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  • @racheldonahue: Thanks for the advice! That’s probably a good idea, making a Facebook page; I think I was just hesitant to make another one on top of my personal one, but I can see how that plus ads would help drive people to my page. And thanks, I’m delighted you enjoyed “Quarters”! 😀 I’ve tweaked that one since its first conception a few years ago and I’m pretty happy with it. (Now if I could just find someplace that would publish it! ^^; )

    @ericheiden: Thanks for the comment on my story and for visiting my website! It’s kind of nice to know I’m making connections with other writers out there. 🙂 I’m afraid (haha puns) that I don’t enjoy horror fiction (I’m super sensitive and it freaks me out too much), but I hope you’ll let us know when your site is up so I can take a look at your writing style!

    “Don’t believe every worried thought you have. Worried thoughts are notoriously inaccurate.” – Renee Jain

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    Eric Heiden

    @riverfox237 My pleasure. Actually, my first upload will be the crime story not the horror story, so if you do want to check out my writing style, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

    Oh, by the way, don’t make the mistake I almost made and create more than one facebook profile. That’s against their policy. Instead, convert your profile into a page (facebook has a nice tutorial on how to do that). You can keep using your profile for your personal stuff and your page for your writing career.

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    Josh Bishop


    Thanks, @scottjames! I’ll keep you in my prayers. I’m looking forward to your Advent/Christmas book — and I was eyeing Mission Accomplished a couple of weeks ago. Looks great! I’ll have to snag a copy for my family.

    @scottjames Excited to hear that there’s more in the works! Hope the finished product turns out even better than you hoped. 🙂

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    scott james

    thanks, @helena and @joshbishop!

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    Hello, Everyone. I’ve been a silent participant in the Rabbit Room since its beginning, but this is my first time to speak up. I began to be disciplined in my writing about a year ago and decided that this community is too valuable to pass up.

    My current project began when I decided to write down the stories my Grandma told about her life and family. I have an extensive collection of her old photographs, letters, diaries, school books, and even grocery lists and gas mileage logs to help me navigate the details. As I jumped into the process of drafting the narrative, I made the choice to be accurate where I know the facts, and to be simply truthful in all other matters. The work will ultimately be a work of fiction, but grounded in as much fact as I can find. I have primary source material going back six generations, so I have outlines for an entire series, but we’ll see what happens with the first book. It’s a novel, but intentionally designed so that any chapter could be read in isolation.

    @athenaz317 I sympathize with the resistance to blogging. I don’t blog, don’t have Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. accounts. Is social media presense a necessary evil of the business? Also, many literary journals want material that is previously unpublished, including blog posts. With that being the case, what does one blog about?

    @sheilaq, welcome! That sounds like an incredible project.

    @sheilaq, my understanding (which is very limited) is that you have to have an audience before most publishers will consider publishing your work, especially books.  They want to know there is a market for the book before they invest in it, and the best way to demonstrate interest in your work is with a large following online.  Additionally, I believe it now falls to the authors to do most of the marketing for their books, so there is a lot of pressure there too.  This is why many authors today are self-publishing their work; the benefits of going with a well-known publisher are decreasing.  I am currently working on two books, and I haven’t decided yet how I will seek publication when they are ready.  It’s all pretty intimidating to me!

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    Adam Ruffo

    Hey rabbit room!

    Just wanted to say hello and am enjoying the site. I am more of a poet and a lyricist than a writer perse, but I used to write as a form of therapy and am in a position now to where I can begin writing again and hopefully with a bit more tact and discipline. But I love discovering what happens when your imagination goes for a walk and you end up just somewheres​.


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    Laure Hittle

    Welcome, @adamruffo!

    Hello, everyone ~ I call myself a”wannabe writer.” but I’m taking an online writing class called “Writing with Grace,” led by Ann Swindell. She gave us permission to call ourselves writers if we are in the class.

    I was in a writers’ group at my church for about a year, but the leader had to step down, so it’s not meeting anymore. I’m looking for another group but haven’t found one yet.

    I don’t have any formal training, except for this class I’m taking now, and a previous Jonathan Rogers class on “writing close to the earth.” And a class that Jennifer Trafton Peterson taught.

    I have a dream of writing a book or blog called _Life Lessons from a Slow Learner_. An inspirational memoir to encourage Christian women with lessons God has taught me in my Christian journey. I have written several vignettes, one of which I was able to show to a published author at a writer’s conference, and she looked at me and said, “You are a devotional writer.” <span style=”font-size: 16px;”>That was so encouraging!</span>


    @katewillis ~ You mentioned a website for aspiring writers that you submit short stories to. Is it Noble Novels?

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