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    If you want to include a video in your forum post, it’s super easy. First, find the video’s URL (from YouTube, or Vimeo, or wherever), and copy-paste it in your post. Voilà! The site will automatically embed it for you. You won’t see it until you’ve hit Submit, but then it’ll be right there in your post. Here’s an example:

    And get this—you can do the exact same thing with audio!


    If you want to embed images, there are two ways to do it.

    1. The first way is to use the little picture frame icon in the toolbox. Click it, and you’ll see a few fields. The first is “Source,” and that’s where you put the photo’s URL. If you want to change the photo’s size (to scale down something huge, or if you have several and you’d like them to all line up nicely), you can adjust the dimensions. The checkbox that says “Constrain proportions” will make sure that your photo isn’t stretched weirdly. That means that if you change one number, the other number will change automatically to maintain the same ratio. (If you want to stretch your photo, uncheck that box and have at it, but it’ll end up looking uncanny, or, if you stretch it too far, sort of like a funhouse mirror without the waves.)

    2. The second option is what you can do if you don’t have a URL for your photo—if, for example, it’s one of your own and you haven’t posted it anywhere else online. This is how people have been posting their game shelves in the board game thread, and it’s how i’m doing all the screenshots for these tutorials. Scroll down a bit from the reply box and find the Attachments upload tool.

    Click “Select File,” and a window will open up where you can select a file from your computer (or phone, if you’re posting from your phone). Then, you’ll see three red options pop up:

    “Set file caption” allows you to type a little caption for your photo. (Note: Captions are broken just now, but Andrew J. is on it. Once they’re back online, i’ll update this tutorial to show you how they work.)
    “Insert into content” is what embeds the full-size photo right into your post. That’s the option i’m using in these tutorial posts.
    “Remove this file” is handy if you realize you accidentally clicked the wrong thing when selecting your photo.

    If you click “Insert into content,” a little bit of code shows up in your text box that reads [ attachment file=”filename.jpg” ] (but without the spaces). That’s where your photo will show up in your post once you’ve hit Submit. Any photos you’ve attached to your post will also show up as a little thumbnail at the bottom, regardless of whether you click “Insert into content,” and if somebody were to click that thumbnail, the full-size image will open. If you want to embed your photo, though, click the insert option.

    Error messages: You might get an error message if you try to upload a file that is too big or is a file type that isn’t supported. (Image types that are supported are those ending in .png, .jpg, .gif, and .tiff.) If that happens, you’ll have to find a smaller file or find a way to swap out one file type for another. If you have trouble with any of this, comment below and one of us will do our best to help you. 🙂

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