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  • Hannah Smith

    I’m so encouraged by the responses to Pete’s recent post, Crooked: My Hiphop Odyssey. Since we’re on the topic of rap & hiphop I’m eager to hear what you all think of Hamilton, an American Musical. I’ve been curious for a while and figured this might be a good segue! What’s your journey been with the musical, what do you think of how the world has responded…etc.

    Fire away!

    John Barber

    Hamilton is pretty much the best thing in the whole wide world. I haven’t seen the actual show yet ($$$), but I love the record.

    I also loved Pete’s hip-hop post.  I had gotten into hip-hop a few months before I first caught wind of “Hamilton,” but that musical is what drew me out into its deep waters.  My wife and I saw the musical live this past February and it is easily in the handful of greatest live performances I’ve ever seen.  Since first listening to “My Shot” on a podcast in November of 2015, I have become an avid fan of Lin Manuel-Miranda, the writer, rapper, composer, and actor in the lead role of “Hamilton.”  The man is a Corvette of creativity!  Have you heard his first musical, “In the Heights?”  It won the Tony for Best Musical back in 2008 and I strongly recommend it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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