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  • Hello, all. I’ve visited The Rabbit Room multiple times over the past year and finally decided to go ahead and join. Glad to be a part of the party.

    I’m C.W. Briar (real name Chuck Wasielewski). I’m from Upstate NY. I’ve worked as a systems engineer on helicopters, planes, and trains. I’m also a certified apologist through Biola University.

    I write fantasy and sci-fi stories with a touch of suspense and old-fashioned horror (Poe, Lovecraft, Rod Serling, etc.). Apologetic concepts serve as the inspiration for much of what I write, so themes and ideas are more than just the undercurrent, they’re the foundation of what I write. I focus on concepts from theology, philosophy, and morality, though the narratives need to be able to stand on their own.

    I recently published my debut book, Wrath and Ruin. It’s an anthology of short stories and a novella. The collection includes:

    • Ghoul: Gideon & Rose, investigators of exonatural phenomenon, hunt a ghoul in a Pennsylvania mining town.
    • The Other Edge: Astronauts explore a derelict alien vessel discovered in our solar system.
    • The Case of Elizabeth Flora: A psychologist interviews the lone survivor of a mysterious shipwreck.
    • Turpentine: An art critic squares off with an artist whose masterpiece is more than meets the eye.

    @cwbriar These short stories sound fascinating. Congrats on publishing your first!


    @cwbriar Those do sound fascinating! And welcome to the forums. 🙂


    Hello all! I am a Pastor (Students and Family Discipleship) who writes in his spare time, mostly because I can’t not write in my spare time. Sometimes it feels more a compulsion than even a passion.

    At any rate, I’m currently working on a story about an old Farmer’s unlikely adoption of a little boy who seemingly “appears” from out of a River which runs through the Farmer’s land. The boy’s name is “Riffle,” so-named in the following stanza in which Farmer Bert Jackson awakes from a nap at the riverside:
    “Burt allowed his head // To fall back against the tree,
    Upon the moss of red and green, // And drifted off to sleep.
    He dreamed of reality, // Watched himself doze away,
    Felt the benign banality, // Of the gently radiant rays.
    |In the distance the child laughed, // Chirping lightly like a Whip-poor,
    Gifted with a river craft, // Belonging in it, like a ‘Riffle!’
    And the boy looked up, // To find his guardian waking,
    Both knew that very instant, //  a name was given and was taken.”

    It has become a labor of love; a way to flesh out a love of land, of place and of people I’ve nurtured since my youngest days spent on our Family’s farm (Jackson Straights) in the hills of E. Tennessee.

    I am anxious to check back often, luxuriating in the presence of other story-tellers, a dying but hardy breed!

    Pastor Patrick

    "All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
    From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
    A light from the shadows shall spring;
    Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
    The crownless again shall be king." --Tolkien

    "Father, please make today profitable, in terms of the way you calculate profitability, in the economy of the Kingdom of Christ Jesus."

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    Hi everyone!Since I’m diving into these forums I thought I’d say hello on this thread.

    Since I’m diving into these forums I thought I’d say hello on this thread.

    I’m a filmmaker/author who is 2/3rds finished with a fantasy trilogy (self-pubbed). I used Kickstarter on the first book, which has taken me down the path to helping out on a bunch of crowdfunding projects (including The Wingfeather Saga one earlier this year…which is how I found Rabbit Room).

    Recently though I was picked up for a publishing deal on a sci-fi novella that I thought was just supposed to be a warm-up for the last book in my trilogy and then it wound up being my path to getting published. It’s supposed to be coming out within the month and I’m really excited about it.

    I’m in the Nashville/Franklin area, and would love to connect with fellow creatives!


    @dunlap Ryan the Nameless! 😀

    That’s awesome about your book!

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    So, when I received the name “Ryan the Nameless” I had only read through part of Edge, and now I’m halfway through the series…did I wind up with the equivalent of Darth Ryan? 😉

    Kind of, but not really. Keep reading.
    (By the way, you have been Named. Your name just happens to be Ryan the Nameless. That is quite different than actually being nameless.)

    @dunlap Congratulations! How exciting!

    What Miss Linda said, haha. XD

    Due to a series of unfortunate events, I haven’t written anything of substance for about 8 years. Prior to that I authored two books, one on domestic violence and how to help pastors/counselors understand it and help others, and the second book was the story of a woman who survived abuse from childhood through several abusive marriages. I also did a lot of inspirational writing in the form of articles for newsletters and magazines long before blogs were the thing.

    I didn’t know if I’d ever write again, other than a memoir that’s been on the back burner for a while. But a couple of weeks ago my pastor asked me to write daily devotionals to email to members. It’s been so good for me to get back into the writing mode. It’s quite a commitment, but also a great joy. Spiritually, it has been a invigorating and inspiring to get back to reading scripture more consistently and listening for God’s voice as I write.

    I’m so thankful for this opportunity. Feedback so far has been positive.

    @bren1756 What wonderful news! I so love your heart and your courage and skill in sharing a difficult story. I hope you’ll share some of your devotions with us!

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    @helena, thank you! I’ve started posting them on my Facebook author page (Brenda Branson, author).




    Hi folks. Found this place over an article written by Rebecca Reynolds. I’ve been trying to find some Christian writing support since I got serious about making novels, so I figured I’d hook in and see how it goes.

    I write a little poetry and post the occasional photo, analysis, or personal ramble on my blog, but my main passion is fiction, mostly fantasy fiction and sci-fi. I have one first draft novel finished and posted as a free serial on my blog (I posted it chapter by chapter as I wrote it) and am starting on another the same way. Along with that I have a number of short stories, small scenes, and bits and pieces posted in a lightly organized jumble.

    The finished novel, Ember’s Heart, is a Fantasy/Romance based on the concept of what would happen if the Princess in Distress and the Fearsome Dragon were the same person.

    Welcome, @charcamolson! i hope you find some good connections here. Thanks for sharing your work!

    Nate Martin

    Hi all, my name is Nate and I am a world builder. I am working with g. l. a. c. i. a. l. pace on a mythology, and have been commanded and implored to stop being a wuss and to try to find ways share pieces of it, or else to abandon the pretense that I will ever publish any of it. I defy my friends and refuse to abandon my pretenses- and So!

    Here’s my fledgeling website with a few bits of short stories and things.  I’ll read your writing if you read mine!  🙂




    My name is Roy Friend, and I’m a write from the Pacific Northwest. I’m currently working on my first trilogy of epic fantasy romances.

    I found the RR via the Podcast, and have been following for years now. I just recently took the plunge here at the forums.

    God bless you all and hope to know you better over time! (Maybe even at a hutchmoot, should such a thing be possible.)


    Hello friends!

    I’ve loved stories for as long as I can remember, which I suspect is an inheritance from my mother who read stories to my brothers and me voluntarily at first and then under compulsion once we were a little older.

    I wrote a fair bunch of short stories in high school which fed the writing bug.

    Now I have two stories on the go – one about a boy named Freddy and a girl named Ruthanna who are suddenly kidnapped from a seaside town while at the butcher’s shop.  The butcher sets out to rescue them, accompanied by a serving girl named Merry and his wolf dog called Scavenger.

    The other is about two brothers, Brogan and Brian.  Brogan left home, returning to the country of Agatham and none of his family know what’s become of him.  His brother Brian follows suit, adopting the name of Glen.  Glen hears rumors of a skilled assassin, whose peculiar skills lead Glen to believe that the assassin is his brother.  Whatever will he tell his mother?

    I also like taking a pun and making a short story out of it.

    I’ve enjoyed reading about the work y’all are doing and am looking forward to reading more!

    Welcome, Nate, Roy, and Reesa! So glad you’re here!

    My published writing has been largely academic, including several articles and book chapters broadly connected with “psychology.” Most recently, I have submitted:

    • a 12,000 word manuscript about the Christian Psychology of Larry Crabb, a friend and mentor. Other than my dissertation, this is the longest piece I have ever written.
    • a co-authored book chapter on the “physicality of marriage” with a theologian.
    • a book chapter on the relevance of justification by faith for soul care.

    However, my gaze has shifted to more creative writing projects.  A few years ago, at Glen Eyrie in Colorado, I was describing a book idea to a new friend. Later in the week, she looked me in the eyes and called me a storyteller. I burst into tears. To tell stories, and help others tell their stories is a high and holy calling.

    So here are my creative ideas/plans:

    • Flying Kites in a Whirlwind–“Kites” is the idea I shared with my friend at the Glen. Over the past 7 years, my family has been in a whirlwind. Reading the chapter on suffering in John Piper’s Desiring God, I looked to my wife and asked “why don’t we suffer more?” From that moment on, the wind picked up. We set out to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia with Down Syndrome and while we were in process, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. The day Tessa came home, my wife had chemotherapy. (It turned out Tessa most emphatically did not have DS). Perhaps a year later, we began a second adoption, which has been anything but smooth. For 8 weeks in 2014, my wife and daughters lived in Haiti while my 8 year old son and I stayed home. We’ve also lost two close friendships and our eldest was twice hospitalized for suicidal thoughts/attempt. I asked the question, how do you live with joy in the whirlwind of life?
    • A book/memoir on depression/mental health–When Grace’s moods stabilized some, I suggested to her that we should co-author a book on depression. As a 16 year old, she is also a strong writer. We would like to do something where we write in two voices–the voice of the depressed and the voice of the parent of the depressed (in this case who also happens to be a psychologist).
    • The Mentor–I have recently toyed with the idea of writing a coming of age sort of novel written with a unique twist. By some strange circumstance/time shift, a man is given the unique opportunity to mentor himself as a younger man. What would it look like to mentor yourself?

    These are just a few of my current thoughts.

    Love Up
    Love Down
    Love In
    Love Out

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