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  • John Barber

    John Barber here. Send me lots of friend requests. I’m here because my wife Janna is amazing and stupidly talented. Also, I run the merch table at HM, so if you’ve been, I’ve probably met you!

    Wow, this brings back memories of the ’90s Dinotopia Message Board I used to frequent.

    I love all forms of Story, but especially Tolkien and the written word. My husband and daughter and I live in an old farmhouse and have one cat, two dogs, and a variable number of chickens. So far I’ve lived on both US coasts & in England (at L’Abri), but my heart has always belonged to the midwest. I devote my days to making home, learning with my daughter, and creating with my husband.

    Please feel free to ask me anything you like! 🙂

    Kelly Keller

    Hey everyone, I made it.

    I’m Kelly. I live in Charlotte, where I homeschool the five kids who’ve been entrusted to me and my husband, David. We’re blessed to be in a city where a lot of other rabbits live, too. I occasionally write things for Story Warren, a website that’s a close cousin of the RR.

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    Stephen Hesselman

    Hey guys! I’m Stephen Hesselman. I really love this group of folks. You all provide a lot of inspiration and encouragement in my life – grateful to be able to interact with you here (and thank you Pete for setting up such a great interface/forum… love it!).

    I’m married to Wendy Lane, have 3 kids (2 girls, and one boy), and I’m a technical writer by trade, but I think I’d rather be illustrating professionally (which I do, but only occasionally). I spend a lot of time working on art – mostly my first graphic novel that I hope to finish by next year. I really like songwriting and recording as well, and have got to do some of that, though my focus is more on the drawing these days. I love reading – I can’t keep up with everything, but you know, Tolkein, Lewis, MacDonald, Chesterton, the Petersons, Lloyd Alexander, Ursula LeGuin, Helena Sorensen, A.A. Milne, Kate DiCamillo, Kenneth Grahame, Mark Twain, Louis L’amour, Max Brand, Zane Grey, Robert Jordan… I dunno. And trying to broaden my horizons and get to all the stuff by all the authors… there just isn’t enough time, right?

    Anyway, oh, and I love listening to music as well, and have a ton I could list, but I’d better leave it at Michael W. Smith for now.

    Chris Yokel

    Hi, I’m Chris. I was an AP fan before The Rabbit Room, so I’ve been around here since the beginning. I’m very grateful for this community, particularly because that’s how I met my wife @jroseyokel 🙂 Somehow @pete and @andrew thought it would be a good idea to ask us to become contributors, so you’ll see us writing posts for the site and speaking at Hutchmoot.

    In non-Rabbit Room putterings, I teach writing and literature to college students, write poetry, prowl used bookstores, and drink a lot of chai, all while hanging out in Southeastern New England.

    Josh Duncan

    Hello, I’m Josh. I can’t remember how I first found about this place…through one friend or another, I reckon. It’s been fairly wonderful since then though, so much thanks to @andrew and @pete.

    Family stats: I’m married and have five kids–4 boys, 1 girl. Don’t worry, she does just fine! My wife homeschooled the lot of them, which is pretty dang impressive to me.

    I’m pleased to be a West Virginian, and I work as a Pastor and a hospital chaplain.

    Here are some things I like/appreciate:

    Music: Andrew Bird, Elliott Smith, Orthodox Chant (especially Russian), Arvo Pärt, the stuff I grew up listening to in the 80s and 90s, and of course Andrew Peterson. I’m just starting to listen to Waterdeep because I apparently also like being very late to the party.

    Writing: The Holy Scriptures, of course, but Miss O’Connor is my favorite fiction writer. Big N.D. Wilson fan, love @andrew‘s fiction, and also S.D. Smith. I’ve enjoyed Michael Chabon in the past.

    I mostly read non-fiction these days, centering around the lives of saints and monastic spirituality. Some theology as well.

    I love Studio Ghibli when it come to movies. Pixar comes in a distant second. I appreciate any well written animated movie, I think. Not much of a TV guy.

    Ok. I’ll stop now. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to the interaction.


    Wendy Kautz

    Hello, fellow Alabamian! @sjohnson

    Rebecca Reynolds

    Testing one, two, three. I am a teacher, mom of three kids, and wife to one fine man. Love the Rabbit Room. Looking forward to connecting with you all.



    Hello, I’m Jen! Sometime around 2009, I found my way to The Rabbit Room, and I’ve been hanging around ever since. As Chris said, we met here, so I’m especially thankful for that!

    I’m originally from Florida (Orlandoish), currently living in Southern MA. If you’re wondering, I have seen alligators in the wild, and my first New England winter didn’t kill me. 😉

    Professionally, I create social media and audio content for a couple of radio stations in the area. Creatively, I love writing (poetry/non-fiction), cooking, and doing audio tech nerd things to make @chrisyokel‘s music sound pretty. 🙂

    Friendly introvert. Big fan of used bookstores, delicious coffee, and the ocean. Recently rediscovered the fun of video games, although I’m not even close to earning gamer cred. And…. yep, that’ll do for now.

    huzzah for the new forums!

    AE Graham

    Hi. I’m AE. Or Ashley Elizabeth. Only @pete gets away with calling me Ashley because, well, he’s Pete.

    By day I’m a fighter, champion, and reformer of public education in Tennessee (the fastest improving state in the nation in education, by the way). By night I’m a political speechwriter, recovering news junkie, yogi, and lover of kale. Maybe not quite at “lover of kale” yet, but I’m convinced if you eat it enough times you’ll eventually have to start to love it, right?

    Words are my gig, though I’m terrible at spelling them correctly, and my calling is to bring less noisy words back into our national conversations. This might not be the year for me. As the resident Catholic rabbit, I’m pretty much guaranteed to cry when talking about Jubilee Doors and the Year of Mercy.

    Contact is my favorite book. Whatever my brother’s making is my favorite food. And you guys are my people.


    Hey @wendykautz!  Your city has an amazing kid’s science center!  🙂

    @carrieg I’d love to hang out sometime! I think we must have talked at the ArtsCharlotte conference. Or not. Maybe? Anyway, yes, since we are so close it does make sense. Ken used to be my pastor once upon a time too! At Manchester Creek Community Church in Rock Hill. In Sunday school he took us through this Australian evangelism course that I’ve never forgotten and was excited to have the opportunity to use recently on a bus to Maine.

    Matt Conner

    Hey, my name is Matt Conner. I work out like crazy. I also think the new Rabbit Room is the bomb.

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    Hi, I’m Jud. I like writing software, Nashville in October, and San Diego the rest of the year.

    Hi — I’m Sally.

    I have 8 children ranging in age from 12 to 31, and one grandchild.

    I, never, know, how, to, use, commas, correctly, and, often, use, too, many. Grammar nazis, beware. I also double space after periods. Sometimes. I’m trying to break that habit.

    Mostly I’m a mom, although I’m also now the primary caregiver for my father. My mother had dementia, and one would think that would prepare me for dealing with another parent with dementia but it did not.

    My husband and I own a home in a little town in upstate New York that has a forklift factory — not to be confused with a fork factory found in certain books. I see my home about once every other week because my father lives in Cooperstown, NY, the most idyllic town in the whole world, and I’m staying with him. We homeschool, so my two youngest daughters are with me wherever I go.

    This is probably way too much information, but oh well.


    I’m Shauna Raymer. Peterson is my maiden name. I’m the youngest sister of the Peterson gang. I log on when I can, but with a stepdaughter, toddler, and baby coming in September, life is uber crazy and I don’t get as much time to spend here or with my nose in a book like I used to.

    I love getting to know all of you wonderful people. My life is better because of you.

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    Fun fact: Thanks to my “awesome” hotel-booking skills, @richtuttle and I shared a bed the very same night that we met at Hutchmoot 2015. Fortunately, it was king-sized, neither of us rolls around much, and Rich is an extremely gracious person.

    Africa Schaumann


    If you don’t already know me, as my username suggests, I am Africa, the person. The continent is just a figment of your imagination. #fact

    I’ve been reading the Rabbit Room since I was 12. Don’t do the math. I’m a young’un.

    I have what could be called an obsession (or a dedicated hobby) with collecting copies of Fahrenheit 451. I have 16 copies, one of them is a first edition, and another is in German (a language that I can’t read, but that’s not the point).

    I’m from Southeast Michigan, but I go to school (college) in Belmont, NC. I’ve technically been a senior (credits-wise) for the past year, and rather than switching majors for, oh, the 4th time, I’ve decided to double major in History and Physics. Because why not? The “plan” for now is to become a professor. I’m currently spending my summer in West Michigan, working at the local library, and brushing up on the Theory of Relativity…and basic calculus….and chemistry.

    One time, when I was 10, I tried to jump over a tennis net at summer camp, but my  big toe got caught on the net and I fell on my face.

    That’s about all you need to know.

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    Hey guys! I’m Joshua, a poor college student from the shining city of Roanoke, VA, with few mentionable accomplishments whatsoever. However, I am a proud uncle and lover of all that is mysterious, profound, and/or ironic.

    The wonderful creations that have flowed from the people in this community (especially those from @andrew, of course!) have been used greatly in my walk with the Lord over the years, so thank you all!

    Before, I start rambling, let me just end with this: I am super honored to be here!

    Dawn Morrow

    I’m Dawn. I live in Chicago, a city I’ve fallen in love with and I work for the government. I’m a writer – poetry, primarily – and a lover of both story and most things Rabbit Room. However, I frequently feel like I’m not well-read enough to be here. I also share Sally’s love of misusing commas, but I’m trying to get over it.

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