Luthier Schools in Franklin/Nashville area?

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  • Are there any luthier schools (building) or luthiers who want to teach their craft to an apprentice…or at a minimum, give a tour of their shop?

    Miss Mary

    I don’t know of anyone, currently, but that is such a cool question. My great uncle used to make instruments (not professionally) and an elderly gentleman I met at some church functions made a beautiful violin (doesn’t even begin to do it justice), but I didn’t have any idea he did that until after he passed away.  Cool to know there are others out there still doing this stuff (or at least wanting to).

    I know where I am the best way to find someone would be to look into the repair shops and see if anyone there also makes, since the professionals who repair are often the people who know the most about the instruments and a city my size doesn’t really support full time Luthiers (at least I am pretty sure we don’t). Nashville might be different though, there is a lot more demand for good instruments there.

    I really hope you can find someone, that would be so cool!

    John Barber

    I found this… maybe it works?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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