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  • I am new to The Rabbit Room and I’m trying to dive in with both feet. I see on the store that I can buy The Molehill volumes 2-4, but not v. 1. I, however, am quite insistent about starting at the beginning when I read something and while, yes, I do realize that they are not sequential, I want volume 1.

    Any help in how I can get ahold of a copy?

    Miss Mary

    Join the crowd (ok, small crowd) of voices begging @pete to reprint it?  You could try to see if there are any used ones out there floating in the world on used book sites, but I have a feeling they are very few and far between and/or get snatched up fast since most of us are fiercely protective of our copy and wouldn’t dream of selling it.

    The other option is that if you end up talking to a fellow rabbit who has one who lives anywhere near you in person, borrow theirs and read it.  Or if they are so protective they won’t let it out of the house, see if you can have supervised visitation in the house and read it that way.

    It is harder if you don’t know any other rabbits in person (which is the case for a lot of us, especially at first). But if you talk to people on the internet and keep building relationships eventually you will find someone who has the book and is willing to give you a chance to read it. They/we are out there and do want people to experience this book…we just don’t want to lose our copy in the process….so I don’t tend to send it through the mail anywhere…don’t trust the post office even if I trust the person at the other end.

    Or someday the pressure will get to Pete. Don’t know which will happen first though.

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    Brandon – I’d also note that the Molehill does–by it’s nature–not require orderly reading. It’s great for picking up and dipping into and setting down again. So you can start in Vol. 2 without feeling like you’ve missed something important in Vol. 1 (except Russ Ramsey’s “The Last of a Generation” essay–you’ve missed that, and it’s important, but you get what I mean).

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