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  • Welcome, @mcrotts! Glad to have you. That sounds like a really cool project.

    Daniel Sellers

    Hi everyone,

    My name’s Daniel and I’m a 26 year old living in the mountains of NC. I am a writer at heart though with my current job and a new baby I haven’t had much time to write anything recently. I’d love to get connected to the community here. Lately I’ve been trying to find some people who would be willing to play a role-playing game based on Watership Down, called The Warren. It’s tricky to find people who like Watership Down and are also nerdy enough to play something like that 🙂

    "It has come to me recently that our lives are like stories. As much as we can, we must drive them to the right endings." - Perena Lewitz, in The Lamb Among the Stars by Chris Walley

    Hi all! I too am a former lurker who decided to take the leap to join after reading @rebeccareynolds Love Note to the Lurkers. I have found myself intimidated by the thought of joining the group, but intrigued by the discussion and sense of community I have seen here.

    Anyway, I am married with two young adult children. I live in Macon, Georgia where I currently volunteer with an after-school program that ministers to educationally at-risk children. In love with these kids!

    My current creative pursuits include mixed-media art, sewing, and playing with new recipes since I no longer have the constraint of making quick meals so I can feed children who have to leave NOW to get to their various activities.

    Looking forward to joining the conversation!

    @mcrotts Isn’t Athens great? Both of my children are currently there and love it.

    @kelley – sounds like you’ve got a great thing going on! And speaking of great things – The Rabbit Room seems like such a mature, generous, classy place. Glad we’ve found it!

    Athens really does have a lot to offer, and my wife and I enjoy it. But it’s too cold for our Floridian blood! I don’t have the fortitude to scrape ice off my windshield more than a couple times a year lol

    Hi! I’m Dana.

    I’m a mom of two young boys, avid traveler, and I’m at my most alive when I’m somewhere beautiful and different. I hate schedules but love writing. I have a degree in poetry, and while my blog lately focuses on essays, the poetry influence is pretty clear. 😉

    I love beautiful pictures and places and new places and things. I’m excited to get to know some of you better!



    Welcome @dananicole – where did you get a poetry degree?

    Good afternoon all. Sven, here.

    I am a man who writes, and draws Christian comics sometimes. I added a few to this post 🙂 I studied English, History, and Philosophy with hopes of those things being tools to reach greater audiences, but I worry sometimes the degrees ended up being nails in my boot more than spurs in my shoe. I appreciate reading Chesterton, MacDonald, and Lewis, and I am excited to have the opportunity to meet everyone 🙂


    @barberjo MA in Creative Writing-Poetry from the University of Nebraska. Do I sense a fellow poet?

    @dananicole – no… I don’t have the guts for that. I was a straightforward Lit major in college. Poetry majors are true believers.

    @barberjo It’s true. Some of it is good….do what you love, even if you’ll never make money on it….but some of it is bad. For instance, I can’t market myself or my blog for the life of me. 😀 Makes me feel like it’s not true artistry or something. But there’s nothing necessarily straightforward in lit either. In some sense, I think all English majors are believers.


    My name is Jen and I’m a puppeteer! I love saying that.

    I’ve seen The Rabbit Room and read about Hutchmoot and wondered if this would be a good puppet-friendly community to be a part of.

    Puppetry is a unique art form that takes visual storytelling, writing, acting, music, dancing, comedy and faith and puts them all into one, very powerful, fuzzy box.

    A little info about me… I went to college and grad school for art and sculpture, then got a job as an illustrator and realized it was not a job I could be happy with for the rest of my life. So I did some soul-searching and found that I am happiest when I have a puppet on my hand, and connecting with an audience. Now I’m working as a puppeteer at Universal Studios Orlando in the Superstar Parade and I’ve done some freelance video work as well. My dream is to work for Sesame Street, the Jim Henson Company or the Muppets. I’d also like to build and perform puppets for a stage show of some day. Beyond that I want to show the love and goodness of God to my fellow artists and give them the gospel whenever I can.

    I’m excited to get to know people in this community! Feel free to check out my website, I have more links and info in my profile.

    Love always, aim higher.

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    @jhimesy , that’s so cool! I like to make puppets too, but just small ones for kids.

    @emmaj Oh my goodness! I love them! So cute!

    I post pictures of my puppets on Instagram (@ jhimesy). I haven’t made any large ones since moving to Orlando a few months ago, but I recently made a couple sock puppets that I’m pretty proud of. 🙂

    Love always, aim higher.

    Hello all,

    I’m Dustin, I live just outside of Worcester, MA with my wife and four children. I was a music major in college, until real life hit and the music career never really got off the ground. I’ve always been a dreamer and had an artist’s heart. Most things of passion and beauty, when it comes to my faith, drive me to tears. I write poetry, I draw, I am starting to do illuminated text, and I still play music when I get the chance. Most all of that was on the back burner for a long time due to work and family life, but now my kids are getting older and the job has got better, and I’m finding a little more time on my hands. I am always looking for opportunities to grow community especially in the arts. I am a very passionate and active Catholic. I’ve never been published, but it is definitely a dream of mine. Thanks all for now, I’m sure I’ll think of something else to write another time. 🙂

    I’m Daniel.  I’m sure I’m not alone when I say this, but I wouldn’t even know this community existed if I had never heard of Andrew Peterson.  I couldn’t get enough of his music, writing, and teaching.  That’s when I stepped through the wardrobe and stumbled upon the Rabbit Room a couple of years ago.  I’m in seminary for apologetics, and I use articles from here for my papers whenever I get a chance.  The sense of community here is infectious.  I did my first Christmas exchange this past Christmas and was thrilled to connect with people from across the country.  I write, but I’m not an author.  I play music, but I’m not a musician.  My greatest outlet is thinking and speaking.  I feel most at home when I am sharing stories of how the gospel changed Lewis, Chesterton, and even contemporary authors.  I find myself in awe when I remember that no matter how much I look up to “all the poets I have known,” Christ considers us all equal.  Quite a long introduction, but whatever, I started getting the feels.

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    Laure Hittle

    @colemanspc Awesome! Good to have you. 🙂

    Laure Hittle

    @nobis17, hello and welcome! Illuminated text—that sounds incredible.

    Hi Everyone! I’m Bill. I just became a member this week. I happened upon the Rabbit Room after stumbling upon AP a couple of months ago while looking for some honest, modern christian music on Amazon. Andrew’s writing blew me away so I bought seven of his albums, which then led me to Andy Gullahorn and I now have bunch of his records, as well. Being a child of the ’70s- I’m not much for singles and playlists- I’m an album guy. 🙂

    I live in Lexington TN- lured to this tiny town I’d never heard of by the most amazing woman I’ve ever met, who by God’s prevenient grace became my wife in 2012. I spent the ’90s in Nashville writing lots of songs for the Nashville music machine- some of which I actually like, but most of which were relegated to the hit dumpster at Sony/ATV Music Publishing. I had eight songs recorded by people with record deals, but the big radio hit eluded me, so in 2001 I went back to school to gain a more marketable skill and learned how to work on computers and networks, which is how I now make my living. I write gospel songs these days which my lovely wife and I sing occasionally in our small town Methodist church. We’ve got a little studio in our house and someday I may actually get a record finished…

    Anyway, I am enjoying reading the posts on this site and hope to get to know some of you as time goes by. We missed out on the Hutchmoot tickets this year, but we’re on the waiting list… we’ll see.

    May God bless you and keep you!


    Bill B in Tennessee

    John Barber

    Welcome, @billbintn ! So glad you found your way here.

    Adam Ruffo

    Hey rabbits,

    I’m very much a newcomer here. I’m very much a newcomer to many things, but very glad to be here. I’m living in the panhandle, the cradle of much musical and inspirational beauty, and the place that God has used to birth and grow my faith. I’m​an Indie/folk Christian musician. I’m not known. I’m not really there-yet. But music is in my blood. It’s just unfortunate that I have a ripe peel of self-hatred and go to excuses that I wouldn’t call excuses but realities. Pray for me.

    But after maintaining stable housing for the past six or seven years now, my life has seen new health that I didn’t believe possible and so the world looks much different-Praise God!

    But uhh, yeah. Thanks.

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