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    @mrs-hittle, thank you for your kind words. I’m not convinced that trust is ever supposed to be “earned”, though. Given my nature, and 1 Cor. 13, I’m inclined to believe that trust is supposed to be a gift, something unearnable, a fruit of love …

    There’s more I could say about that, but suffice it (for now) to be known: I already choose to trust y’all. :] It’s why I posted all that in the first place.

    More so, though — I can trust y’all, because I’m finally able to trust God. Regardless the response, he’s got me. I’m safe, no matter what. And so I can open myself to anyone (if that is what he wants me to do).

    So. Who is Jay?

    I am Greg and live in Texas.  By day I am an IT “professional”.  The job pays the bills but being a husband and father fuels me daily.  I am growing into the challenge that is speaking truth and life to my wife and kids daily.  Those are the areas that I write on the most when time allows.  I am working outside the office on how to make sure that my perspectives and life are reflecting Christ.

    I am striving to set the bar high for my son and daughters and owning the many mistakes I make.  In this moment, my writing centers around bringing Christ into the hard conversations of the world today, writing children’s stories for (and with) my kids, and exploring how maturity in our faith carries us through stages of life.  It is a wild ride and glorious at the same time.

    I hope and look forward to sharing more with the group in time.


    So I’m new here (obviously) but what drove me here was a need to begin to build a solid base of fellow fiction writing friends. I’ve been especially discouraged lately. Lots of rejection and confusion. I’ve looked around quite a bit online, but without a lot of help. What if really like to have is a few good fellow Christian writing buddies to just mentor and encourage me. I’m an indie writer currently so I’d love if I could have a friend whose gone there and done that, but whatever. Think about it and message me if you’d like to lend your wisdom to me and be a friend. I really could use a few these days

    Rachel Donahue

    @racheldonahue, plant photography sounds so peaceful and fun! Do you have a website or instagram? I do have a website, It’s a mixture of professional and personal work, especially on my blog.

    @emanderson, I’ve been absent from the forums for a while and saw your message when I logged in today. Forgive my delayed response! I’ve enjoyed perusing your blog and instagram. Your photos are lovely! You have a very colorful, relaxed style that looks like it’s fun to shoot. 🙂

    We do have a website ( where I’ve posted a few portrait sessions and a wedding. My instagram is rachelsdonahue, and you can also find me at (although I find some of those to be hilarious now). I’ve let my istock portfolio sit idle for a while, but I’m hoping to infuse some of my plant portraits into it over the summer. I absolutely LOVE shooting plants. In addition to being my side job, it has become a kind of focal practice that feeds my soul. I mean, what photographer mom doesn’t love to escape from her kids for a few hours with her camera? 😉

    I look forward to seeing more of you around here, Emily!

    "I really wasn't a reader, until I started reading." -Mick Donahue

Viewing 4 posts - 241 through 244 (of 244 total)

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