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  • Kyra Hinton

    Thank you @misslinda! As a photographer, that is definitely on my to do list! Thank you for your prayers!

    @kyra-hinton I will be praying too, I understand why you can’t (and shouldn’t) post details on the internet of everything, but just picturing the place you are leaving behind from your description I know it must be heartbreaking for you.

    I can’t help but imagine what coming into a home like the one you have made will be like for someone else though. You have created beauty and a place of rest, and put lampposts guiding people to the reason behind it all literally on the doors. Who knows how God will use that in someone else’s life. You never know who will find these things and when, or when God will bring them up to someone.

    scott james

    @misslinda, thank you! It’s a long road, but the family I spoke of is surrounded by a grace-filled community and they are coping well.

    Kaitlyn Luce

    My mom called me this morning to inform me that my grandpa’s girlfriend, who has been dealing with cancer, just found out that the cancer has spread. This is heartbreaking for my grandfather, as he walked this road with my grandmother seven years ago as she was battling cancer, and now he’s walking down it again. His girlfriend is the sweetest lady, and is a delight in our family, so it is hitting us pretty hard. Thank you for your prayers. We are grateful for them.

    Linda Rogers

    @kaitlynluce, I will be praying for her and for your grandfather, and for the rest of you who love her too.

    Kyra Hinton

    @missmary thank you so much, that means the world to me today. Through an “only God” way we have been able to meet and spend time with the guy buying our house. It’s been so cool to somewhat know the person we’re handing our house to, and being able to pray for him by name that the Light there guides him Home.

    Yesterday was emotional, and I melted into a puddle in the corner of my former office at one point…. but it was still so beautiful. I took pictures of all my favorite things (thanks @misslinda!) and God provided for it to be my favorite lighting in the house just for that. Thank you for your prayers in my grieving and healing. It’s been a good ride.

    I am glad to hear that even through all the hard “letting go” moments there were also those moments of grace when you can see that God has given you little things like the perfect lighting for your pictures as a gift. A little reminder here and there that He is present and does care. Joy and sorrow all wrapped up into one very tiring day I would suspect.

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    @kaitlynluce I meant to write you yesterday and forgot that I hadn’t. I am praying for your family and your Grandpa’s girlfriend too. I imagine it is really hard on your Grandpa to be hearing all the same sorts of things from doctors and while I don’t know how bad the prognosis actually is at this point, for him it is going to feel like it is really bad. I am glad he has family to walk through it with him.

    Sarah Wolfe

    I have not had a chance to be present on these forums as I would like, but I do find myself tonight with a heavy prayer request.


    A cousin of mine, with whom I have very loose communication, has had a terrible situation. I mention that I am not in close communication because that explains why I don’t want to post this on FB…I just am not close enough with her and would feel I am exposing her pain too publicly.  Still…my Lord does her little family need prayer.


    Two days ago her 10 year old, Levi, fell from a tree. He landed on his head. Levi was with her ex-husband in a neighboring state. They kept him on life support longe enough for Amy, my cousin, to come say good bye.  He just passed away a few hours ago.  He was the year youngest of her four children.

    Two days ago her 10 year old, Levi, fell from a tree. He landed on his head. Levi was with her ex-husband in a neighboring state. They kept him on life support longe enough for Amy, my cousin, to come say good bye. He just passed away a few hours ago. He was the year youngest of her four children.


    So sad. Prayers for all affected by this tragedy.

    Linda Rogers

    Oh my. That is heartbreaking. I will be praying.

    @sarahwolfe So sad to hear. Praying for your family.

    I would like to ask for prayer for several health issues:

    You might know that I had knee replacement surgery in February that I’m still struggling to recuperate from. My knee is still swollen and stiff.
    I am struggling with balance issues and am still using a walker to walk. My dr. has referred me to a neurologist to see if there is any neurological reason for my balance issues.
    I have anemia and have had a blood transfusion and two iron infusions in the past couple of weeks.

    @sharonf I am praying.  Sounds like a lot going on, and something you have had to deal with for quite a while. I will be praying both for healing of all the different issues, wisdom for you and your doctors to find what is happening and what to do about it, and encouragement and strength for you as you continue to live life around and through all this the best you can.

    Last week I was admitted to the hospital with congestive heart failure. I’m now in a a rehab facility and doing better.

    Linda Rogers

    @sharonf, I’m glad to hear you are doing better now, but WOW! That is a huge thing to have to face. I will be praying for you physically, but also for all the emotions that must go with a challenge that big. I know this can’t be easy.

    @sharonf Sorry I am a bit slow to come check the forum, but I am really glad to hear that you are getting better and I hope that you are getting stronger each day (though depending how hard they are working you in rehab, you may not feel like it! I have heard about how hard rehab can be).  I will pray that God will give you strength and encouragement through all this and let His presence be very clearly seen and felt by you and those around you.

    I ask for prayer for several more health issues. I’ve been found to have nodules on my thyroid.

    My neurologist has ordered a lumbar puncture. I’m not sure why.

    I’m so discouraged.

    @sharonf I’m so sorry you’re having more health issues. Will be praying for you!

    @sharonf – I’m so sorry! We’ll be praying for you!

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