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  • Hi, all.

    I’d like to ask for prayer that I’d have discernment in how to love my family best. I’m in that weird tension of trying to build my own life (and distance myself from the emotions that concern some of them) yet be in their lives at the same time. It’s harder than I thought, and my stomach’s been in knots for most of this year. But especially today. I just want to know how to love them best, while keeping boundaries myself. I’m sure most of you know what I’m talking about. Thanks.

    @sharonf- I know I’m slow responding, but I have been praying. It is frustrating and discouraging not to know what is happening in your own body, or to know what the future holds. But I hope that you know that God is with you in this and as overwhelming as this must be for you, He is not overwhelmed. I know right now that might just sound like empty words, but I hope that beyond the words, you can find some hope and stability in Him, even when nothing else seems stable.

    @ohheybailz- I do know what you are talking about, and I will be praying for wisdom and patience for you. This is not easy, but you don’t have to be perfect to be growing and learning and getting better at this. I suspect this is one of the things that takes a lifetime to really master, but I will pray for you to be able to know how to handle things.

    i would really appreciate prayer for one of my Wingfeather beloveds. We have a girl in the forum who is really struggling right now with loneliness and shame. She needs Christian friends around or an in-person mentor to guide her, but meanwhile i’m trying to talk her through this stuff at a distance. And i’m glad that she’s being careful about how much detail she posts, but that also does make it hard to know exactly which direction to take the conversation. It’s an incredible honor to love these kids but i don’t always know how. We both need guidance. And i think that our forum software is screwing with us, too, because i keep finding my subscription for that thread turned off. 🙁 Thank you so much.

    This has already been all over Facebook and Twitter, but Anne and Jeffrey Overstreet could use a lot of prayer right now. She had a seizure last night and is having major surgery tomorrow. (If anyone here wants to help with their medical expenses, message me and i’ll get you the link, but it feels weird to post that in the prayer request thread.)

    Hi, all ~ It’s me again with another request for prayer for health issues. My knee is still stiff and swollen almost a year after my surgery. I’m still struggling with balance issues. I go for a couple of months without a fall, but then I fall sometimes two or three times in a couple of weeks. I am also struggling with overactive bladder. And I have to use the restroom every couple of hours, even during the night. So I don’t get uninterrupted sleep and am very tired during the day. I’m going to have a procedure where my urologist injects botox into my bladder, in hopes that will fix it. I had the procedure last October, but it didn’t work. The urologist told me it takes 3-4 weeks to go into effect. But no such luck . When I had my follow-up appointment, I told him that the neurologist I’m seeing for the balance issues said that overactive bladder can sometimes be a neurological issue, and he agreed and said that if they think it’s neurological, they can do the procedure again, using twice the dose of botox. But I had to wait three months to have the second procedure. So it’s scheduled for February 8th. But after I have it, I have to wait another month to see if it works. I hope this isn’t too much information. I would just love to be able to go to bed at night and sleep the whole night.

    I’m also still struggling with discouragement and fear about my being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I’m doing physical therapy and home exercises to hopefully strengthen my legs. I am able to walk with a walker or a cane, but it’s somewhat scary because of the risk of falling. My husband has to walk beside me or behind me. He says he doesn’t trust me on the walker by myself.

    Anyway, would you please pray for me, that I would trust God’s sovereign plan for my life and have His peace? I seem to bounce up and down in my love and trust for Him.

    Thanks so much for reading this looooong request.

    @sharonf So sorry you’re having these health issues. Will continue praying for you.

    Sharon, I will definitely be praying for you, both for the health issues and for your heart and your relationship with God. Sometimes I think learning to trust is harder for us than any other lesson we have to learn. But maybe that varies for different people, and learning to trust is just the hardest lesson I am having to learn. Anyway, I will be praying for you.

    @sharonf I will be praying, and I don’t mind lots of information, it helps me know what you are really dealing with.

    Especially knowing the reality of the physical difficulty level helps with understanding why it is so scary and how much it can make trusting God a challenge. I will be praying for all of it, the physical stuff, the mental and emotional part of walking when it is sometimes risky, and the spiritual part of not feeling very stable in your trust for God.

    I will also be praying that His stability through everything will be a source of peace and comfort to you, no matter what your feelings do at any particular time. That is helpful to me when mine are bouncing, but I still hate it.

    Thank you so much, Miss Mary!

    @sharonf Still praying, just wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten.

    Rachel Donahue

    Hello friends. Would you pray for my brother’s family? Daniel and Katie Speer are missionaries in Tokyo, Japan. (You all would like them very much. They’re rabbity folk.) If when it rains, it pours, they are in the middle of a level 5 hurricane.

    Their youngest daughter was born in Tokyo a couple months ago. Shortly after, Katie was suffering from severe post-partum depression and started treatment, then she lost vision in the center of her right eye. After numerous tests, she ended up back home in Nashville for a quick visit with a retina specialist and got the first injection into her eye (she’ll need them every five weeks for up to a year and *may* regain her vision). While she and the baby were stateside for that treatment, Daniel was left to care for their 3-year-old Audrey alone as she grew very sick. By the time Katie returned to Tokyo this past Sunday night, Audrey had had a high fever for 10 days straight and was getting worse, so they took her to the doctor a third time. This time they kept her for tests and finally did a spinal tap to diagnose her with meningitis. She screams for a large part of every day because she’s in so much pain. This morning we got news that the MRI they had done showed a 3 cm tumor between Audrey’s eyes and nose, which is probably the source of her headaches. Now, instead of days or weeks in the hospital, they’ve gently been told it could be months or years.

    We have no prognosis yet. They’re just trying to get Audrey stable enough with the meningitis to transfer her to a larger hospital so they can get a biopsy and possibly remove the tumor. They were supposed to move back to Nashville in time for Katie to get the second injection in her eye at the end of this month, but they’ve canceled their tickets because they’ve been told that Audrey will not be well enough to travel by then. My sleep-deprived mom is right now on a flight to Tokyo to help care for baby Analeigh while they take shifts at the hospital. (And Katie’s parents are already nearby–they also are missionaries there.) They are all overwhelmed, utterly exhausted, and numb. They were already in need of rest and healing before the events of the past week. I doubt Katie and the baby are even over jet-lag yet.

    It’s so strange, this world we live in. My family is far enough away that their crisis does not affect our daily plans in any way. There’s absolutely nothing we can do for them physically. But emotionally and mentally, we are facing this crisis with them, carrying their burdens, holding onto hope. Friends, please pray for my dear, broken family. They are suffering immensely.

    Forgive the length of this post, but I want to share something my brother posted on facebook yesterday, to give you a glimpse into his perspective:

    I do feel equipped with many good theodical points to process and work through the series of crises we have been through recently. And yet to be honest…there are at least a few things I’m wary of on a platform as one-dimensional as social media. I’m wary of acting like we aren’t going through some heavy times (we are). I’m wary of coming across like we are more spiritual or better than we actually are (we aren’t). I’m also wary of using social media as a way to aggrandize, even in our wounds and difficulties.

    But I do think that just maybe there is a way to cut through the online facade and touch one or two points that might reveal where I am in all of this. Forgive me if it doesn’t translate. Just chalk it up to a lack of sleep.

    Often throughout my life, art has had the ability to overcome the boundaries of knowledge and speak to me at a much deeper, more visceral level. I think that good art can bring about strong emotion or sharpen the edge of thought. But I think that great art can give life-changing glimpses across the intersections of beauty and truth. I’ve wept through certain albums multiple times. I’ve identified, actually felt with, great poets in their times of joy, sorrow, or mere reflection.

    My mom checked out The Hobbit for me from our local library when I was in 5th grade, and I devoured it, shortly followed thereafter by the rest of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. These works spoke to the deeper things. There were stories of heroic battles and great persons. Stories of great times and terrible times. I remember being distraught at the end when they all had to say goodbye. “No…it’s not supposed to be that way!” I thought. “Why couldn’t it be a happy ending?” I loved the characters, and I didn’t want to see their adventures, their relationships, and ultimately them, come to an end.

    The author here does a great job of capturing a little of what Tolkien was able to accomplish in his writing. And this paragraph was my favorite. I cried over it this afternoon:

    “In other words, if fighting the long defeat does not lead us to risk our reputations to love the outcasts, to stay with the chronically ill in love, to support ministry to those with Alzheimer’s disease, or to prepare week in and week out for a one-person Bible study, we have misunderstood it. This is what we have to offer to the world, is it not? A love unrestrained by success or timetables or ambitions?”

    and then

    “We fight the long defeat because results are not as important as our Father’s delight. We fight the long defeat because we are not the authorities over ‘success.’

    We fight the long defeat because the final victory is coming.”…/tolkien-and-the-long-d…

    Through all of these times of uncertainty, in the stresses, disappointments, goodbyes, times of anger, times of fatigue, times of numbness and insensitivity, and through just about any other emotion you can imagine, we just keep holding on. And for good reason, and for goodness, I believe.

    Thank you, friends, for being the body of Christ.

    "I really wasn't a reader, until I started reading." -Mick Donahue

    Linda Rogers

    <span class=”bbp-user-nicename”><span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>racheldonahue, I am late commenting, but I am praying. Any updates?</span>

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    Rachel Donahue

    @misslinda Yes, thanks for asking! (Sorry for my own delayed response–I’ve not checked my email very often lately.)

    They transferred Audrey to a large hospital in downtown Tokyo (a two-hour trip by train from their home) and continued further tests. The mass between her eyes and brain had already begun breaking up when they transferred her, but when they did the most recent MRI it was completely GONE! Praise God!!! The doctors were stunned when they heard that it was a direct answer to prayer, but confirmed that she no longer needs an oncologist on her team. She’s now able to be up playing, and her headaches and fever are gone. However, the infection from the meningitis got into her bones (osteomyelitis), so she has to have a total of six weeks of IV antibiotics. (I think she’s only 3 weeks in, and it’s torture for her when they change her IV every couple days.) Daniel and Katie are hoping they can take her home for the four weeks of oral antibiotics that will follow. Audrey is still weak and has little appetite, but she is back to her precocious self now, which is a huge relief for the family. Just this weekend they were able to transfer back to the small local hospital (10 minutes from their home), and God provided them with a private room so they can stay with Audrey (who is very anxious when anyone comes in the room and tends to put up a fight). Later this week Katie will be making a quick 3-day trip to Nashville to get the next injection in her eye, then straight back to Tokyo. My mom is still there helping to care for the baby (who’s three months old now) and plans to stay another month (which means my poor dad has to manage without her that much longer!) Once Audrey is home, they’ll still have a number of challenges ahead as they pack up and prepare to transition stateside while still learning how to be a family of four. Continued prayers are appreciated. This whole ordeal has been one hard thing upon another, but God is sustaining them, and I know He will work this for their good. They certainly will have a story to tell.

    "I really wasn't a reader, until I started reading." -Mick Donahue

    @racheldonahue, it has been a while. How are they doing now?

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    Rachel Donahue

    @misslinda, they are home!!! God has been so gracious. Audrey left the hospital a week ago and they’re all moving back to the States Monday the 28th in time for Katie’s next injection. My mom arrived back in Nashville today. 🙂 Audrey’s blood count has continued to get better (I cannot tell you how amazing this is), and her healing is bringing glory to God in Tokyo. She seems to be making a full recovery. Her primary doctor there is listening to the gospel, and their local church is rejoicing to see what God has done. What an answer to prayer! When they get here, Daniel and Katie plan to take some time to rest and get counseling to process everything, then they plan to seek the remaining support they need to return to Tokyo. It’s been incredible to see God bring so much good out of this terrible experience, and I don’t think He’s finished yet.

    "I really wasn't a reader, until I started reading." -Mick Donahue

    Josh Duncan

    Just found out that James Jordan, a pastor and Bible scholar whose work has meant a lot to me, had a massive stroke. Please pray for his recovery.

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    @joshua-duncan, I will be praying. Let us know when you hear updates on his condition.


    I’m so glad to find this thread!  I would like to request prayer for a number of friends of mine.  I can’t give a lot of details because I want to maintain anonymity, but God knows their names.  I have recently been blessed with many relationships with nonbelievers.  I have already seen God move in many ways and I do believe these people could come to faith.  It would cost them a great deal, though.  Please pray that Jesus would reveal Himself to them, that they would be open to His voice, and that they and I would be protected from Satan’s attacks.

    @guineapiglover Welcome to the thread (and to the forums since this is the first time I have seen you).  I would be happy to join you in praying for these friends of yours. I will pray that each of them would be able to see clearly the cost, but also the value of following Jesus as He makes Himself known to them. I will pray for you as well, because attacks do come and sometimes they are from unexpected directions.

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    To not go into too much details, but this last few months of the year as been really rough on my soul. My sweet grandfather died in July, and a week later I moved into University, only to come home about 5 weeks later because I had a mental breakdown (anxiety and panic attacks). I am still working on trying to eat, drink water and sleep has become a dread really. I have had many nights of staying up all night.

    I would greatly appreciate and crave your prayers.

    many blessings friends <3

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