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  • Hi friends! My family and I will get to spend most of a day in Oxford while on holiday for a week in the London area, May 23-30. Our kids are 16, 18 and 22. I welcome your thoughts about must do/must see things for rabbity folk. And is there a certain secret book I’m supposed to sign or put a message in at the “Eagle and the Child?” Or is it too secret to even ask about?
    Thanks!   – Owen

    Hi Owen,

    What an exciting trip for your family! I got to go on a trip to the UK and Ireland two years ago and absolutely loved it. I could go on and on about it, but as to your question about Oxford, we sadly didn’t get to spend much time there. We did stop by on our way back to London from the Cotswolds just long enough to eat dinner at the Eagle and Child. It wasn’t overly busy–we actually got to have our dinner in the Rabbit Room itself! I really wish we could have spent more time in Oxford.

    It sounds like you’ll be spending time in London, so I would make one more suggestion there. The British Library is a must-see for book lovers. The Treasures of the British Library exhibit is just amazing. Seeing so many old manuscripts in the handwriting of the original authors, plus some very, very old Bibles was a highlight of our time in London! Also, like the British Museum, it’s free (though they accept donations).

    Hi Ashley! We did go to the British Library. It was amazing: From Lindisfarne Gospel to Hard Days Night lyrics! We had lunch at the Eagle and Child and even found C. S. Lewis’s grave – which was pretty tricky work.


    Hi Owen! Excellent! I’m so glad you got to see the British Library and visit the Eagle and Child. And C.S. Lewis’ grave, too! I certainly hope I can go back to Oxford someday and explore more Lewis and Tolkien-related sites!

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