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  • What part of the Midwest are you all from? I am currently living near Cleveland, although I consider myself a southern Ohio gal by heart. I grew up in the Cincinnati area, out in redneck country! I grew up on a farm, showing animals in 4-H and helping my grandpa bale hay and my grandma gather eggs. We have a few acres and some chickens now, but are pretty citified at the moment. One day my husband and I dream to have a farm of our own. I’ve been an AP groupie for about 17 years now? I saw him in a concert at a small church in Milford, Ohio and have been fortunate enough to see him almost yearly ever since! I’ve followed the Rabbit Room from the very beginning, but haven’t  been able to attend a “Moot” yet and haven’t been active on the comments. I basically sit on the edge and read what everyone else has to say about it all, taking it all in and enjoying. I have four kids and I homeschool, two things I never thought I would do! I long for a community of believers and a place to call home, like most of us here, I think. I am looking forward to getting to know some of you all better!

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    Sofia Rector

    Hello, fellow Ohioan! I currently live in the Cincinnati area, though I grew up in Columbus, and spent my college and early career years in Dayton. (At the rate that I keep moving southwest, I expect to be in Nashville in the next 10 years!) My husband and I have an 18 month old, and I’m very slowly trying to move back into participating in the Rabbit Room community, rather than just lurking (but some days it’s much easier to take in what others are producing, I’ve got to admit). So here I am, dipping my toes in, and hoping to get to know some of you better. 🙂

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    Rich Tuttle

    I’m in the Kansas City (Missouri) area.

    @pracades – We have five children and also homeschool

    Kristen Kopp

    Hello, Midwest Rabbit Friends! I live in a small city in southern Minnesota, about halfway between Minneapolis and the Iowa border. I take care of a small house with a big yard (at least when it’s time to mow!) and one mischievous cat named Mr. Dashwood. I discovered The Rabbit Room in 2009 and have been to three ‘Moots (and one Rabbit Room Retreat) to date. @pracades I hope you’re able to make it to Hutchmoot one of these years–you will love it!

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    @sofiarector, I started moving in the wrong direction! LOL! However, my husband is currently working for NASA at Glenn Research Center and has the potential to move to Marshall Space Flight Center in Hunstville within a few years. That would put us only two hours from Nashville! What suberb of Cincinnati? My husband graduated from Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy and we are both Ohio State alum.

    Lisa Eldred

    Hold up your right hand, Palm facing you. Now put a dot in the middle of your palm. That’s where I live.

    (To be more technically accurate, I’m in Lansing, MI. And I scoff at you Ohioans.)

    @pracades, I think @emmaj is in your neck of the woods.

    Hi all!  I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I am a pediatrician, and enjoy weaving, sewing, cooking and reading.  I’ve been to five Hutchmoots and one RR Retreat at Laity Lodge (I can’t wait to go back).  I am getting used to the forums and hope that I find myself brave enough to join in 🙂   I’m looking forward to the book discussion on Slow Church–just ordered my copy 🙂

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    I grew up in a small central Iowa town, but have lived in Minneapolis suburbs for the past 23 years.  My husband Tom and I met Jason Gray in 2008 following the death of our son.  Jason kindly introduced us to The Rabbit Room. We’ve received much grace and truth through the writings and music of RR members – so very grateful for this healing community!    We attended Hutchmoot in 2011 & 2012.  Someday we’d love to come again.  In the meantime we adopted a baby girl (she’s 20 months old now) and I have the incredible joy of staying home with her.  We’ve never been to a HM retreat, but after hearing more about Laity Lodge last night at Art House North, there is such longing in my heart to go…maybe someday.  I look forward to getting to know more of you!  🙂


    Sofia Rector

    @pracades, I live in what’s basically a constellation of subdivisions near Mason. I can  hear the Kings Island fireworks go off every night at 10 in the summer. 😉 (Not too far north from where your husband graduated…)

    I live in Chicago, right downtown in the Loop. The El rattles past under my windows all day and all night long. Lots of mornings when I go outside the air smells like chocolate. Nobody ever told me that the Chicago smells like chocolate…but it does! I love this city dearly. When I’m not making lovey eyes at Chicago I’m a writer and I love movies. I work for the FBI in Chicago, and recently my job has done a 180 and I love it.

    I’ve been to three HMs and one RR retreat at Laity. I’m a long time forum user – I was on the “Andyland” boards back in the day, so I kind of love these new boards.

    The much better half (who as far as I know hasn’t signed up here yet) and I live in Warrenville, IL – a tiny part of the vast eruption known as Chicagoland. We are about 35 miles via I88/290 almost due west of Buckingham Fountain.

    I, however, am from Northern England. I miss the hills and countryside. Our Foster Daughter thinks that the bridge over the railroad into Wheaton is a scary mountain. She’s coming with me to the UK in a few weeks, and some of the roads we’re going to drive on are going to make her throw up. I’ll be fine though as I’ll keep my eyes closed.


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    We live about a half hour’s drive northwest of St. Louis, Missouri. The nearest event we’ve been to was Andrew Peterson’s “Light for the Lost Boy” tour that stopped at Osage Beach in 2013, but before marriage I attended many shows in Omaha, Lincoln, and even one at the Ryman in Nashville (with a stop at the Rabbit Room Store at Edgehill Cafe). I think I saw BTLOG annually from something like 2006-2012, with the tradition only ending due to my relocation away from cities on the regular tour circuit! It has been great to see the Midwest so well visited by not only Andrew Peterson, but Andrew Osenga, the Gullahorns, and Jason Gray just to name a few.

    I live in Minneapolis at the moment, but I’m newly arrived here after a couple of years in England and 16 years in Southern California before that, so I’m still adjusting to thinking of myself as a Midwesterner again. (I’m a diehard Husker fan due to a childhood spent in Nebraska.) I’ve been an AP fan for more than half of my life, and I’ve been following the Rabbit Room blog for years, but before this forum began, I had never commented. Since I think of RR people as my people, I thought it was time to change that.

    My husband @bdregge and I now live near Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, though I’ve called California, Iowa, Maryland, and England home as well.

    Ever since we moved back to the Much More Affordable Midwest, I get (I love how @debh put it) “the incredible joy of staying home” – I love my chosen title of Homemaker, for I love to make my home in so many sweet ways! It’s my creative outlet, as well as a place to engage very practically in community and hospitality. Please, stop on by and sit a while!

    Our daughter Norah is seven years old and homeschooled, just like I was. Her real first name is Elanor, and I desperately wanted about a dozen more children just like Samwise & Rose had, but God hasn’t given them to us, and over all these months and years I am daily learning to trust that His ways are higher than our ways, learning to mourn my heart’s desires while simultaneously keeping my eyes fixed on the lavish abundance that He has already proved, and learning to Hope even when all hope seems gone.

    Though the Inklings and I have long been kindred spirits, @kristenkopp introduced me to The Rabbit Room in 2011. Kristen & I met by way of our mutual affection for God …and games. I attended a bit of Hutchmoot 2013 and half of Hutchmoot 2015 and maybe one day I’ll attend a whole ‘Moot.



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    So great to meet you all! @sofiarector, I grew up not far from there! Although we were out in the country. I showed animals at the Warren County fair. On a clear night we could see the Kings Island fireworks from our yard. @rdregge, I have always loved the name Nora. I wanted one of our daughters to be named Honora and call her Nora. I pray that God will continue to guide you through the broken places. We have had many trials and tribulations, particularly over the past few years, and I understand the learning to trust!

    I’m grateful for this little community within a community.

    Thanks for initiating this thread, @pracades! Rebecca, have you seen the movie Interstellar? Well, since your husband works for NASA I imagine him henceforth as Matthew McConaughey.

    I’m from Lincoln, Illinois, a small but remarkable town.

    It was the first town named for and christened (with a watermelon) by Abraham Lincoln (before he became president).

    It’s been home to literary notables like William Maxwell (author and editor of The New Yorker for forty years), poets Langston Hughes and Lee Gurga, and theologians Reinhold Niebuhr and H. Richard Niebuhr.

    My wife and I have lived in Lincoln since 1996 and have been raising our family here. We have nine children: three in the traditional manner and six by adoption. My daughter Erin met Andrew at the Orphan Summit in Orlando back in May—pretty nifty.

    I’ve enjoyed AP’s music and writing and have found The Rabbit Room to be an enriching community for my creativity and imagination. Looking forward to the future.

    Michael Gowin
    Lincoln, IL

    I’m from Kansas City, MO myself. Never been to any of the retreats. Previously I was in MPLS, so a lot of Midwest in me, I guess 🙂

    Web designer, web developer, writer.

    Josh Bishop

    I’m in Holland, Michigan. It’s a small town on the shores of a big lake, and I love it here.

    @rdregge, I have seen Interstellar and my husband is much hunkier than <span style=”color: #45413e; font-family: ‘Whitney A’, ‘Whitney B’, sans-serif; background-color: #fffefc;”>McConaughey! LOL!  @joshbishop, I’ve heard Holland is a beautiful town!</span>

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