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  • Laure Hittle

    It’s easy to post a reply to a forum thread. Just scroll to the bottom of the conversation, click into the text box, and start typing! But if you’d like help deciphering the toolbox—that bar at the top with all the little symbols—here’s help.

    Clicking bold does this.

    Clicking italics does this.

    Clicking both does this.

    The quote symbol does this. This is called a block quote.

    Here is strikeout.

    • Here
    • is
    • a
    • bulleted
    • list.
    1. Here
    2. is
    3. a
    4. numbered
    5. list.

    If you want to bold just one word or phrase, click the B, type the word or phrase you want bolded, and then click the B again to turn bolding off. Or, you can type out everything and then double-click some text (a word or phrase, or as much as you like) to highlight that text, and then click B to format everything that’s highlighted. Same goes for italics and strikeout.

    If you use a block quote, everything you type will be in block quote format until you hit enter and then click the quote symbol to turn off the block quote formatting. Same for changing alignment.

    This is left alignment.

    This is center alignment.

    This is right alignment.

    If you start a bulleted or numbered list, every time you hit enter it’ll add to the list. If you want to go back to plain text, hit enter, and then instead of typing another item in the list, hit enter again to turn off the list. Or, hit enter and then click the list button. Either one will turn off the list and take you back to plain text.

    The curvy arrows mean “Undo” (on the left) and “Redo” on the right. Clicking them will either undo what you’ve just typed or formatted, or redo what you’ve just undone.

    Here’s how links work.

    You can type (or copy and paste) a URL directly into the text box, and then the link will show up looking just like what you typed. You can be all tricky about it, too, and turn a word or phrase or whole sentence into a clickable link. To do that, type the word(s) you want to become a link, and then highlight that text. Click the chain link button, and type or paste into the box the link you want. Very important: Once you’ve put in the link, you have to click the blue arrow button to set it. Voila! Your text is now a link! Click the chain link button again while your cursor is on the link if you want to change the link, and click the broken chain button if you want to remove it.

    Do you see that the Insert/edit link tool says “Paste URL or type to search”? If the thing you want to link to is something right here on the site—a forum thread or a blog post—you can start typing, and the site will give you suggestions for what it thinks you’re looking for. It works pretty well, too, although it can’t pull in search results from the store or the About pages. For those, you’ll have to find a link and then paste it in, just like it was from somewhere else on the internet.

    Here’s how to add images.

    Click the picture frame button. You’ll see this box pop up. There’s no way to upload images from your computer, but if the image is online anywhere, you can put the link in the Source box. You can add a description, or change the dimensions, or add a caption. What i’m typing right now is a caption. It will show up directly under the image. When you’re ready, click OK. Click Cancel to back out without adding the image. Once you’ve clicked OK, the image should show up right there in your post. (If you have any trouble with that, let us know.)

    If you click the image you just added, you’ll see this menu. To change any of the settings on the image, click the little pencil button. You’ll see the same menu as before, when you clicked the picture frame button, except that instead of a blank form you’ll see everything filled out. You can click in any of the fields to change the settings. The other buttons in that popup image menu are for changing how text wraps around the image, and for deleting the image (that’s the X button).

    One last cool thing! You have already seen Mentions around the site—people responding to or tagging each other with their usersnames. To do this, type (do not copy-paste!) @ and their username, which you can find under their picture on any of their posts. (If you copy-paste, the tag won’t take, and your text will end up with funny code in it.) Some kinds of punctuation throw the tags off, so if you use parentheses, make sure to leave a space between the parentheses and the tag. (If you spot any other punctuation problems, let us know, and i will do my best to keep this tutorial up-to-date so you know exactly which punctuation to avoid.)

    i hope that helps! If anything here doesn’t make sense, or if you run into problems, please comment on this thread and i’ll do my best to clear things up.


    I’m probably missing something quite obvious, but how do I tag/mention someone in a post? I tried to by just typing the @ symbol with the username, but it didn’t create a link to that person’s profile.

    Laure Hittle

    @tournesol, it is supposed to work exactly like you did it. Copy-paste doesn’t work, but if you typed it, it should have. Some punctuation can confuse the system, though. Did you use parentheses by any chance?

    Yes, I did have parentheses. I put a space between the first parenthesis and the @, but it still didn’t work.

    Pete Peterson
    Hutchmaster Prime

    @tournesol, looks like it worked to me. What makes you think it didn’t?

    ---Hutchmaster Prime, wielder of great and terrible cheeses

    Every time I go back to the post, the tag is not a link.

    Laure Hittle

    @pete, last night i tried tagging you and Andrew J. in a blattage thread comment, and it didn’t look like it worked for yours (his was fine), so i posted separately to tag you again. Did you get one or two notifications?

    @mrs-hittle – how can you edit a post.  I replied to a thread and there are some errors I’d like to correct in it.  Thanks.

    how can you edit a post. I replied to a thread and there are some errors I’d like to correct in it. Thanks.

    @kadubb There’s a window of time right after posting where you can edit. i forget how long it is, but after that period is up (or, i think, if you navigate away from the post) it becomes locked and you can’t edit it anymore.

    This is slightly off topic, but how do I get rid of the spoiler blocks on people’s posts? I would love to see what people are saying about Stranger Things but I can’t read the posts….

    Hover your mouse over the part you want to read.

    ---Hutchmaster Prime, wielder of great and terrible cheeses

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