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  • Hi guys. I’m Caleb. I was introduced to this site by my Rhetoric teacher and love it. I have enjoyed it so much and it has been such a blessing. I grew up in Latin America and moved to the U.S. about three years ago. I have enjoyed it so far, but still miss Latin America every now and then, so don’t mind me if I bring it up. I am 16 and am in the middle of writing a book. I love reading books by C.S. Lewis, Andrew Peterson, (hence the reason I’m here) John Piper, and Tolkien. Also pretty much every book I’ve read from the public library.

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    Hello all! I’m Abigail, and I was introduced to The Rabbit Room after discovering it through listening to Andrew Peterson’s music. I fell in love with the concept and idea of it and went to Hutchmoot last year. I am a pianist/composer who likes to dabble in art, cooking, and gardening as well. Currently I’m working on several pieces for solo piano and choir, but have a long-time dream of writing a piece for symphony-orchestra. I love animals as well and have a 4-month old puppy and two hedgehogs. I’m from Wyoming, and I have to say that there is nothing like this community that I have found anywhere in my state. I would love to meet and get to know any other Rabbits who might live in or around the NorthWest part of Wyoming. I look forward to getting to know some of you guys!

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    Greetings & salutations! I’m Karley. You may have seen me wagging my chin on the Facebook Rabbit Room Chinwag. My journey here was a long, meandering one. It began with Clear to Venus, had a stop at The Wingfeather Saga along the way, & culminated last year when I finally became fed up with the mental & spiritual noise of my lifestyle of constant empty entertainment, & picked up my mountain dulcimer to begin playing again.

    This community & the artists gathered here have lifted my soul & shone the Light into it in ways that few other avenues have. I’ve longed to be part of something like the Inklings, even if I’m not a very good creative myself (yet), & I can see that TRR is its successor in many, many ways. Simply being in the Facebook group has felt something like finally coming home after wandering lost & lonely. So now I’m diving even farther in & joining the forums.

    When not practicing my dulcimer or working, I like playing obscure games, reading real books, good coffee & tea, & witty reparte filled with laughter.


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    Welcome to all our new friends!

    @cgdean25, southeast Denver is not too far from us! We’re in Fort Collins, but attend seminary in Littleton. Have you gotten connected with the Anselm Society folks yet? They’re based in Colorado Springs but have people all over the front range.

    @krose, what kind of obscure games? Come play with us in the Boardgame Geek thread. 😀

    @mrs-hittle, just about any games that catch my fancy. Card games, video games, board games–I tend to like more story-driven games in general, but I’ll try anything. Not a fan of complex strategy games, only because they tend to go waaay over my head. I’ll play them, though–just not well. I’m way ahead of you & posted in the Boardgame Geek thread already! 🙂

    Hullo – I’ve been lurking since AP had only his own blog on his website, and very much wish to attend Hutchmoot someday. I’m from Louisiana and have worked as a nanny for the past five years.

    I do graphite and ink drawings, paint in watercolor and acrylic, and write poetry. I’ve forgotten most of six years of piano, but can still hum mostly on key. Books! Books are wonderful. The Inklings are amazing. I daydream about owning a house with a dedicated library, comfy chairs, a window seat, and interesting books spilling into every room. I also really enjoy Hayao Miyazaki’s films, the Marvel universe (I haven’t gotten into the comics proper yet, just the movies) and learning how to play with food in the kitchen.
    There’s so much giftedness pooled in this little corner of the internet, and such lovely people – I’m glad there’s a forum to nest it all!
    Under the mercy

    P.S. If you saw the scary coded underpinnings I didn’t realize I’d posted by mistake, I apologize. Hopefully this edit will fix the issue

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    Alex Garcia

    Hello! My name is Alex and I’m located in the lovely Milwaukee area. I’m back in school right now for my Bachelors of Illustration degree (which is such an amazing blessing to be able to do, thank you Lord!). But when I’m not doing homework, I’m drawing comics and writing fiction (and watching too many Youtube videos).

    I found the website through a podcast that Andrew Peterson was on and was so happy to know that there is a community of believers who think the same way that I do! The “inbetweens” Andrew talked about where Christians want to create work for the glory of God but may not fit perfectly in the Christian or secular markets. I hope to do the same once I graduate next year. In the meantime though I’m gathering as much information as possible and pushing my skills. I am in a career class right now too, so it would be awesome to hear about any professional’s journeys of their own!

    I would love to get to know you, even though I’m in the distant land of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    Have a great day!

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    Hi! My name is Emily and I’m on a journey to continue growing in my faith and growing in my art. A surprisingly tricky place to be as a Christian, especially as someone who’s trying to go more outside the box in their field. I’m guessing there aren’t many, if any, photographers here but as I’m a type of storyteller also, I’m looking forward to finding kindred spirits.

    I started my creative journey as a musician when I was 8 years old, completed my BA in music composition, married a godly man (who’s a worship pastor and also currently finishing his DMA in guitar).  I realized my creative giftings lie much more in visual composition and working with people. I now have three crazy, wonderful little boys that I homeschool so it’s definitely a tricky keeping up with them and my art. I’ve struggled a lot with telling people I’m a photographer because I know exactly what they think when I say that, and it’s not someone who is striving for excellence as an artist and opening their eyes to tell the truth. 😉

    I photograph primarily with film cameras, because I like that it is so much more physical and allows you to be in the moment instead of constantly looking at a screen and breaking the connection with the world around you. I’m so SO grateful to have had some amazing, truly unique artists mentor me and help me as I keep putting one foot in front of the other with my work.

    As I’m sure you all know, trying to create art can be a lonely place. But I’m looking forward to meeting you all in this space and maybe at the conference. Hopefully I’ll be able to encourage some of you too. Being an artist is amazing but no one ever said it would be easy. 😉

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    Eeek! I’m hopping with excitement here (pun intended)!

    I’m living in the UK, working on a fantasy manuscript while also trying to raise three children and be a good wife … sometimes the writing has to take a back seat, but I’m so excited to find this forum and The Rabbit Room 🙂 I have felt so alone as a creative type through the years – wanting to make real C. S. Lewis’ philosophy of writing truth in story, but finding no one to bounce off …

    My husband and I just watched La La Land (we’re not exactly keeping up with the world at the moment) and the song ‘Here’s to the Dreamers’ really tugged at my heart. And then at the end of it, my husband turned and said, “that’s you”. I’m taking it as a compliment, but I think these are the words he meant:

    ‘She told me: 

    a bit of madness is key

    to give us new colours to see.

    Who knows where it will lead us

    and that’s why they need us.”

    So bring on the rebels,

    the ripples from pebbles,

    the painters, and poets and plays.

    And here’s to the fools who dream,

    crazy as they may seem.

    Here’s to the hearts that break,

    Here’s to the mess we make.

    Anyway, if you are in the UK, or into fantasy, I’d particularly love to meet you. I have a manuscript almost complete that I’d love to talk over in the hopes of improving it 🙂 Hopefully it’s not a mess!

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    Love that bit from La La Land, @prisca! You are in good company here. I am not in the UK, but am a wife & mother & fantasy is dear to me ~ I’d be interested to hear more about your manuscript.

    Hi, @prisca! I’m not in the UK but I know a fair bit about publishing there, as it’s the place where my own fantasy books have met with the most success. Feel free to message me with more details on your manuscript — do you have a query letter / elevator pitch you can share, or is it still in the nebulous not-sure-where-this-is-going stage of drafting?

    Rachel Donahue

    Hi, @emanderson! I’m a photographer, too, and there are others of us around. I’m fascinated that you enjoy shooting film! I started with film when I was 16 and switched to a DSLR when I finished college. It was mostly a hobby until a friend pulled me into shooting for istock. 🙂 Now that I’m a stay-at-home mom of three boys and a baby girl, most of my shoots are plant photography for my husband’s family’s greenhouse business. But I *love* it.

    Do you have a website for your photography? I enjoy looking at photos almost as much as shooting my own. 🙂

    "I really wasn't a reader, until I started reading." -Mick Donahue

    @racheldonahue, plant photography sounds so peaceful and fun! Do you have a website or instagram?

    I do have a website, 🙂 It’s a mixture of professional and personal work, especially on my blog.

    Chris Wright

    Hello everyone!

    I actually found this place through the YouTube comment section of Andrew Peterson’s “He is Worthy,” which autoplayed on Good Friday after whatever other video I was watching.

    The song caught my attention, and I scrolled through the comments and saw someone mention the conspicuous lack of diversity in the video.

    “Here we go,” I thought as I masochistically clicked to see all the political replies . . .

    . . . only they weren’t political at all. The first comment quoted what Andrew Peterson had written on this site, and the rest of the discussion was very civil.

    So I decided that if Andrew Peterson’s community can make even a YouTube comments section inspirational, I’d like to see more of it for myself. So here I am!

    I’m an engineer by trade, but for fun I build (very well themed) model rollercoasters and I’ve been writing a novel and getting involved with local writer’s groups.

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    @newcreature, i’m so glad you’re here. Thank you for your honesty. That’s trust we haven’t earned yet and i don’t take it lightly. i hope you find this to be the safe place it has proven to be for me.

    Something about your post makes me think that maybe Jay Myers would be a good artist for you.

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    @coasterwriter, i love that you found us through that comment thread! Tell us more about your coasters! What’s your novel about?

    @prisca, welcome! Did you see this post by Jennifer Trafton about La La Land? And i’m with @rdregge; i want to hear more about your manuscript. 🙂

    Chris Wright

    @mrs-hittle, Thanks! My rollercoasters are hard to describe, but this YouTube video is a good example. And my novel’s called The Stolen Son Lullaby. It’s Country Western superhero story about a boy who fights to stay with the adoptive family he loves . . . despite the shady circumstances surrounding his adoption. His actions lead him to become a hero in a neighboring country and a villain in his own.

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    (NOTE: I went to edit a couple words in this, and when I “resubmitted” it, the whole thing disappeared. I checked the forum on another browser, so I don’t think it’s just me. However, if it is, and this is appearing as a duplicate post, you’ll know why.)

    A friend of mine mentioned “The Rabbit Room” when I asked him for prayer concerning a specific request — that is, namely: for family in Christ to work with in building our Lord’s Kingdom.

    To explain a bit: my life’s work (i.e. ministry) will largely consist of story-crafting in various mediums. But I don’t want to do this alone. Like I said: I want to do this with family. The thing is, I’ve no idea where to start looking. Hence the request, and thus his suggestion of The Rabbit Room. I don’t know if I’ll find anyone here, but I’ll at least post, and see what Papa’s Spirit does.

    Right now, I’m especially looking for an illustrator who I can co-author a manga (yes, a manga) with.

    Oh. And as a side note: it is actually viscerally painful for me to be here. I’m not entirely certain as to why, (though I know to some degree), but being here evokes a screaming inside of me (my soul?). It makes me want to scream and slam my fists into the wall over and over again, just to release some of this pressure-like-steam.

    Even as I write this, I’m breathing deeply to help ease (help release) some of the pain.

    Don’t fear for me. Jesus has been healing me over the past two years, especially in the past 9 months (what’s giving birth, eh?). I refuse to hurt myself (or anyone else for that matter), either physically or verbally/emotionally. And to back this up, not only do I have an abnormally extreme self-control from the amount of suffering I’ve endured over my life (which I’m sure is part of the screaming; I’ve been crucified by people like you before, in places like these), but the all-powerful God of the universe is the one who lives inside of me (Gal. 2:20) — therefore, it doesn’t matter what I suffer or face; victory in obedience to Christ in inevitable.

    I hope none of you see this as me being arrogant. This is the introduction thread, is it not? And so I’m letting you know who I am, and sharing a bit of the testimony of what God (not I) has done.

    … though, to be honest, part of me is cynical, and expects to be falsely judged and silenced once again. I can’t help but wonder if this post is going to be hidden by some admin, if because of what I share here, people are going to freak and (in thinking themselves wise) banning me/keeping me from being able to post. And that … hurts. But … God’s will be done.


    The other reason for this screaming inside of me gets back to the beginning of this post: you have the image of what I’m longing for. I’m tired of reading, listening, consuming, consuming, consuming — I’m stuffed full! Like Elihu, my belly burns with words, like a wineskin with no vent. I have been given so much “food” to eat over the years, and it’s come time for me to give to others what Christ has given to me! … but that requires going at God’s pace. And he is usually so much slower than we’d like him to be, isn’t he? But as it’s written, “An inheritance gained hastily in the beginning will not be blessed in the end.” (Prov. 20:21) And so I will go at his pace. Papa’s will be done.

    This post has gotten … longer (than I initially intended it to be, that is). I wonder how you’ve reacted to what you’ve read. It makes me quite curious: the perspectives others have on me. I’m used to being told that I’m very … well … I’ve never met anyone like me. And the only other person I’ve met whose zeal matches (and possibly exceeds?) my own has further confirmed that I am odd.

    I am a monster.

    I know that.

    And that’s not entirely a derogatory statement (if only you could see my smile, as I write that~). After all: in the same way that I use the word “monster”, it is also true to say that God himself is a monster. A dragon. THE Dragon. Majestic, that Terrible Beauty …

    … but I digress.

    Have I said too much? It’s hard, not to be bitterly cynical in the expectation of judgement, forced silence, and/or piteous rebuke from those who can’t help but be absolutely certain that I am wrong, that I am too young and need to learn to stop talking, as if I can’t possibly actually know what I’m talking about …

    I’ve been isolated for too long. But God himself is finally breaking me out of my shell.

    Needless to say, I am a broken and shattered man. Healing. Learning that I was right all along: that it’s not wisdom to hide one’s brokenness; and that they deserve hell for shutting me down. Thankfully, Jesus took the wrath we deserved. And so it is just to forgive.

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