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  • Laure Hittle

    Anybody can browse around the forum, but to participate you’ll need to be a registered user. (If you’ve not registered yet, it’s super easy. Click here for a tutorial.)

    First, a bit of an orientation.

    • The Forum is the entirety of the Rabbit Room forums.
    • A subforum is one of the big categories (General Discussion, Story, Music, Art). i often shorten subforum to just forum, which i hope isn’t too confusing in context. i’ll try to be consistent here in the tutorials.
    • Within the subforums, we have topics, or, as i like to call them, threads. Each topic or thread is a distinct conversation. For example, in the Story subforum, we have a thread called Summer Reading.
    • reply is a comment left in a conversation/topic/thread.

    If this still sounds super complicated, no worries. You’re not being tested. 🙂 i just wanted to define my terms before we get started, in the hopes that it makes what follows a little easier to, um, follow. Now let’s start browsing around!

    Here’s what you’ll see when you click the Forums link in the menu at the top of the page. (You’ve already figured that part out; it’s how you got here. i’m just being pedantic and including everything.) Notice the search bar at the top, and the red and grey indicators next to each subforum? That search bar will help you find any word or phrase in the forum, whether in a topic or a reply. We’ll get back to those indicators in a sec.

    If you click one of the subforums (say, Story), you’ll see a list of topics, or threads. Notice that some are yellow, and some aren’t. Yellow ones are sticky—they’ll always be at the top. The non-yellow ones will move around. Whichever ones have had the most recent activity will show up first. (If you were reading a topic earlier and then went away and you don’t see it when you come back, it’s probably still there; just scroll down.) Some of the threads, like Summer Reading, have little numbers in boxes next to them. That means that thread has had so much conversation that it needs multiple pages to fit everything without being cumbersome. Notice also those red and grey indicators next to each thread. Those indicators are red when there’s a comment in that thread that you haven’t read yet. Super handy. The speech bubble icon is also handy; it reminds you which threads you’ve commented on already.

    You can click the thread’s title to start at the beginning, or you can click one of the numbers to go to a specific page. “Voices” tells you how many people have commented in that thread; “Posts” tells you how many individual comments have been made. “Freshness” tells you how recently the last comment was posted, and by whom. Click the person’s name to go to their profile. If you want to see what they posted in that thread, though, you can click the timestamp—the line that says “5 minutes ago” or “4 hours ago” or whatever. Underneath the title of each thread, you’ll also see the name of the person who started it. Clicking their name will take you to their profile. Notice the Home > Forums > The Rabbit Room Forum > Story line at the top. All but the last one, where you already are, is a link that will take you back to that level. What’s the difference between Forums and The Rabbit Room Forum, you ask? Forums is where you’ll find group forums as well as the main categories. The Rabbit Room Forum is just the big categories (Story, Art, etc.). Home will take you all the way back to the front page of the website.

    If you click into a thread, either by clicking the title, a page number, or the timestamp of the most recent post, you’ll see the conversation that’s in progress.

    In order to join the conversation, scroll to the bottom and find the Reply text box, and start typing! 🙂 If you need any help with that, head to the “Posting a reply in a forum thread” tutorial. i’ll walk you through all the options in the toolbox.

    For more tips on how to keep on top of all the cool conversations happening around here, check out the “Keeping up with 5 zillion topics” tutorial.

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