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  • So I’m getting a tattoo this coming Tuesday, and it revolves around Andrew’s “Resurrection Letters” albums. My youth pastor introduced me to Andrew’s music around 10 years ago. When Resurrection Letters Vol 2 came out in 2010, I was in a pretty rough place spiritually. I was a teenager trying to find what I believed and why. Andrew’s music (along with guidance from my parents and youth minister) were focal points in my decision to give my life to Christ. God showed me his love and power through this music and it’s been a major help in my life since then in my own personal growth.

    The story of Christ’s death and resurrection are the foundations of which our faith is built upon, and these 3 albums tell that story. So I decided I’d like to commemorate them in my tattoo. Unfortunately, I’ve run into a small snag that I’m hoping someone here can help me out with.

    The tattoo is going to be on my forearm.The inside of my arm is going to have the word “Resurrection” in cursive. The ‘n’ will lead into a musical staff that wraps around the outside of my arm and around to make a band. This one will be the beginning notes from “Last Words” (the first song of the 3 albums). Below that will be the word “Letters” which will also lead into a musical staff that wraps around my arm. I’m looking to get the ending of “The Good Confession” on this one. Basically, the bands that wrap around my arm are the beginning of the first song and the end of the last song from the albums.

    “The Good Confession” is where I’m running into trouble, though. The sheet music for “Last Words” is available from the store, but even after extensive internet searching I can’t find any sheet music for “The Good Confession.” Does anyone have any? Or is anyone able to listen to the end of the song and get a close approximation of the notation? The ending of the instrumentals is at 3:53 and lasts about 10 seconds or so.

    I have a couple friends who are working to see what they can come up with, but I didn’t know if anyone had access to the ‘official’ sheet.



    I’m looking for the last ~10 seconds of “The Good Confession” as sheet music

    Thanks in advance!

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