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  • It appears that I am a bit late to this thread, and now everyone is gone, like Frank Sinatra. Like Elvis and his mom. Like Al Pacino’s cash, nothing lasts in this life.

    Around my house, we have a tradition.  At any moment, really any of my family members could just chime in with any old Switchfoot lyric.  Most of the time it fits right into the conversation (@thecarrotstick, I’m looking at you), leading to our joke that anything you need to say, you can say (or sing) with a Switchfoot lyric.  Imagine “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” but with Switchfoot songs.

    Sometimes this happens with melodies as well, which has led to innumerable instances of something between Charades and Name-That-Tune.  This too is very entertaining.

    @danrechlin Well life is short and you want to live it well, eh? 😀

    I wish I could properly chime in here, but I’m so behind on my Switchfoot. Like, “haven’t bought anything past Hello Hurricane” behind. They’re among my favorite bands, but I have a terrible time convincing myself to buy entertainment-related items for myself. I’m glad to see someone else giving “Let That Be Enough” & “Daisy” the credit they deserve, though. Those are two of my all-time favorites that I’ve heard.

    Joe Sutphin

    I worked merch tables for Christian bands at shows in Columbus OH in the 90’s, and worked Switchfoot’s table selling Legend Of Chin T-shirts. I wore mine to shreds. They were the most humble and kindhearted little 3-pc band I’d ever met. I remember standing in the back of the auditorium as Third Day did their sound checks, and Jon Foreman turned to me and said, “Maybe someday I’ll get a soundcheck too.” I dont think he had any clue what their little band would become.

    I would guess my album order might be:

    1. The Beautiful Letdown (its just one of those rare moments for a band, where an entire album is gold)

    2. Hello Hurricane (which didn’t strike me at all the first few times through, and then I suddenly LOVED)

    3. Oh! Gravity (which I hated the first few times through, and then suddenly LOVED)

    4. Vice Verses (which I just didnt get the first few times through, and then suddenly LOVED)

    5. Fading West

    I’m a newbie so was planning on lurking … but no one’s mentioned Restless yet (I don’t think anyway …) This was the song that got me hooked on Switchfoot, and the song I come back to again and again.

    2. Where I belong

    3. Vice Verses

    4. Thrive

    5. Love alone is worth the fight

    I’ve listened to all these hundreds of times and haven’t got tired of any of them yet 🙂

    This is fun! We should do it again for Jars of Clay … 🙂

    Welcome, @prisca! “Where I Belong” is a great one.

    Speaking of Switchfoot, anybody else see their Project 11 promo video?


    I love Switchfoot music. I usually install Switchfoot music as a 2018 ringtone. Thank you for sharing that,

    Matt Richie

    I was maturing and taking on ‘adult’ roles and responsibilities when I heard Hello Hurricane, and it really spoke to the certainty in God’s strong love that I needed as I started to see my own limitations.
    After that, Beautiful Letdown, Vice Verses, then everything else. 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 21 through 29 (of 29 total)

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