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  • @storklove … thanks explaining how to get the @ handle’s working!

    Pete Peterson
    Hutchmaster Prime

    @treskillard and @storklove,

    We’re w0rking through these bugs. Thanks for bringing them to our attention. I have to admit I’m amazed by how much copy/pasting goes on. We set up the wysiwyg text box because we thought that would be easier for folks, but we’re finding it has its drawbacks (the copy/paste issue). We’ll look for a solution.

    It shouldn’t matter if the @mention has punctuation or not. Be aware though that if you @mention someone, they’ll get a notification, even if you mentioned them in a private message or private forum. So only use that @ tag if you want someone to notice.


    ---Hutchmaster Prime, wielder of great and terrible cheeses

    Thanks @pete! The trouble I had with punctuation earlier was parenthetical. Let me try to reproduce it (and sorry if it gives you multiple notifications). Like this (@pete) and I also had trouble, I think, with @pete- Thanks for troubleshooting all the issues! I love the idea of this forum, so thank you so much!

    James Witmer

    Hey @storklove! I have not read Breadcrumbs, but now I must.

    Picture books and a chapter book series? Good for you! That’s a lot of writing. 🙂


    @treskillard, it’s about a fourteen year-old boy staying with his grandmother in (the actual town I live in) for the summer. He’s bored and resentful, until weirdness ensues.

    I’m not sure exactly how it’s going to work out. I’m working without an outline for the first time ever. Something about the uncertainty is keeping the thing alive for me; I often hate a project before it gets past the outline-stage. I’m such an amature, but I’m ok with that now. 🙂

    @jamesdwitmer, I’ve found picture books to be about 10% writing and 90% revising, so you have to write a lot of them if you enjoy the creation part! Thankfully I enjoy the revisions too (usually). As for the chapter books, we’ll see. I wrote them a year ago, so we’ll see if I can get into revising them yet again. 🙂

    Your YA-fantasy sounds like my cup of tea (as far as reading), so if you need another pair of eyes on it at some point, I’d be happy to oblige. 🙂 And I think you’d really like Breadcrumbs.

    @jamesdwitmer, your story sounds fun!  What town does the story take place in?

    Also, I think the concept of not outlining for the purpose of keeping the story exciting to you is kind of fun … lots and lots of professionals do that.

    Hey folks! (as admin, I’ll see if we can get something that strips out the extra code that happens when you copy-paste into a forum. That’s been happening a lot. However, this isn’t a bug report forum, it’s a writing thread. So *straightens hat*

    I’ve finished a fantasy novel and half-finished a sci-fi one as well. Both are waiting for revisions, and in the meantime I’m trying to work through a realistic fiction/sci-fi(ish) novel tentatively called “All Right.” In a nutshell, it’s about an average joe who finds himself slipping through space, but not time: into different lifetimes. One morning, he wakes up and he’s married to a different person, living in a different state, yet he’s still himself and pieces of his history remains the same. As this continues to happen, he finds himself inching closer to a death he’s desperate to avoid, and he must work to figure out why he’s slipping, and how to stop it from going any further.

    Great to meet other writers! I’m excited about these forums, even though at first I was determined to be only a technical support presence 😉

    Web designer, web developer, writer.

    Andrew (@admin), your novel sounds like it gives room for a *lot* of creativity.  Does he end up living in different cultures as well?

    On the pasting issue, technically the WYSISYG editor appears to just accept the paste and formats it correctly.  The problem is when the post is then redisplayed some of the html displays as text rather than how it was intended to be.

    One option to consider would be to make the editor switchable … keep it a pure text editor but allow the user to switch over to the complex editor if they need to.  Most posts don’t need the complexity.  For instance, in this editor I can’t even copy and paste your handle from your previous post because it then comes with all its formatting … like this <span class=”handle-sign” style=”box-sizing: border-box; color: #65615e; font-family: ‘Whitney A’, ‘Whitney B’, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: 20.4px; text-align: center; background-color: #f2f1ed;”>@</span><span style=”color: #65615e; font-family: ‘Whitney A’, ‘Whitney B’, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: 20.4px; text-align: center; background-color: #f2f1ed;”>admin … and then the rest of my text morphs into that font and background color.   (Of course, we’ll see how this looks after it gets saved to the forum and then redisplayed!)</span>

    @treskillard , not currently. He does shift around a great deal in the US. The idea is, each shift only changes one small decision in his past. In the prime timeline, his parents teach at an international school and he goes with them. In the secondary timeline, he stays behind when they go and never leaves rural Georgia as a result. So I’m playing with the idea of how drastically a storyline can shift from only one small variable adjustment.

    Yeah, for @ mentioning I strongly recommend just typing out the user’s username. Soon we’re hoping to have auto-complete enabled in the forums (like it is in the activity feed and the private messages) so we won’t need to copy-paste to find someone.

    Web designer, web developer, writer.

    Laure Hittle

    @admin, that book sounds fantastic.

    @admin, have you read Jim Rubart’s ROOMS? He does something similar.  Decisions in the present affect his past decisions, which changes his entire life around him. Definitely a recommended read … but don’t take it for theology, more of as an extended allegory of the small booklet “My Heart Christ’s Home”.

    Or … if you’re like me … you avoid any book that has any similarity to your own so as to not subconsciously infect your own writing.  Which means for me I don’t read much Arthurian literature except the old legends. Oh well!

    Hi everyone! I’m so excited to join and learn from you all, and hopefully be an encouragement to others as well! I have written an adult historical fantasy, and am currently in the step of trying to get an agent. Hah. Likely I will be looking at self-publishing this winter. The book is a time-travel novel, about a young man who through mysterious means Crosses to 7th century Britain on Halloween, where he discovers he is a wilding Fey, heir to powers he cannot control or understand.

    It’s been a great deal of fun to write….although I started off writing one book and ended up with three. Go figure…

    Looking forward to making some connections here!

    James Witmer

    @storklove Wow, that’s very generous of you. Lord willing I finish this thing, I will take you up on that.


    @treskillard, thanks – the town is a re-named, very slightly alt-timeline Grove City, PA. And even though this is the Rabbit Room, it feels a little weird to purposely put my hometown on the internet. Does that make me old?


    Also, I’m a bit staggered by the output you all are describing. Since merely cranking out words can be a battle, I congratulate each and every one of you! 🙂

    @jamesdwitmer … maybe I should have asked you to private message me. Feel free to delete (or edit, as I just saw that new feature ) your message if it makes you uncomfortable.

    I’m new around here, but reading about everyone’s work made me smile, so thanks to everyone for sharing.  @admin and @jamesdwitmer – I already can’t wait to read both of your novels, and I’ll gladly offer myself as another reader/pair of eyes if you ever need them!

    The first time I wrote a full draft of a novel, it was horrible and awful and not well paced at all.  There really wasn’t even enough there to edit into something good.  So I wrote a few more novel drafts for practice, and I think – I hope – I improved with each one.  Which leads me to now, as I’m working on something that is part fantasy (set in a Victorian-era steampunk city), part story re-telling (Alice in Wonderland), and part adventure/mystery, involving an automaton queen, a girl who is a professional thief, a detective with a magical hat, and an anti-monarchy rebel leader who is secretly the Crown Prince.

    I also have an outline for a YA novel, the first book of a cozy mystery series, and a book of Advent readings.  I am apparently a genre-hopper.

    So that’s me, as a writer, in a (somewhat large) nutshell.  It’s very nice to meet all of you!

    Chris Yokel

    I’ve written five books of poetry, but I’m nervously contemplating my first dive into non-fiction. For the past few years I’ve been contemplating the importance of being where God has geographically placed us. Working title is The Remarkable Ordinary.

    Laure Hittle

    My writerly path is a bit circuitous. My brilliant husband created a fantasy world (Nirth) that i love and love living in, and nearly all of my writing over the last several years has happened in that world. Being responsible for a handful of characters and their hearts, but not for the world’s cosmology and politics, works pretty well for me. i have three main stories in that world:

    1. Rocket of the Faelchir Six. Rocket was my original main character. Her story mostly exists as oral history and about a hundred pages of notes.
    2. The Rixi Letters. Rixi is Rocket’s younger sister. She and their aunt write letters back and forth, and her story is mostly told through these letters. There are some narrative snippets, too. Rixi is the girl of my heart. i love her. She is the strongest-willed of any character i’ve made, the most real by far, and she has such a hard road ahead. My heart aches when i think of what it will take to bring her home. It feels like i will never tell another story that matters the way hers does, which feels more daunting because of her heart than it does because of any consideration for what readers might take from it. i want to do right by her. i’m not sure if she’ll let me. She teaches me so much about G-d’s heart for us.
    3. Durom Falls. This is my only complete novel manuscript. The main character, Lily, is a former school friend of Rocket’s. i slammed this book out in a month (NaNoWriMo), and it needs a ton of revision, but i’ve been putting that off for about four years. i’m telling myself that there are good high-level world reasons for this, politics and world events that aren’t resolved yet which make it impossible for me to outline the series and know whether i need to change any of the direction of the first book. And that’s true—but what’s also true is that i’m scairt. i can put words down. First-drafting is not always easy, but it is simple. What am i supposed to do with the words once i have them?
    4. Twiry Glitterwing and the Moss Palace. This book is an in-world Nirthian artifact. Rixi found it in their school library about a year before i wrote it, so the process of writing was more like recovery; i wanted it to match the reality of Rixi’s experience of them. It’s a set of ten fairy-stories—not fairytales, but stories about a little fairy girl and her woodland friends. i wrote them not just for Rixi but for my amanuensis, who struggles with darkness and even with conflict in fiction. While i was working on them i thought writing stories devoid of conflict was going to kill me (irony?), and indeed i hope never ever to do that again—but once they were finished and i read them all over, i found them delightful. There’s something in them that i don’t think i put there.

    Meanwhile, i’ve started seminary and fallen headlong in love with Classical Hebrew. Since i’m at an impasse with my Nirthian stories (they are all halted at the same point Lily’s is), and since my brain runs full-tilt on whatever has most recently captured it, all my fiction-writing for the last year or so has been Budge-Nuzzard fanfic in Hebrew.

    None of this is published, by the way. Except the Budge-Nuzzard fanfic; you can find that on my blog.

    scott james

    I love this thread. It’s exciting to hear of and give encouragement to these works in progress. I’m already intrigued by many of the stories this community is creating and am looking forward to the day when I can read them.

    My writing is a bit varied, which I attribute to the cross streams of vocation in my life (not the ghostbuster kind of cross stream—that would be bad). A majority of my writing time is spent on job-related material, which is by nature dry and technical (science!). But I fight the system by trying to write aesthetically pleasing scientific manuscripts, if that’s possible. Because so much of my work is in the technical realm, it’s important for me to make time for other forms of writing as well: creative storytelling, pastoral, devotional, culture-making, etc. I write for my church and for a few websites/organizations that I really love, like our friends over at Story Warren.

    More to the point of this thread, I’ve published 2 books, both of which are biblical devotionals for family worship. One’s for Advent and the other is for Holy Week and beyond. I’m currently working on an illustrated children’s book which is due out next year. I have 3 other children’s book ideas that are all in their nascent phase. I’d love to try my hand at a novel, but have not yet gone there. Perhaps the musings on this thread will be what motivates me to dive in! Thanks for giving space for conversations like this.


    @mrs-hittle I love the names of your characters and stories! Wasn’t it C.S. Lewis who said something about how the names of characters should be pleasing to the tongue and ear, rather than being strange merely for the sake of being fantastical? The names in your stories sound well, and they’ve already given me glimmers of pictures in my mind. 🙂

    @chrisyokel I’m intrigued by your non-fiction idea. As someone who is trying to figure out how to inhabit a geographical location that is both temporary and far from where I want to be, I’m interested in anything related to the idea that our actual geographical location does play a role in our physical and spiritual lives. It’s a slightly different concept than simply saying “bloom where God plants you” – in my head, at least.

    David Elston

    Greetings, friends! I’ve been a Rabbit Room fan for quite a while now but always anonymously. I reckon it’s time to make it official, so here I am.

    I’ve wanted to be and have been a writer since I first saw James and the Giant Peach as a boy (after which I went home and began working on my manuscript, “Peter and the Giant Apple”). Good times. I became a Christian in college, got married, went to seminary, and fathered two kids. I am on the monthly pulpit supply at my church and am currently working a job that pays the bills while I figure out what’s next :). I have been writing throughout it all.

    My recently completed works are an Advent liturgy (A Thrill of Hope) and an Easter devotional (The Living Hope), both of which were self-published for my church, family, and friends. Currently I’m writing a biography of a Burmese friend from seminary that has an unbelievable story that begs to be told.  The first draft should be finished within the month.

    I’ve always wanted to complete a fiction work, but at this point in time all I have are random short stories and several unfinished novellas. There is a good chance my next one will be fiction.

    Nice to meet you all!

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