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  • Hi Portland Rabbits! I was so glad we finally got to have a mini-moot of sorts! Can we have another? Would there be a better way for connecting and communicating on this? Maybe a Facebook group? I not sure who’s checking the forum right now, so I’m just going to tag everyone I know is in the PDX area. Feel free to tag others you might know of. @k-fisher@gypsy, @jilliancomrie, @johnepattison, @nathandetr0it@kevin@trestapayne, @rfriend.

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    I’m totally down for a second meeting. It’d be good to have something regular, even if it’s just seasonal. Complications for me would be that I have a baby due in December, so would need to be careful about being away for any length of time both before and after the birth.


    That said, I think one of the things we discovered was that we’re all much closer to North Portland than the Mt. Tabor area. Is that something we can take into account? (I just moved to Scappoose, so folks are aware.)


    @rfriend, I like the seasonal idea. I think it would be hard to manage much more than quarterly, but maybe we could squeeze in one more before the holidays and then something in the spring? North Portland sounds fine to me, too. We’re all pretty spread out, but I think NoPo would be fairly halfway between Camas and Scappoose. Any thoughts on how we can best communicate going forward? It seems like forum messages are pretty hit-and-miss.

    @alind and @rfriend, I am up for a few gatherings a year. I am terrible at navigating these forums, so I would love to communicate another way. How to do that is a challenge for sure. 🙂


    I’m on Telegram fairly regularly, would that work?

    Facebook and Twitter are last-resort possibilities, I’d rather do other things, but I’d be willing if the group wanted to.


    @rfriend, an app like Telegram might be a possibility, but I’m guessing not all would have or use it. What about an old-fashioned email group? If you all feel safe sending your emails to me by private message, I could collect them and send something out that way. I promise not to sell them to any advertising groups. 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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