Ranking the Songs of Rich Mullins

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  • I have the privilege of writing a 20-year retrospective piece on the anniversary of Rich’s death for the daily that publishes a lot of my freelancing work. I plan to share a great story from a close buddy of mine who wrote Rich a fan letter in high school… and got a handwritten reply that’s never been shared with the world (until now). Meanwhile, I’ve just been soaking up all this music, some of it for the first time as I unearth new to me deep album cuts. I was planning to do a separate post where I enumerate my top 10, but that’s quickly looking like a quaint idea as I keep striking gold over and over again.

    I’ve polled other friends but wanted to poll some Rabbit Roomers and get your personal top [fill in the blank with whatever number you feel you can limit yourself to without feeling like you’re cutting out a favorite kid] songs of Rich Mullins. I might be exaggerating when I say no two people have the same favorite Rich song, but he was so prolific that I think you’d get a lot of variety if you asked a large group to provide a shortlist. So… go!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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