread over the last day or so, wanting to introduce myself and feeling completely over-the-top impressed by the cleverness and warmth here…and then I registered, and came to say hello, and wouldn’t you know, the site kept logging me out – which isn’t a real surprise because I’m technically inept – but then I found the thread that fixed it. Refresh. Boom, tada.

    That was a ridiculous introduction.

    I’m a lifelong Alaskan. Been married almost 20 years to Vince, the kindest scoundrel on earth, and am the mom of seven kiddos, two of whom were adopted and three of whom have special needs. We homeschool, read, cook, and trip over cats and small children. I’m a writer who started with a blog and recently re-released a new edition of my first book (insert hallelujah chorus). Our family is in a wild transition; we aren’t sure exactly where we’re going, but God has us dreaming deep and wide with Him in radical ways about cultural redemption, nurturing His people, and, well, global domination.

    I don’t remember if I found The Rabbit Room or Story Warren first, but there was an article years ago by Rebecca Reynolds that knocked my socks off, and I think that’s what made me start lurking. Then we recently started reading The Wingfeather Saga aloud (ahhh!), puttered more around the nooks and crannies here, and we’re hooked. I hope you’ll keep us.

    @shannon, welcome, and thanks for introducing yourself. Great to hear what you and other people are dreaming and doing.

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    Laure Hittle

    Yay for new rabbits!

    @shannon, we’re keeping you. <3

    @rjanderson, i have a couple of your books in our church library collection! Knife and Rebel. 🙂 You’re funny. i’ll keep you too.

    @adamc, hi! i’ve got next to zero experience with jazz but i loved La La Land. 🙂 i’ve got “Rootless” playing right now. Very cool.

    Also, SQUEE! Everyone, please accept my wholehearted endorsement of @homeschoolsara! Sara, i’m so glad you’re here! <3

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    Hi @rjanderson! It’s great to see you here! And even better to find you you are a fellow Canuck! We are going to have to do some “off-board” chatting…I’ll send you a friend request!

    Hey everyone! I am probably one of the youngest and least experienced people here…meaning I have a lot of super cool people to learn from (though I also am slightly lost and starstruck by all of you). My name is Maggie, and I’m a rising sophomore at Wheaton College, IL. I saw Andrew Peterson perform in chapel there last year, but didn’t know anything about him until I started poking around on the internet just this week to find a writing community and market my newly-self-published book of poetry (which you can find here, by the way)–and lo and behold, he writes fantasy, and invented this amazing website called the Rabbit Room where a bunch of Christian writers and artists who actually know what they’re doing reside. I would love to get to know some (or all?) of you and soak up your expertise. If you want to get to know me a little more, my blog is where I’ve started putting my theological/philosophical/artistic musings. I’m so excited to get involved in this 🙂

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    Laure Hittle

    @maggie! Welcome! i’m so glad you’re here. 🙂 Isn’t this place wonderful? No need to be starstruck. And if you ever feel lost, come find me; i would love to help you navigate our little internet warren. 🙂

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    Amber Nobles

    It all started with a library…
    Since I work at a public library, I’m around books all day. I love books! I’m usually reading something from middle-grade fiction or non-fiction about music and art. Anyway, I love it when I come across gems like…drumroll please…The Wingfeather Saga! Yes, that’s what brought me here. And since I love art, music, and literature, he had me at T.H.A.G.S.

    Let’s see, I’m about to finish my associates in art from GSU Perimeter College. I had a poem and two art works published in the literary magazine, which was super encouraging. I also sing and mess around with guitar.

    @maggie We might just be in the same boat. I don’t know what’ll come after graduation, but I hear there’s a God who’s big enough to handle the future. Nice to meet y’all and glad to be here!


    @shannon      I have learned that Rebecca Reynolds just has a tendency to do that.  She’s a constant reminder that there is still goodness in this world.  This community assists in that as well! Its my Church family away from Church. So, welcome 🙂

    @maggie    Welcome to our little corner of the woods. I have never been part of such a group of talented and gifted artists, poets and authors who exude humility and grace. This is the place to be, don’t be afraid to share and to reach out.

    @amberlikesart   Great to have you here as well! I was actually an AP fan way before Wingfeather Saga came out, and I was actually a little late to the rodeo in regards to that. I didn’t finish it until last year but am grateful I did. It just took me a while!   Great to see you delve into musical aspects as well. If you’re interested we have a songwriting corner as well if you ever want to share some pieces and get some critique, feedback and encouragement.  Great to have you here!

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    Josh Duncan

    @maggie, I don’t know if you’ve found your way to the poetry forum yet, but it would be cool to have you there. I read some selections from your book and I very much liked what I read.

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    @joshua-duncan Thank you so much for reading my work! It means so much, really. Where can I find the poetry forum?

    Josh Duncan

    @maggie I forgot that it’s tricky to find. The first thing to do is to message @jroseyokel and ask her to add you to the poetry forum.

    After she does so, if you are on the main forum page, you’ll see a “link tree” that looks like this:

    Forums -> Welcome to the Forums -> The Rabbit Room Forum

    It’s in small text under the heading. Click on the word “Forums” and you’ll find a list of other forums. Scroll down and you’ll find the Poetry Forum. I don’t know why it’s set up that way, and there may be a much easier way to find it that I’ve been too dumb to figure out.

    If these instructions aren’t clear (a real possibility), maybe @mrs-hittle can help?

    Hey @maggie! I just checked to see if I could send you an invite, but looks like you’re already in Poet’s Corner 🙂 You’ll find it listed at the bottom of the main forum page. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!

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