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    When you find a conversation you find enjoying or stimulating and you’d like to be notified whenever it’s updated, you can subscribe to it. You can subscribe to subforums to be notified of new conversations happening there (for example, if you subscribe to the Art forum, whenever somebody starts a new thread filed under Art, you’ll be notified). You can also subscribe to individual threads.

    Note that if you subscribe to a forum, you’re not automatically subscribed to every thread within that forum. You get to select those individually. So if you’re subscribed to the Art forum and somebody posts a new thread about a particular artist, you’ll be notified to check out that new thread, and from there you can decide if you’d like to be notified every time someone comments in that topic.

    There are two ways to subscribe. One is to find the little red Subscribe link at the top of any subforum or topic.

    The other, which only works when replying to or starting a topic, is to check the box that says “Notify me of follow-up replies via email.” You’ll find it just under the text box.

    If you start a brand-new topic, you’ll probably want to check that box. You’re not automatically subscribed to anything, including your own topics.

    Once you’ve subscribed to a forum or topic, you’ll begin receiving email notifications for that subscription.

    You can also get notifications for other things happening around the forum. There are two kinds of notifications, and they can be a bit tricky. Email notifications are easy to manage. Onsite notifications are not currently adjustable. Our faithful admins are working on that, but meanwhile, here’s what’s what.

    You can get email notifications about absolutely anything, and you can toggle them off and on if you like. If you don’t want your inbox cluttered up (and trust me, this can happen REALLY quickly if you like to subscribe to the whole place), turning off some or all of them might be a good plan. To see and manage your options, go to your profile, then Settings–>Email.

    See how i have messages and friend requests turned off? That’s because those are two things the onsite notifications handle really well, and i didn’t feel like getting duplicates. If you change anything here, make sure to click Save Changes when you’re done. You can always adjust things later, too.

    Notice that there isn’t an option to toggle subscriptions to subforums or threads. Subscriptions will always send you emails because that’s what subscriptions do. However, if you’d ever like to turn off a subscription, you can do that by going back to that subforum or thread and clicking “Unsubscribe” where you had clicked “Subscribe” before, or by going to your Subscriptions feed and then clicking the little red X next to the ones you want to cancel.

    Onsite notifications are easy to find. If you have a new notification, you’ll see a little red tab with a number in it—the number of unread notifications—sticking down from the top left of the screen, anywhere you are on the site. Just click it to be taken directly to your notifications, and then from there, you can click each notification to find out what’s happening.

    Sometimes these notifications handily disappear after you’ve clicked them, and sometimes they don’t. If they don’t go away after you’ve read them, or if for any reason you’d like to mark it as read without clicking, check the box next to it (or the box in the red header bar to automatically check all the boxes), then click Bulk Actions to find two options. From there, you can mark those notifications as read, or delete them. If you delete a notification, it goes away forever; if you mark it as read, you can find it again in the Read tab, right next to the Unread tab. 🙂

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