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  • Laure Hittle

    Groups are a way for registered users to connect in a little room off to the side of the main forum. You can start one of your own (see the tutorial “Creating a group“), or you can join an existing group. Depending on the group’s visibility and invitation settings, you might need to be invited, or you might be able to invite yourself. Some groups will require a moderator to approve your request to join; others are wide open. If you receive a group invite, you can accept or decline it.

    If a group is visible to non-members, you might see it either by noticing it in somebody’s Activity or Groups pane in their profile, or by noticing the group’s forum in the Forums. You can click the name of the group to see any details that are visible by non-members. If you like the looks of the group, you can invite yourself in by clicking “Join Group” right underneath its profile picture, like so:

    Depending on the group’s settings, you might need to be confirmed by a moderator or admin. Once they’ve approved you (or if the group doesn’t require approval), you’re in!

    Again, depending on group settings, you might be able to invite your friends to join.

    To invite friends, click “Send Invites” on the left side of the group.

    Click the boxes next to the names of any friend you’d like to invite to the group, then click “Send Invites.” Your friends will be able to accept or decline your invitation.

    If the group has a forum, it’ll work just the way regular forums do (i’ll post a tutorial on that in a bit), and you’ll see it on the main Forum page under Group Forums.

    That’s it! Have fun and enjoy encouraging each other!


    Good morning, I am not sure which group to ask for. I write but am just now wanting to publish a book. I need help getting started with format. I like the publisher you recommend but I need to get a book to the point of submission, correct? Please recommend a group and also where to find information and capability of getting that book in a proper format. I appreciate your help. Thanks, Debbie

    @thegardener, i’m so sorry! i just saw your question. i think you’d have most success with the Authors’ Corner group. And i see that you’re new here—welcome! We’ve got two introductions threads—one for writers specifically, and one for everyone—if you’d like to connect. 🙂

    MacKenzie Branch

    Is there a list of these side groups somewhere?

    @mackenziepauline, yes. You’ll have to go to the top level to find the groups. See at the top of this thread, where it says Forums -> Welcome to the Forums -> The Rabbit Room Forum -> Joining a group? Click “Forums.”

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    MacKenzie Branch

    @mrs-hittle Great, thanks!

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