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  • Hello all,

    I too have been a lurker. I was introduced to the site through the music of Andrew Peterson. I enjoyed the breadth of emotions in his songs…similar to the psalms. I first heard his songs during my third year while I was really digging into the word and soaking it up. Finding deep bible-rooted music was like a well in a dry place at the time.

    I live in Prince Edward island, Canada (home of Anne of green gables for those who don’t know where that is;)) and work as a drug development scientist by day. I am husband to a beautiful wife and father to a wonderful daughter. Glad to be here!

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    Welcome, @phgaudet! We’re so glad you’re here.

    Greetings, all! It’s good to be back here on the site. I have, for a long time, been taking in the good writing of our friends via Feedly and Twitter. It’s nice to be back and find some familiar names and faces lingering about. And now for a brief introduction…

    If you read my bio here or most anywhere online, you will find the following:

    I am an oak & a father of oaks. Gnarled. Rooted. Reaching. Faith. Family. Writing. Music. Code @typewxyz. Missionary @prayerleague.

    Just about sums up my life at the moment. I currently live in Minneapolis, MN with my wife and three children. We serve as stateside missionaries with World Mission Prayer League. I have recently begun taking on some freelance web work. I know WordPress well – both for development of websites and for publishing. I am happy to find these forums using the same familiar editor.

    I used to play guitar and write music. Much of that has been put on hold now that kids are around. I enjoy reading, writing, board games, most any sport – softball, ping-pong, ultimate, disc golf, spike ball, broom ball, etc. I’ve also done a good deal of international traveling throughout the years. That’s me, in brief. I’m sure you’ll learn more if we both stick around the forums here and make ourselves available.

    You can find me most anywhere online as @uamv. Many folks know me as Ua (short for Joshua), my middle name if Michael … last name Vandercar. Thus, UaMV. I blog online at Would be happy to connect with you in those spaces, as well.

    I look forward to jumping back into the forum scene. It’s been some time since I’ve invested in such an online community and I think it could do me some good in recent days.

    If you’re responding to something I’ve written, please directly reply to my post or mention (@uamv), as I will likely not subscribe to many topics and would prefer notifications on site rather than by email. Thanks!

    Time to peruse a few of these threads. Thanks for having me!

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    Glad you’re here, @uamv!


    Hello everyone!

    My name is Benjamin Kunz. I usually go by Ben but I’m strongly considering just introducing myself as Benjamin or Benji when I go places because people always think I’m saying “Dan”. So either I can’t say my own name right or my name just sounds like a lot of different names. I’ll go with the latter for the sake of my pride.

    Whatever the case, I’ve been a huge Andrew Peterson fan for years and have known about The Rabbit Room for forever but for some reason it never occurred to me to get involved. I went to an Eric Peters house show in metro Atlanta the other night and met a couple people who were involved in The Rabbit Room and it occurred to me that I could just join. I haven’t even really lurked because I’ve just not thought of associating myself with The Rabbit Room for whatever reason even though I’ve always loved all the things I’ve heard about it. And I’m also very ADD so it scared me to add another distraction. But oh well. Here I am.

    I’m a songwriter. I’m beginning to record my first full-length solo album. I don’t know as much about this community as I should, but I want to get myself involved with other artists who are spurring one another onto good works. And I’m also just down for any mundane discussion.

    Fun side note: My profile picture is one of those Top 50 lists and it’s composed of my favorite albums of all-time. 🙂

    Looking forward to this!

    Grace and blessings,


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    Greetings everyone. Amy here – pleased to make your acquaintance. I have been lurking around this place almost from its inception and have found the knowledge and depth of insight (not to mention inspired imagination) in this community to be unparalleled. Thank you, Rabbits, for speaking your gifts into the darkness. Although I would be hard pressed to trade D.C. for anywhere, I do often wish it was closer to Nashville.

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    Hello, hello!

    I’ve lurked for a while and am note quite sure why I haven’t registered before. However, here I am.

    I’m looking forward to getting to know you all. I currently live in Columbus, Ohio with my wife Jen. I’m originally from Beckley, W.Va. where I worked as a journalist. I’m now working in PR.

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    Hey, @banjoandbeard! Good to see someone else in Ohio!

    Hey y’all! My name’s Kaleb, and I am originally from Ohio, although I currently live in Denver for the most part, which is where I alternate being a college student during the academic year and working as a camp counselor in the summer. I’m a writer myself and found the Rabbit Room originally through Andrew’s music and then the Wingfeather books. I tend to hop to the site to splurge on the blogs and then forget about it, but as I’ve been procrastinating  reading more blogs lately, the one here has always amazed me with its beauty and insight. So, I’ll see if I can’t stick around now.

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    @kalebk Denver! We’re in Fort Collins. My husband and i both attend Denver Seminary. What are you studying? Yay for another Colorado rabbit and Wingfeather reader!


    Oh, awesome! I don’t get up that way too often, but I’ve driven through. And I’ve met quite a few Den Sem people. I’m at Colorado Christian University. Majoring in psychology with a double minor in English and Outdoor Leadership.

    That’s very true, yes!

    @kalebk Very cool! My college roommate is currently at CCU working toward an Elementary Ed degree. She’s student teaching this semester. i’m almost halfway through a Best Testament (OT) MA, and my husband Jonathan is nearing the end of his MDiv. Maybe we will run into each other at a concert or something!

    I’ve been hesitant about this, but here goes. Hi, all!

    I discovered the Rabbit Room while searching for Andrew Peterson’s tour dates one day. This community is something I’ve only ever dreamt even existed. And so here I have lurked for a few months. I live in the desert of Arizona, though I’d honestly rather not. I have a love for all kinds of art and dabble in various areas as best as my frustrating hands are able. I am so grateful to have found the Rabbit Room and all you wonderful souls that make it possible 🙂

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    That’s awesome! I know a bunch of the elementary ed majors. They seem to all really love the program, and from what I’ve heard, same goes for the programs at Denver Seminary too. Pretty cool to be almost finished? And yes, perhaps we will! Were you at the symposium at Park Church last year where Andrew spoke and performed at?



    Hello! I’m new here too, so it’s good to see you drop in! Hope you enjoy your stay!

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    Hi everyone. I am Jason (@dockanz). I’ve been a Midwestern boy my whole life. I grew up a few miles from Lake Michigan on the Wisconsin side. My roots are proudly blue collar, but I have spent much of my adult life getting educated. I met my dear wife Heather in the first year of my master’s degree and she stuck by my side through master’s, PhD., internship, and residency. Eventually, I took a job as a clinical neuropsychologist in northern Wisconsin, a job I gladly hold to this day. Since becoming licensed, I’ve done additional training in worldview, apologetics, counseling, and spiritual direction; meanwhile Heather shakes her head.

    So, I am a brain doctor by day and by night…well, it depends. I spend my time with my wife of nearly 20 years and 3 of my kiddos, Grace, Ian, and Tessa. For six years, we have also been trying to adopt two more children from Haiti. Success has been limited. We’ve recently instituted “create nights” at home. We each do something creative–painting, drawing, writing, coloring, playing music, or dancing, but we intentionally do it together. Those times are blessed.

    We are pretty involved with our church. We lead the high school group and I preach pretty often. This past Sunday, I gave the message and I talked about how God communicates with us through His word. At the end, I did something a little different. I shared a project I worked on last year where I re-wrote the entire book of James as if it were a letter directly from God.

    I came to know of the Rabbit Room while looking on Andrew Peterson’s site and I soon became a follower. Last summer, my daughter Grace and I took a course taught by Chris Yokel, “Writing from Your Roots,” which was a wonderful opportunity. I have blogged for several years and have written somewhere north of 1000 posts. Several of the posts from last year were pieces I wrote for Chris’s class.

    I look forward to “meeting you.”

    I’m grateful to the be the first 2017 post on this thread.

    Love Up
    Love Down
    Love In
    Love Out

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    MacKenzie Branch

    Hello all. 🙂

    I discovered the Rabbit Room some time last year after being introduced to the Wingfeather Saga by a family from church and, subsequently, Andrew’s music. I looked over the site for a few days, and loved the concept of a faith-driven creative community, then life got busy and it was a while before I returned to the Rabbit Room. As Christmas approached, I bought the set of Fiddler’s Gun and Fiddler’s Green for my sister but after looking them over decided I wanted to keep them and so got her something else. 😉

    It is in the wake of Fiddler’s Green (which I’m still reeling from! @pete) that I am returning to the Rabbit Room. I see something of great value within this community of creative and Christ-followers, and I don’t want to let those possible connections slip by. So, I’m saying hello!

    A little about me: I became an RN right out of high school, and have been working various degrees of part-time and full-time hours for the last couple of years. However, I’m currently looking for and applying to colleges to pursue further education in humanities and writing. I’ve written a couple novels (never to see the light of day), some short fiction and poetry, and several Christmas dramas for my home church. I’ve been out of the swing of writing for a few years and am working on getting back into it. I also enjoy reading, hiking and camping, running, acting, organizing, road trips and other traveling, things like that.

    I’m looking forward to reading through the treasure trove of articles and posts here in the Rabbit Room and engaging in conversation. Nice to meet you all and I’m grateful for such a place as this!

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    Ah, you guys, reading these intros made me all teary. I like you already. 🙂

    My name is Miranda. I grew up in a little town down in southern VA named Danville (we affectionately refer to it as DanVegas to make it sound more exciting than it is). As a result of growing up in said city, people tell me I have just a little bit of a southern twang when I talk – but I don’t hear it. I now live and work in Lynchburg, VA – so, I’d love to have coffee with some of you Roanoke folk. 🙂 I love the nations, people, and consider myself to be a professional laugher.

    My grandma raised me after my parents passed away when I was young. I randomly got my hands on an AP CD when I was 9 years old (Carried Along) – what I didn’t know is how that album would carry me along as my grandma began to lose her memory and had to go into the nursing home. AP’s music has carried me through some of the darkest seasons of my life and I am so grateful for such a gift.

    That album, in turn, introduced me to his other albums…then books later on…then Andy Gullahorn, and Eric Peters, and…well, you get the point. And now, I’m here. Several of you have said, this community seems like coming home. I sense that too, and it sort of makes me nervous. But, from what y’all are saying, it isn’t too good to be true. What a joy to be with you. 🙂

    Also, if you want a new friend, feel free to send me a request…I love meeting new people and hearing their stories!

    Grace + Peace,


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    Were you at the symposium at Park Church last year where Andrew spoke and performed at?

    Yes, i sure was! Did you know he (and Diana Glyer, and Lanier Ivester, and several others) are going to be in Colorado Springs on April 1? If you come you’ll surely meet several rabbits. 😀

    New people! I don’t know how I missed seeing that you were here earlier, but I’m happy that I see you now. Welcome @miranda, @mackenziepauline, @dockanz, @kalebk, @leighv, and whoever else I have missed before. I noticed things in your introductions that make me want to talk to all of you, but I probably shouldn’t try to do that in one post. Just know that you are welcome and I’m glad you are here.

    Hello, everyone! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your introductions. What lovely people you are!

    I, too, have been lurking for some time. I first found the Rabbit Room back in 2012, I believe, when I re-discovered Andrew Peterson’s music. I had been listening to Carried Along on repeat since its release my senior year of high school, so I was excited when a friend told me about BTLOG. Once I found it online, I felt like I had been living in a bubble not to have known that my favorite artist had multiple albums that I’d missed out on! So I started catching up. Right after that, we moved back to Spain (we had been missionaries there since 2005) and through a series of events life got really hard. Like endless-survival-mode, not-sleeping, complete-burnout hard. We transitioned back to the States in 2015 dealing with depression and the diagnosis of special needs with all three of our young boys. AP’s music and books were a source of great encouragement during that really dark time. With counseling and community and voices of love and truth in our ears, we began to heal.

    We resigned from our sending agency in early 2016 to continue focusing on family needs, so now we’re settled just outside Charlotte, NC in my husband’s hometown where he’s helping to run the family greenhouse business his dad started 43 years ago. (I put more info about all this in my profile, if any of you happen to be interested.) He gets to practice business-as-mission and use his Spanish daily, but my time is spent at home with four small children (yeah, God surprised us with a baby girl in the middle of all that). It’s been a hard transition back in many ways, and beyond weekly therapies and caring for needs, I felt rather purposeless. I have always delighted in housewifery and motherhood, using our home as an outlet for hospitality and ministry, but I felt a restlessness for something more.

    Then at the beginning of the year the kids and I went on a week-long media fast to detox and refocus. I spent that time really seeking to simplify and regain some intentionality. I had just finished listening through all of the Hutchmoot 2016 archive (THANK YOU for making that available!) and I was working through The Molehill Vol. 1 early one morning when I read Lanier Ivester’s “I Came by a Lane.” The poem resonated deeply with me (I’ve long sensed in her a kindred spirit), and as I sat pondering it in the quiet I was inspired to start writing again. I was the token female contributor on a denominational blog some years ago, and I frequently journal, but this was different. I had a rush of inspiration to try my hand at poetry, and that soon took a more concrete form in my mind: writing poetry to encourage other young moms like me. I picked up a pen (or my phone, or my laptop–whatever was at hand) and the words flowed. Within a day I had half a dozen rough drafts and a newfound energy. For the first time in a few years I feel like I’m thriving again. This endeavor excites me! I have so many ideas to draw from in my decade of motherhood, I just have to jot them down as they come and set them aside until I have time to flesh them out. I’ve been wordsmithing and playing with it, but I know I need help with this process. Which is the point at which I felt the Spirit prompting me to come introduce myself. And still I’ve hesitated… (Thanks @rebeccareynolds for giving me the final push I needed!)

    By way of rounding out my introduction, I will add that I got my B.A. in English from a Bible College in my home region of Nashville, where my favorite classes were Lit Crit, History of the English Language, Advanced English Grammar, and Shakespeare. 🙂 Oh, and I’m a photographer. (At least, people call me a photographer. I get paid enough to support my hobby.) 😉

    If any of you are in the Charlotte area and need a place to stay, we have a cozy guest suite downstairs (completely handicap accessible, should someone need it). We’re a bit out of the way, but just a bit.

    Thank you, Rabbits, for making this such an inviting place. I look forward to connecting with you all!

    "I really wasn't a reader, until I started reading." -Mick Donahue

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    Hi all,

    I’m a medical animator by day, comic artist by most evenings. For the moment I’m based in Athens GA.

    I recently discovered Hutchmoot / Rabbit Room, and am excited to join and hopefully be a part of this neat community.

    I’m in the middle of making KYRIE, an Ancient Roman heist and adventure story set in the frontiers of North Africa. In it, I try to offer a bit of that Christocentric salve to the conflicts of race, religion and other issues that plagued both the ancient world and today. Plus: heists.

    After this post, I’ll be lurking around any forum threads that are discussing storycraft and visual media.

    Onward and upward!
    – Matt

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